lf you believed, you’d be healed.

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Watched this Robin Williams movie License to Wed last Sunday afternoon. Pretty lame movie (like most of Williams’ movies in recent years), which has just a couple of funny scenes. Including this one:

It is also almost the only scene that has anything to do with Jesus Christ. I wouldn’t recommend anyone watch the whole movie.

A more worthwhile movie is Joshua, the story of what might happen if Jesus came back in a small American town. In the movie there is a scene where a fake faith healer in a tent pretends to heal a woman in a wheel chair. The Joshua character sees this and tells the faith healer “you don’t have faith’. Joshua then turns to a blind woman in the front row of the tent and says “she has faith”. He then holds her head and heals her blindness. In Joshua, everyone is changed. It’s just a movie. But is really thought provoking.

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One thought on “lf you believed, you’d be healed.

  1. I actually liked both of those movie’s. It’s certainly a dig at the thought that marriage is all about the ‘Big day!’ and the baggage we bring to it.

    I have read the whole Joshua series – some great themes in them and in regards to the various healing episodes – I liked how they showed that it came at a personal cost – power going out of him.

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