1. You don’t have to be a US citizen to sign, or even a US resident. I just signed the White House petition to keep Piers Morgan in the USA. But you do have to give a place of residence, and they might give less weight to foreign addresses.

  2. Bob

    If I were a benevolent dictator and could make Westboro go away or make their life harder with an executive order I would certainly do it. Anyone co-opting the name of Jesus for their own personal gain, greed, or hate makes it harder to spread the true peace of Christ.

    That said, the US government is founded on the idea is that government can easily do more harm than good. Trusting the US government to ban one particular group without then using the precedent to legislate against anyone they don’t like or who is on the wrong side of public opinion is contrary to our nature. I think most people in the US love free speech even more than guns 😉

    Regarding the Piers Morgan thing, it’s obviously a stupid petition that couldn’t/shouldn’t go anywhere, but the right to bring up that kind of nonsense is, itself, protected speech. Many people signing the petition probably don’t get the irony of that.

    – Bob


    1. Bob,

      Having it declared a hate group wouldn’t ban them, but it would have them unable to receive tax-exempt status like other churches do. Also, I’m not sure about that particular myth of the founding of the U.S. Gov’t.


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