1. Just Sayin'

    I can see adoration of Mary in the same way as someone might silently adore the eucharist and meditate upon it. But once one starts vocalising — singing hymns about Mary, preaching sermons about her, praying prayers to her — I still struggle to see how worship of Christ and adoration of Mary could be easily differentiated in practice. Think of it as a Martian lands and walks into a service of Marian adoration. How would the little green man be able to tell that the congregants weren’t worshipping a deity, merely adoring her?


    1. I would say this…

      The Eucharist is itself a sacrifice and a representation of Christ. What is given to Mary cannot be sacrifice (or to the Saints either) and must always preclude sacrifice.

      I think the Martian would have to first learn good theological language and understand the difference is always about the sacrifice.


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