Kenneth Starr named Baylor University president

Kenneth W. Starr, the former independent counsel whose work led to the impeachment of then-President Bill Clinton, was named president of Baylor University this morning, sources said.

The 63-year-old Starr, who has been dean of Pepperdine University’s School of Law in Malibu, Calif. since April, 2004 will become Baylor’s 14th president.

Starr’s appointment as president of Baylor brings a nationally known, but highly controversial figure to the Waco campus at a time of prolonged and occasionally tumultuous transition from a teaching school to one focused on research and the pursuit of a top-tier ranking among colleges nationally. It ends a nearly 20-month-long search that began when former Baylor President John M. Lilley was fired in July of 2008.

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Joel L. Watts
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  1. This is so sad. Academically, Baylor was headed in a really good direction in terms of religions studies, towards a center position, focused on Christ. Had originally planned on applying there but no such luck now.

        1. It’s so ironic that Republicans chose to take some ill-conceived moral high ground, but all they really managed to do was fill the news with lurid sexual details available to kids at all hours of the day for MONTHS. Morality FAIL. :)

          1. Robert–

            Pardon me for expressing thoughts not pre-approved by some self-proclaimed deist emissary…

            My comment at 3:50 was not an attack on Joel or this blog (to which I am a contributor).

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