1. rodneyathomasjr

    This is so sad. Academically, Baylor was headed in a really good direction in terms of religions studies, towards a center position, focused on Christ. Had originally planned on applying there but no such luck now.


  2. I pity any poor Baylor undergrad who dares to get a b***** under Ken’s watch.

      1. Polycarp

        Trying to be family friendly, you know


        1. It’s so ironic that Republicans chose to take some ill-conceived moral high ground, but all they really managed to do was fill the news with lurid sexual details available to kids at all hours of the day for MONTHS. Morality FAIL. :)


        2. Thanks Joel,

          Such thoughts and langauge are not the place for the blogs. The class act takes the literary high ground, even when seeking to make a point. Or should I say a “literate” point!


          1. Robert–

            Pardon me for expressing thoughts not pre-approved by some self-proclaimed deist emissary…

            My comment at 3:50 was not an attack on Joel or this blog (to which I am a contributor).

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