1. Ask Josh why Jesus made a habit of exhorting those whom he had healed ‘not to tell anyone’ and to ‘keep quiet about it’?

    People are sadly deluded if they think Jesus suffered the inhumility of being accused of blasphemy and the curse of being murdered by his own people so that Josh can go around showing gold dust and new sunglasses to everyone.

    This is what happens when people spend too much time absorbing tripe from preachers and teachers instead of coming to Christ and feeding on Him as He commanded. What happens is a travesty of the cross – a complete mockery of all that Jesus dies for.


  2. You know, my brother never paid attention during piano lessons and refused to learn to play for many years.

    Now he plays very well by ear, even though he can’t read music.

    I didn’t realize that it was a miracle, or does that only apply when you leak oil and spill ridiculous gold glitter around?

    Does this mean that Liberace was actually an apostle? I could see him dripping oil and glitter. Sigh …

  3. Percy Williams

    Joshua Mills is an anointed man of God. It is disgusting how some people like to parade around the internet acting as though they are the Lord themselves. I have been in Joshua’s meetings and experienced the glory of God. It wasn’t the gold dust or oil that impressed me (even though I witnessed these thngs first hand on Joshua and hundreds of others in the meeting) but it was the REAL touch of God and love of Jesus Christ that oozed from his person. Joshua Mills is the real deal. He is doing something for God. Please leave him alone!

    1. Polycarp

      Percy, if you think that Joshua is a man of God, then you have more problems than one comment box can help you with.

    2. dave

      If you believe he is a man of God you are truly ignorant as to what is in the Bible.


    3. I watched Joshua Mills on Church so Blessed in Manila and witnessed the gold dust falling, plus I have to mention that I have a daughter in law that has experienced gold dust on her a couple of times. There are none so blind as those who will not see.
      What did Jesus say would happen in the last days. (Signs & Wonders)


      1. last days already happened. signs and wonders ain’t what you think

    4. Geraldine

      Amen. I just watched Joshua on ‘It’s Supernatural’. It was the first time I had seen or heard of him. As he worshipped I was touched by the immense presence of the Lord. I hear the enemy’s voice here – as I read through all these befative comments, compounded by an equally negative article. Satan will always resist what God is doing – and quoting scripture is what he will do to encourage his listeners and tge vulnerable. Satan did it with our Lord Jesus Christ (when he tempted Chriat and quoted Psalm 91). I pray that eyes will be spiritually opened by the Holy Spirit. God bless you Joshua Mills; your loved ones and your Ministry. I thank God for watching ‘Sid Roth’ today. I was truly impacted by this young man’s calling. What an annointed man! I suspect I am going to be bombarded by the ‘ney sayers’ – with their negativity – be encouraged – I will not be responding or getting into any negative sling
      matches but may God bless you as you are entitled to your opinions just as I am equally entitled to mine. May God contibue to bless you Joshua and may the Lord continue to annoint and draw people to Jesus through your Ministry. Thank you Percy for an encouraging word and God bless you. I join you and say ‘….please leave Joshua alone!’

  4. Deepspring

    I am not saying whether Joshua Mills is for real or not.
    If what Sid Roth says is right about the fish and the sunglasses then the miracle that Jesus did when he sent his disciple to catch a fish with a coin it’s mouth to pay taxes (Matthew 17: 27) could be construed as a fraud.
    Food for thought…
    I wonder if Sid was interviewing Elisha in old testament days would he trea him the same about the miracle of the floating axehead 2Kings6: 5-7

    1. Polycarp

      For what its worth, Both Joshua and Sid are false.

    2. Kay

      Really, don’t you have anything better to do than cut down anyone! Get a life!

  5. Neighbour

    I lived in the same neighbourhood as Joshua and went to his church where he grew up. His parents were in the church band and were life long musicians. There was always music and many instruments in his house. He acts as if he has virtually no musical background when his parents constantly pushed him and his siblings into music. Oh he learned to play alright, and to sing, for many years. He left it for a bit and came back to after he experienced all the attention one can get in certain charismatic circles. The gold dust is a trick by putting gold mylar confetti in your hair next to the scalp and shaking it out at the right moment for effect. He is a fraud just as Sid Roth is a total liar and fraud. Joshua’s parents were assholes by the way, and I am sure that had a detrimental effect on him and he has become like them. Joshua has some talent, but now he is just another one of Sid’s little whores. Sad.

  6. Stephanie

    I am a Christian and I am very skeptical of Joshua Mills claims.

    First of all what is the point of the oil and the gold dust. It serves no purpose and is totally inconsistent with anything that occurs in Scripture. It is a simply ludicrous claim and an easy thing to manufacture with simple sleight of hand techniques.

    Secondly, if God taught this man how to sing and play the piano, I think God could at least teach him to sing on key. He is horribly flat! Also, I would hope that if our great God was going to perform a miracle like this for someone, He might him more than minimal keyboard skills. I am expecting at least to proficiency of Bach or Chopin. This is totally unbelievable!

    Wake up people. I believe that this man is a false prophet. Remember, there are evil people in this world who will lie to make money off of the children of God. Never forget Peter Popoff and the team of people that worked with him to help him fleece the sheep.

    Joshua Mills is a false prophet.

    1. Log

      You don’t know if he is a false prophet or not. You don’t need to watch the show if you don’t like it. I think SId is great and have felt the spirit of God any times while watching it. Let these people do God’s work and look at the log in your own eye!

  7. grace

    What fascinates me about all the comments on these pages is the lack of grace and love that abounds towards things we don't understand or know enough about. Surely as people who purport to love God we should be shining with his love and grace above all else. I'm only seeing nasty, dark attitudes at the moment….. not a great fruit and certainly not of the Spirit. Perhaps if we stop worrying about others and perhaps spend some time regaining an intimacy with the Holy Spirit we may all see things differently. 😉


  8. Grace, there are things which aren't understood, and then there are people like Sid Roth who understand completely how to take money form gullible people.


  9. When will people quit running after rainbows (far fetched claims, signs and wonders, false healing claims) and accept God as He is? I am simply amazed to see people tripping over these false claims.

  10. Peter Berlenbach

    Just one comment to Polycarp
    I sit in awe of what God has done in the past and see His marvelous handi work here in the present and look forward to what He will do tomorrow and beyond, BUT! since you keep bringing up where is the documentation for these things, I ask you this, besides the Bible itself, where is the documentation from man’s records that show the signs of healing and whatever they were to be fact other than what is written in the Word. I understand what the word of God represents (infalable) but where is other documentation for these things just like you are asking people to come up with other than the Bible? Just a thought… And by the way, What does it take more to believe, that man acknowledging that the miracle is real because of documentation or the faith to believe that God has done it? Polycarp you will spend your life time trying to pursuade people one way or another believing you are doing God a favor, but so did Saul before he became Paul. Knock yourself out…..

  11. Rebecca

    I learned how to play piano at the age of 14. Its further detailed in complication than you may think. Especially if you’re writing your own music and dont want to sound redundant! If he only had a few lessons in it didnt pay attention and it was only over the course of a few months then he would have needed to learn alot more to be able to do what hes doing now! Ive heard of people getting heavenly downloads! In fact ive had one personally! So let me ask you this: Do you not believe that you can get so close to God that the Kingdom can truly come to eart??? Furthermore do you not believe that once yhou bring the kingdom to earth ( as we are in fact instructed to do!!!) that the earthly limitations are not applicable to us any longer??? Oil and “glitter” may have just been visions of what he was experiencing!!! I really dont know, its not for me to judge! Dont be telling people that its fake tho! Youre only hindering their belief of the kingdom beiing accessable!!! if you are gonna call yourselves Christians then youre truly going to want to see His kingdom come and His will be done!!! You need to get your focus on Jesus and quuit trying to point out specks in peoples eyes!!! Trust that people will use their own discernment and just get your focus on Jesus!!!


  12. HI! MAY THE LORD BLESS YOU ALL! I would love and like to become a brand new being, who never been scorned, etc, by THE LORD GOD, ANGELIC BEINGS, OTHERS WHO ARE HOLY, the righteous and RIGHTEOUS peoples, and others which includes animals! I would love and like to become that Brand New incorruptible Being me, myself and I(Afeni), who is not being scorned, etc, plus will not be scorned, etc by THE LORD GOD, PEOPLES, OTHERS, TOO, the Males and the Females of all ages, etc, and INFINITY! I want and better be abled to Be BORN AND BEGOTTEN OF GOD, THE HOLY, HEAVENLY FATHER, SON, LORD JESUS CHRIST(YESHUA), PLUS HOLY GHOST, THE HOLY SPIRIT! PRAY FOR ME, TO HAVE A REAL AND TRUE, PEACEFULLY HOLY IMPARTATION, ALONG WITH BAPTISM. THANK YOU, AND LOVE PLUS LIKE AFENI MAKEBE NELSON!

  13. Ray Harkins

    Hello Joel – I stumbled on your blog while looking for something else, and just finished reading this entire post. The only thing I know about you or Josh Mills is what I read in this transcript and your commentary on it. That being said, you come across as someone with a strong presupposition against modern miracles, and that mindset is tainting everything you see. And trust me, I’m not trying to insert my opinion about miracles or the bible … I looking at this from the standpoint of good arguementation.

    Let me explain: You said, “he refuses to supply one documented miracle or verification for any of his far fetched claims – even when he has been repeatedly specifically asked to supply this”.

    Have YOU asked him for this documentation? Or are you going off second and thrid hand reports of others that claimed Mills refused to provide that documentation? If this were a magazine article or a court of law, you would have to supply a source for these claims. This is just hearsay or unfounded opinion of some sort. You assert that, “the amazing stuff is always happening somewhere else, to someone else, out of sight to be believed on the basis of Mills’ own claims rather than on actual experience and real testimony”. But aren’t you asking your readers to believe your claims about Mills without actual experience or testimony?

    Here’ something else: You said, “The dripping oil is hardly some wonder either! Not only it it easily faked – any cheap stage magician could tell you how “. You are 100% correct … an alleged miracle such as dripping oil could easily be faked. But so could another miracle such as a man rising from the dead. I’ve been studying atheists and their claims for many years. Most of them assert that Christ rising from the dead was a hoax, legend or historical fallacy. So rhetorically speaking, because Christ’s resurrection could have been faked, does that mean it actually was? Isn’t that the same with Mills?

    On the athiest note by the way: very few atheists have examined the evidence for Christ ressurection, found it lacking, and then adopted their belief system. Instead, their belief system was in place, and then they found the required theories about the ressurection (for instance) to support it. You may be in danger of falling into a similar trap.

    Have you called Mr. Mills on the phone to express your concerns and questions? Have you invited him to sit down with you for a conversation? If you haven’t – even if you are right about Mills – you’re just chucking out speculations. And from a biblical perspective, this is slander. Jesus said that if your brother sins, you are to go to him and tell him.

    Does Mills perform these miracles? I have no idea. But before spreading discord about someone, it’s best to go to that person first to give them a chance to defend themsleves.

    Last one: In response to the fish with sunglasses, you said, “Yeah, right”. Does a fish with sunglasses sound ridiculous to me too? Absolutely. But didn’t Jesus call up some fish out of the sea and it had a gold coin in its mouth? I am not claiming that Josh Mills is hanging out at the same level of divinity as Jesus. But instead, I suspect that the opinions you shared about Josh Mills reveal more about you than they do of Mills. Are you actually able to humble yourself before God’s Word and allow it to form your opinions?

    If Mills is a charlatan, then he will be judged by God for it. Jesus said, “If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” That sounds far worse than anything our words will ever do to him.

    If you sincerely believe Mills is leading people astray, could you love him enough to pray for him, and approach him directly so that he might avoid this type of judgement? Sincerely Joel, I don’t see your approaching this from a biblical perspective, and I am loving you as a brother in Christ to point that out. I am open to your correction and response.

    Thank you for your passion, and for your desire to know the truth.

      1. Ray Harkins

        Take your time, Joel. I had a slow afternoon that allowed me to type that out. Feel free to contact me directly too … I would enjoy hearing your insights.


        1. I really don’t know where to begin.

          Miracles aren’t really biblical – so I guess we can begin there. Or, we can begin with the cause I would have for contacting someone who is clearly peddling garbage for a buck?

          1. Ray Harkins

            Hmmm … we could go either direction, I suppose. Would consider the bodily resurrection of Jesus a miracle? That’s in the bible.

            In terms of contacting him, I’m making reference to one of the biblical models for confronting sin that’s found in Matt 18:15, ” “If your brother or sister sins, go and point out their fault, just between the two of you. If they listen to you, you have won them over.”

            I guess what really caught my attention with your post is that it’s obvious that you’ve put a ton of energy into these blog posts. But I’m trying to figure out why. If you’re calling a person to repentance, then do it. If you’re investigating a peculiar story, then do that. But just to vent a bunch of thoughts about a total stranger that you don’t seem to care about … why.

            Please forgive me too. I know nothing about you except the little I read in you bio and blog post. I’ll spend a little time over the next few days reading some of your other stuff. I hope you can hear my voice … I’m not insulting you, just trying to understand you.

  14. I really love Sid’s shtick. It’s so obvious what he’s doing with every guest because he gets a percentage of what they’re selling; that’s why anyone can get on his show and sell the most ridiculous “spiritual” nonsense. His phony interviews always place him in the position of questioner so he personally can’t be accused of making these outrageous claims. Sid: “Really? Do you mean to say that God actually told you every major event that will take place before the rapture, and even the year the rapture will take place? Wow!” “Now you too can share in these glorious secrets for a donation of only $49.00 we will send you the complete 5 CD set of this special message from God as revealed to my special guest, Deacon Scam.
    Sid is a complete fraud who knows whether a guest and their material are phony and he plays along for his percentage. What a shill! No reputable monitoring organization like the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, or any like organization will admit him for membership, and he knows better than to ask. I can only imagine what he’s raking in for his personal salary along with his other perks from the poor souls who send in their money.

    1. JoAnn B.

      I have watched Sid Roth a few times and in my opinion he is very,very fake! That’s why I decided to do some research on him.

      The thing I do not understand and am very concerned about is why is he allowed on ” Daystar” I love some of the programs on that station and thought they were a true honest to God station ! Now I have doubts.

      TBN has also become iffy to me.
      How can we be sure of anyone on the air these days?

      The one true minister that has not changed in the 15-20 years of watching him is , John Hagee.

      Roth had another guy that had such outrageous stories I looked him up and he is also a scammer!

      Oh God help us all!

  15. Frank

    You all are suffering from delusional thoughts. To ward-off all these “worms” and “ravenous wolves” all is needed is a little bit of wisdom. Socrates/Plato can possibly help you there, if anyone of you is so inclined and naturally able to reason.

    Joel Watts, are you selling “snake oil” too?

  16. Deborah

    I was just at a conference where gold operated all over Joshua Mills before our eyes. Gokd is a sign and wonder that is one of God s promises
    To His ppl that he will and is pouring out His glory. I got healed of 7 illnesses in that meeting. I’m a cancer patient that was on her deathbed.
    You guys call it what you want..while I dance for joy over the ministry of healing God poured into my life thru Jodhua Mills who gives all glory to God. The bible says to lay hands on the sick and they SHALL recover…Jesus who died for us lives inside of us and it is Him who heals not man, thru the vessel God chooses to use at the time.


  17. Frank

    Sid Roth is what some call a Christian/Zionist. They believe that we are supose to support everything the Jews do over there. Well I support the Palistinian Chridtian not Israel!


  18. Hi! Just last night I heard the little girl who prophetically paints. The entire show seemed scripted with bad acting. He’s got the crazy eye. BEWARE!

    While I do know prophetic painters, this wolf/false prophet couldn’t be more obviously a liar, using the supernatural to sell sell sell. The little girl in on the act is too young to be accountable, and I agree with Christ that it is better that a millstone be tied to his neck and he thrown into the sea, than he corrupt/use one of these little ones. He’s a creep.

    I pray he find the truth, but he isn’t looking for it. He has found a way to profit using God, so why would he change unless guilt and shame start to work against his conscience. Is he too far gone? Only God knows…


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