1. David Tee

    Funny bit. BUT I would like to mention and I wish people would adopt this–JESUS SAID NOTHING. Some guy in the 4th century is putting words into the mouth of a person named Jesus— now the modern world is falling all over itself trying to undermine christian beliefs and declare a crisis in the faith. So much so that Christians have to “re-examine their beliefs”

    (I saw the trailers to the documentary coming out next week). it doesn’t matter if this document is authentic or not. It has nothing to do with Jesus, Christianity or reality.


      1. And you know this how? Then why do you call yourself a Christian? Honestl. Is the Bible just a self-help manual to you?


        1. Because – no one really wrote historical record during that time. Further, while they wrote the truth, they were not 21st Westerners.

          I was unaware that salvation was dependent upon either a canonical gospel or believing a certain thing about a canonical gospel.

          Would you mind showing me where this is said in Scripture, please?


          1. I’m just confused. It seems you cherry pick, but how do you even know what you believe is trustworthy?

          2. How do you?

            I’ve come to accept Christian Tradition – and the spirit working through that Tradition. Further, I’ve let go of my Western need to have everything “literally” true.

          3. David Tee

            @ANT—Watts is a prime example of the truth of John 5:45-47. He doesn’t believe Moses so he won’t believe Jesus

          4. Said the guy who doesn’t know what Moses said.

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