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  1. Let those who think any essential part of it is wanting, point it out, and it shall not be wanting long.

    It is a curious read – I seem to hear some of the authoritarianism I grew up with in this sentence. Such authoritarianism had no authority in itself but did not realize that and used power and violence in repairing what it pointed out as wanting in others.

    Too bad – they were so right they were wrong. Christians bear a title (Christ is not a name) that they do not understand and never will. The Anointing Spirit, the Christ of God, is known to those who find this mysterious obedience of faith. Such an engagement is given by grace to Israel, is know by the same gift among the Gentiles and is ‘in’ the tradition of church but not necessarily in its doctrine. What is done among the Caananites is done among those who are called by this title Christian when they force themselves upon others to make up what they see is lacking in them. Even correct doctrine can be forced – such is not of Christ. If the Lord, the Spirit were to use force, nothing would stand in that Presence.


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