1. DageshForte

    I also like how he said that Jesus’ conception was solely done by the Holy Spirit (which I guess Jesus blew on his mom’s uterus). I guess the Holy Sprit can make babies, he just can’t house them. Not unlike many dads today.

  2. Michael

    There is a very good reason why Mary could not have had other children after Jesus. The terms ‘brother’ and ‘sister’ in the Bible refer to relatives who are not ancestors, and they tell us nothing about whether all of them or none of them were Mary’s children, or whether some of them were and, if so, which of them.

    Mary’s womb had been overshadowed by the very power of God and his glory (now the Body of Christ) filled her womb as it had once filled the Tabernacle. Any child she might have conceived with Joseph would have contracted original sin and, as an enemy of God, would have died in her sanctified womb.


    1. except ‘original sin’ is a bad understanding, based on Augustine’s bad translation, of what is happening in Genesis.


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