1. w

    The church fellowship I am attending has communion weekly. It is wonderful.

  2. w

    So then my question is, how does one practice daily or constant communion with a chosen fellowship that only chooses to practice/facilitate the sacrament sparingly?

    Is it a communal act, a personal one or both?

    What does communion actually look like? Is it taking of juice and bread?


    1. 1.) Don’t know. The Episcopal Church offers daily communion

      2.) Both

      3.) Bread and Wine.

  3. Gez

    At times I had Communion 3 to 4 times per day, so over 25 times per week Jesus, (nor Paul), said there was any limit.


    1. Wesley, from what I understand, did as well. Of course, it is said that Jesus began the Eucharist, people abused it, and Paul put it back together again.


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