1. Just Sayin'

    Fundies fighting among themselves. Colour me surprised. Not.

  2. John C. Poirier

    It bugs me when people (like John MacArthur and Jim West) continue to hold up Montanism as a heresy. Virtually everyone in the past 200 years (and more) who has studied Montanism has concluded that the early church had no good grounds to pronounce Montanism a heresy, and that the real reason for the early church’s stand was because they were put off by Montanism’s willingness to put women in high positions, and because the Montanists refused to put themselves under the authority of the non-Montanist bishops. If those things make Montanism a heresy, then Protestantism must also be a heresy. (BTW, John Wesley is one of those who studied Montanism and concluded that they didn’t deserve the “heresy” label.)

      1. John C. Poirier

        Quite by chance, I just came upon this quotation from Ulrich Luz:

        “As a whole we can say that the ‘New Prophey’ [= Montanism] was an unusual phenomenon in the variegated, ‘unstable’ and ‘unstructured’ movement of early Christian prophetism. But that it was excluded so quickly from the main-church as a heresy despite its orthodoxy remains remarkable” (“Stages of Early Christian Prophetism,” in Joseph Verheyden, Korinna Zamfir, and Tobias Nicklas [eds.], *Prophets and Prophecy in Jewish and Early Christian Literature* [WUNT 2/286; Tuebingen: Mohr-Siebeck, 2010] 57-75, esp. 70).


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