Is Quest Community Church in Lexington, KY a Cult?

Update: Pete Hise has resigned after his “emotional” affair with the music minister, Sharon Clements.

Read another blogger’s personal update.


Honestly, I don’t know and as far as I know, I’ve never said that it was; however, it seems to be a hot topic bringing people to the blog today. A fellow blogger, twitterer, etc… Heidi actually posted on this today. Since she is a member, go read her take on it. Or, you can head on over to the Lead Pastor’s blog, Pete Hise, and ask him.

I’ll tell you right now, it’s not my kind of worshiping community, but a cult?

Joel L. Watts
Joel L. Watts holds a Masters of Arts from United Theological Seminary with a focus in literary and rhetorical criticism of the New Testament. He is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of the Free State, analyzing Paul’s model of atonement in Galatians. He is the author of Mimetic Criticism of the Gospel of Mark: Introduction and Commentary (Wipf and Stock, 2013), a co-editor and contributor to From Fear to Faith: Stories of Hitting Spiritual Walls (Energion, 2013), and Praying in God's Theater, Meditations on the Book of Revelation (Wipf and Stock, 2014).

70 thoughts on “Is Quest Community Church in Lexington, KY a Cult?

  1. Your blog is titled THE church of Jesus Christ? Really? There’s only one? Defined by who, you?

    Everything that doesn’t fit the creeds that you offer obesiance to is of course defined as a “cult.”


    Just as convenient as Christians defining each other as “heretics” for ages past.

    “THE Church of Jesus Christ?”

  2. I bet you also play the “No TRUE Christian would ever believe that, or practice this ritual or act like that” game too.

    1. Edward, I suggest you step back and stop reading into me what you want to and actually read this post again. Reading, it makes a difference.

  3. It’s the title of the blog that caught my attention the most. Though of course I’ve read elsewhere on this blog that a blog contributor named Polycarp has an openness toward Universalism, which is nice. So “The Church of Jesus Christ” might include everyone, including atheists for all anyone knows. Personally, I think Christian universalists and damnationists, inclusivists and exclusivists (there’s a spectrum of such folks) should get together and try to define “The Church of Jesus Christ” together, I dare them all to do so, instead of any one blog owner forming his own denomination as he defines “The Church of Jesus Christ,” and titling his blog “The Church of Jesus Christ.” I have the same gripes with the Mormons and any other group who claim to know more about Jesus than all other groups and call their churches or beliefs “Christianity,” as they see fit. There is no “Christianity,” there are however a host of “Christianities,” and they don’t agree as to what “Christianity” consists of.

    1. The title of the blog? Um…I prefer the Bride to carry the name of the Husband, the Body the name of the Head. If you see exclusion in that, so be it. I don’t write the rules. That does seem to be your problem, though, you don’t like the idea of ‘exclusion.’ Exclusion is by choice.

      I am hopeful of universalism, as any compassionate person should be, but I doubt it.

      The Church of Jesus Christ is clearly defined in Scripture and needs no help from anyone else.

      You assume way too much, and frankly, it makes you look a bit silly. Your open prejudices blind you and make it difficult to carry on a conversation with you.

  4. Speaking of churches, what about Noahide places of worship? A congregation of Southern Baptists, smack in the middle of the Bible Belt, decided to remove the steeple from their Emmanuel Baptists Church, having decided the pointed steeple was a pagan fertility symbols and thus inappropriate to be atop a house of worship. They also removed the words “Baptist” and “Church” from the sign out front, quit celebrating Christmas, and scrapped the Wednesday evening prayer service. They then invited an Orthodox rabbi to instruct them in Jewish thought and religious practices. Finding The God Of Noah: The Spiritual Journey Of A Baptist Minister From Christianity To The Laws Of Noah clearly explains the circumstances that led to this unusual religious movement in Athens, Tennessee, and the events that followed. Finding The God Of Noah relates the problems and triumphs of this local group of Noahides with both their neighbors and the world. In the last six years, David Davis’ congregation is now the largest Noahide group in the United States. Davis has become one of the principle advocates for a growing number of non-Jews who follow the Jewish Laws applicable to Gentiles, as interpreted by Jewish teaching. Finding The God Of Noah is a fascinating story of the search for truth — and the price extracting for adhering to principle. — Midwest Book Review

  5. Dear Polycarp, I didn’t call you names, I did not say “you look silly,” I pointed out exactly what my questions were. As for your “I did not write the rules” excuse, you certainly did write the rules. Human beings wrote every word of every book on earth, and you chose to focus on some of those words in some of those books to the exclusion of others. It’s all you.

    Another example, theists say, “God has a perfect moral vision,” and when asked, “how do you know,” they say, “It’s in the Bible,” and I say, “But the Bible says a lot of different things about moral practices,” and you say, “Aha, but I can point out which verses to focus on and why I find them to be the most important.”

    So you’re the one CHOOSING which verses to focus on as the most and you’re the one CHOOSING to interpret them. In reality the Bible gives examples ranging from genocide, slavery, polygamy and concubinage to “giving everything away to all who ask.” That’s the ultimate “leeway” inbetween which every possible interpretation hovers. Some verses suggest universalism is true if you focus on them and emphasize them along with a loving open heart, while other verses state damnation. Yet other Evangelicals claim that the Bible teaches “soul death” for “non-Christians” instead of eternal punishment. Wow, quite a lot of leeway there too. Everyone goes to heaven, some go to sleep, or some suffer punishment eternally. Have fun arguing with your fellow Evangelicals. Once you’re all through and settled on what “Christian beliefs” consist of please call me. I mean if you can’t get fellow Christians to finally agree what God is saying and if you can’t narrow down all the leeway together to something universally accepted by all Christians, then what is “Christianity,” really? And don’t forget to include historical Jesus scholarship too, and the “five views” (or more) currently held by such scholars.

    1. Edward, saying that your actions are making you look silly is not calling you names; it is stating the effect of your actions.

      No, men didn’t write the rules. This is your first mistake.

      Your 2nd and 3rd paragraphs are nonsensical because it doesn’t apply to me, just you working out your issues with believers. You should attack them instead of assuming my answers to your so far non-existent questions.

  6. This guy writes as much as I breathe. He needs to relax, cut back on the caffeine, and stop confusing quantity with quality.

  7. see joel, if you disallow the comments of the crackpots, you can keep things much neater and cleaner. learn to use that reject button! if these lads have such meaningful views, let them post them on their own blogs. no need for you to provide them space when there’s plenty out there just for them.

  8. Sam.

    Let me guess. You’re one of the anonymous people trying to post something hateful about Quest to my blog regularly, only to have been blocked at every turn, correct?

    That’s fine. Glad you found an outlet through Joel’s blog here. Unfortunately, the Enemy is using you as a tool to create havoc and disharmony. He is running scared due to the amazing revival taking place at Quest on a regular basis.

    I’d encourage you to think long and hard about the way you are being manipulated.

    Best wishes, though.
    Heidi Rafferty of Kingdom Treasures

  9. Heidi, I doubt very seriously that Sam is someone who has written anything hateful on your blog anonymously. Nothing hateful was said about Quest in his above post, simply his version of his experience there. Unfortunately, his experience is not unique. When I first began contemplating leaving Quest, I had a lot of misgivings about the word “cult”. I hated to apply it to a place where I had grown personally, where I had seen lives transformed, etc. But, as Sam said, there are marks of a sociological cult that a different from a theological cult and I do think, especially with some distance now to process my years there, that those marks are all over Quest. Take a look at the book Twisted Scriptures. One person I know, after reading that book, wondered if it had been written by an ex-Quester or if Pete had used that book as his game play book, as his guideline. It is dead-on.
    Don’t be afraid to look at a book that may open your own eyes to how you are being manipulated. There should be no fear there. You may not see any similarities between Quest and the abusive discipleship groups that this book describes. If not, fine. If so, wouldn’t you want to know the truth? Are you really wholeheartedly following Jesus or have you moved off course, unwittingly, and are wholeheartedly following Pete? I often heard, “Follow me as I follow Jesus”. That is not biblical. We should follow Jesus alone. We each have received the Holy Spirit as Christ-followers and should be following as he leads us, not as someone else says he is leading you.

    1. Actually, Paul said for us to follow/imitate him as he follows/imitates Christ; however, there is the matter of application. What I have heard so far is a reaction against people who love their pastor, perhaps too much. I don’t know what is going on there, but it seems to me that the term ‘cult’ is too easily applied, especially when there are real cults in which abuse is a regular thing.

  10. Wow, you guys are something else.
    First of all, I have been fielding anonymous “hate mail” from anti-Quest people ever since I started Kingdom Treasures 18 months ago. So don’t tell me it’s not hate mail, because I am slammed with it repeatedly.
    Second of all, what you guys are doing is complete disunity to the body of Christ. You presume a great deal about me. For your information, I have been an investigative reporter for 20 years and also spent time writing for The Associated Press. I DO have a brain in my skull and I DO know when I’m being manipulated.
    This back and forth on Joel’s blog only proves one thing to me: There is jealousy among Christians about the success that Quest Community Church has and a resentment that Quest Community Church reaches out to the forgotten, the abused, the skeptics, the homosexuals, the foreign.
    I don’t mind saying this to you at all: Pound sand.
    No, I don’t apologize for saying it, either. Jesus had a lot harsher things for people like you in Matthew 23. Take a look at it sometime, along with Matthew 7:1.


    I don’t know what makes me angrier: blasphemy or outright blindness by people who should be loving towards each other.

    Heidi Rafferty
    Harrodsburg, KY
    Author of Kingdom Treasures

  11. Heidi

    Let me start by saying that I am truly sorry if people have been cruel to you personally through your blog. That certainly is unwarranted. Sometime our bad expericences and desire to tell ‘our side of the story’ can be more passionate than needed. However I do believe that it is a little ‘thin skinned’ to try to set the record straight about whether or not Quest is a cult and then be offended when opposing view points come out. Disunity or opposing viewpoint? Ultimately time and the Holy Spirit will tell which view point is right.

    Yes Paul did say follow me as I follow Jesus but a close look at the translation would, I believe, reveal Paul to be saying ‘imitate my desire to follow Jesus’. While scripture is alway open to interpretation I do not believe this is a call to create a system through which Paul was trying to tell people to ‘hear or be guided by Jesus THROUGH him’ in a high priestly sort of way. The Quest leadership could easily be accused of this. And as a former leader in Quest, I would agree the term ‘cult’ may be arguable (may or may not apply) but I believe that Quest can be an abusive discipleship that begins to reveal itself the deeper you go into the leadership structure.

    Heidi, Sam, Lee Ann, lets all move on shall we?

    1. Theophillus, care to share with us the basis for you translation?

      Further, what I still hear is how bad it is that the pastor has people who are loyal to him. While this can be bad in some ways – where the pastor suggests abuse, etc… – how so is it here? Ignatius of Antioch said for the Church to be united with the Pastor and we will be united with Christ. Where then is Pete’s suggestion of abuse?

      You suggest moving on after you have said your peace? I have dog in the fight, except that I regularly call out false prophets and cults, and have yet to see those types of actions which I would call out exhibited either from Heidi or Pete. We might not fully agree doctrinally, but to call it a cult? Hardly.

  12. In 1 Cor 11 there are various translations in which Paul exhorts Christians to imitate or follow his example of following Christ. Would you agree that this is an exhortation to follow Christ in the vein of a whole-hearted follower and not a call to authoritarian and controlling spiritual leadership? In fact earlier in 1 Cor chapter 1 Paul warns of attaching oneself to the follower-ship of any leader and corrects that thinking to say we should all point to Christ only.

    I think in the previous post it was mentioned that while there are some theological concerns primarily Quest points people to Jesus. The previous blogger referred to a sociological cult. Since we get our word culture from the root of cult I believe that it merely means a milieu and as such refers to unhealthy leadership and discipleship patterns that have been observed and cultivated. If you were not in this environment would you see it by reading blogs or listening to message meant for mainstream distribution? If you peaked behind closed doors and heard in the Accelerate leadership training program a call to ‘check your brain at the door’ would it concern you? If you were told to ignore concerns of close family and friends (christians many of them mind you) as you delve deeper into this move of God because these people will distract you from unique thing God is doing at Quest would that be a concern? I think the best analogy which has been bandied about by local clergy is the fallout from an organization called the Boston Church of Christ with it’s strong discipleship techniques and use of scripture to prevent pastoral authority from ever being questioned.

    My only point in writing is that I have seen the control techniques during my time in leadership, yes even leadership of Heidi, and in protest attempted to call these behaviors into question only to find myself with little choice but to leave. Upon leaving I discovered a community of former governing leaders and staff members with the same concerns. My only goal is to help people struggling under the leadership of a Quest staff member, Accelerate leader or life group leader to understand that this type spiritual leadership is not scriptural. These types of behavior are characterized in books such as Twisted Scripture and Toxic Faith which help people heal from spiritual abuse. I believe I even pointed out that the cult/not cult dialogue was likely unhelpful.

    1. Theophilllus, no one said anything about ‘authoritative’ control in Paul’s words. Instead, we may follow/imitate our leaders in they way that they follow Christ. Have you yet surrendered to Christ? In doing so, we also agree to obey – not without question – the leaders set before us. Again, the only think that I have heard is about loyalty to the pastor. Where then is that error if the Pastor is not abusing that loyalty and it is not causing a division with the rest of the body of Christ? Again, I am not a member of Quest, but the very few who had made accusations have done so because they have left in a very bad way. Does this lend to your credibility or take away from it?

      Further, you have great courage in keeping yourself hidden.

      You make these accusation, but how? By announcing things which people cannot verify?

      Finally, you mention ‘unbiblical things’ but in what manner?

    1. Bob, I’m sorry for the argument that has caused you to turn your back. This again, unfortunately, points to the problem of Christians who go public about their disunity. But aside from that, if you can take away anything from this, please remember that we are all human. The only Person who walked this earth who was and is perfect — Jesus. Our actions or arguments among each other unfortunately can take away from the message of love He has for you. But sometimes Christians, even well-meaning Christians, can act in a way that is not at all about Him at all. If it’s possible, please separate the flawed people and their actions from the One who came to save all of us from those actions. All we can do is repent and be sorry for not acting in accordance to His plan for us. I apologize to you and anyone else who feels this public argument is representative of Him. It is not at all what He intends, and He really does love you — and even people like me, even when I let my temper get the best of me.
      Forgive me for that, please. And I hope you will be able to continue to sift through truth and eventually discover the grace that covers all of us because of Him.

  13. just so you know quest community church is not a cult it is for everyone no matter what you believe Pete and the whole pastor team teaches us about god and the way he loves us and pursues us and if you have any more questions you can go to and watch a services or come to the church to see for yourself.

  14. Teaching about God doesn't equate with a non-cult status. There has been a development since the posting of this story. Click the question community church tag.

  15. Not only is Quest Church a cult. It is quite possibly THE false church warned about in the Bible. It is the Church of Satan, Luciferian religion in disguise. Both churches and the masons teach that they are on a Quest to become enlightened and thus God themselves. As Pastor Pete proclaims, nobody can judge the actions of another Christians because “we all have our own path.” This is untrue yet appealing to a culture of self interest. The path for a Christian is set out in the Bible and by the teachings of Jesus. Additionally, the church has stores and food for sale even during service, if you like, within the temple. This is enough to make one question the basis of this church. Jesus would have turned over the tables and whipped those staffing them. Finally, go view the logo of the church from Reynolds road after dark. What you see that was hidden from view creatively disguised as a road heading into the sunset is a pyramid capstone with an “All Seeing Eye” in it. The very same that the Masons placed on the back of the dollar bill with the words New Secular Order in Latin. This eye is the Eye of Horus and is a defining symbol of the Masons, Illuminati, and Satanic churches. This symbol is commonly known to refer to Satan or Lucifer or money worship. Pastor Pete seems to forget the teachings on gluttony and greed in the Bible. Oh, I forgot. We all have our own path. Right? His is to take your money, eat extremely well, drink as much and buy vacation homes on the money he makes convincing you to follow the Devil. Oh, I’m sorry, they call it enlightenment these days, it sells better to people who think they’re becoming Christians.

  16. I am a former Quester, not former because I left out of anger,bitterness, hurt feelings or any other negativity. I left because I had to. My husband is a soldier in the US Army and we moved to the other side of the world.

    IF I were still in KY I would still be a part of QCC. Because of lousy internet connections and the extreme time difference I cannot watch QCC online or I would. Having spent the past 14 months away from church I can give you my perspective. I think that Quest is very much what you make of it. I really believe that Pete and the other leaders have a whole hearted desire to bring followers to Christ…. and really isnt that the bottom line??

    We can debate methods, music preferences, sermon style,settings and other frivolities but what it boils down to is that QCC is effective in bring people over the Christ.

    What you do with what you are given is up to you. No one ever told you to follow blindly after your leaders; not church leaders, not employers, not politicians, not even your spouse. It is our right to question our leaders and ultimately decide for ourselves what GUIDANCE and ADVICE of theirs we follow. Nothing that they say is law and we have a choice to follow it or not.

    People who have left QCC go on and on about how they were hurt or misled… why are they blaming others? Take responsibility for your own actions. You chose to follow advice or guidance either 1. blindly, 2. without making a clear decision as to whether it was right for you or 3. because you were too scared to speak up and express your own thoughts…

    No one at QCC has ever held a gun to anyone’s head and forced them to follow them. Grow some gonads!! If you get bad advice and you follow it thats your fault as much if not more than the advice giver… and please dont give me the old rag “I felt pressured”, I am a 30 year old grown woman and if I hear bad advice I am not goingto follow it no matter what my peers, friends or leaders say. This is not high school where friends pressure to smoke pot. Your grown up now and have to learn to think for yourself. If you gave into “pressure” its your fault you got hurt or misled.I am not saying people at church should pressure one another about decisions but there are misscommunications, what you see as being pressured to make a decision some one else thinks is giving good advice and guidance to someone in need. Its all about perspective.

    QCC staffers and leaders from the top down are people, not divine. They are some of the first people I know to admit when they have made a mistake. My own lifegroup leader, a woman just a few years older than myself has admitted several times to having given bad guidance to others. She is human and cannot see all sides of a dilema, she doesnt always know the right thing to say and we know this… we accept her as our leader but that does not equate to following blindly.

    A cult is not a cult until people begin to follow someone blindly. We all know there are “sheep” out there who will follow anyone anywhere but for the most part we are thinking adult who know know to open our mouths, open our Bibles and do research for ourselves. Even the disciples questioned the actions and decisions of Jesus…but by labeling QCC a cult or even attaching the term cult to QCC gives it a negative connotation that may drive people who need what QCC offers (and many other churches do not) away from Christ. (apologies if this seems rambling)

  17. First off, I’ve been to Quest and yeah it’s a cult. Pete Hise is in it for one thing and that’s money. This man lives in a house that on a minister’s salery is impossible. Also, I heard him say that if you can’t remember the day you accepted Jesus then you weren’t really saved. It doesn’t say that anywhere in the Bible, so Pete Hise merely preaches his opinion. I’ve also heard from others who have had medical or metal issues who were held in Quest prayer rooms. You’re telling me that’s not shady? I also heard ministry staff there bash other Christian denominations. They’re hypocrits and fakes. I was also in a Life Group at Quest and was told that on their men’s retreat they smoke cigars and tell dirty jokes. Then my life group leader told a joke that was abusive toward women, then we prayer. It wasn’t long til I quit altogether. The life group also enjoyed making fun of homosexuals on a weekly basis. Some Christians huh? So you can listen to Heidi who says she’s not deceived, but according to Christ there will be wolves in sheep’s clothing who will fool many in his name. Quest is a pack of wolves and a cancer upon the community. Pete Hise nor hiw wife works and is reaping all the benefits. Besides, if you need bright lights, music, and entertainment to worship Christ, then I got news for you. You just want to be entertained and not worship Christ. Christ should be enough for you. Quest is all style and no substance. They don’t preach the word of God, but rather the word of Pete Hise.

    1. Sounds like Eric has a really big chip on his shoulder, because someone actually loves their job and does it so well, that he makes money doing it.

    2. Eric, you hit the nail on the head. Amen, brother. Nobody should preach unless they are called to it by God. It says so in the Bible. Anyone called would be a modest, meek person. It says so in the Bible. If you’re getting rich preaching pieces of the gospel mixed with your own ideas and masonic ones combined, you might be a cult leader. Quest members are not Christians but Questians until they find their way back to God.

  18. I guess anyone could twist the word cult to mean anything they want. All I can speak to is my personal experience. And Quest is no more a cult than Southland Christian Church is. I don’t remember anyone bashing them for being a cult? I find both churches very much alike, except that I personally feel Quest makes you feel much more at home, much more included, and has better music, drama, and life groups.

    1. There is no twisting of the word cult necessary. Quest is definitely a cult by the original use of the term. Quest and Southland Christian are now owned by the same corporation, that’s right for profit, and that may be why you don’t see much difference in the two. The teachings of Quest follow directly along with Masonic teachings. Pastor Pete’s favorite is that nobody’s actions can be judged because we all have our own path is quintessential cult doctrine and completely un-Biblical.

  19. If you believe Quest to be such a great place, then ask to see their budget. I guarantee you they’ll get defensive. While your at it why don’t you mention the name Jessica Justin and see how defensive they really get. Why don’t you ask Pete Hise how he can afford a house that expensive on a minister’s salary. Ask the leadership team why they lock people in prayer rooms. Ask them why most of their church has mental illnesses or are troubled to the point that they need psychological counseling. I can tell you the answer to all those things. It’s easy to manipulate people who are hurt or feeling alone. They’re the easiest targets to take money from. They’re just searching for answers and are being abused by Quest. Pete Hise does make money and a lot of it! Then again so did Jim Bakker and Jim Jones. No, I don’t have envy for Pete Hise. I don’t envy people who have to manipulate and abuse others for pure profit all while taking their souls down with them. I feel however, feel sorry for Pete Hise, the ministry team, and those poor people at Quest when they look at God and he says, I don’t know ye, just as it says in the very book Pete Hise doesn’t read – The Bible.

  20. When you put your name out there, people see that. When you say something, it’s forever on the net.

    Every single organization has problems. If you are hurt, do your best to pray through it. I’d say Jesus was hurt pretty damned bad.

    The body of Christ is made up of churches all around the world. I still invite people to Quest and will continue to do so. I do not go to Quest, but it is a rare gem in a world of “missional churches” that cloud actually receiving Christ with good works and a happy spirit.

    I am well tuned in the way of suffering and what endurance, character and true dependence of Jesus can bring -with or without people.

    Quest is a place where you can grow. Jesus is actively working there. My reasons for why I make my choices are mine to know, but I sure as hell won’t stand for bitter banter from internal or external forces. Get you game on. Jesus moves you and noone else should. Go and make more followers is the great commission. There are many ways to do this.

    I’m a pastor’s kid. I have zero tolerance for offense, and defense isn’t needed. Just rest in His arms and live your faith. The stakes are too high.

    If you don’t like Quest then leave. Then, shut up and keep your game on, or turn right around and live the mission there. either way, follow Jesus. The rest is noise, as is almost all of this blog.

    Jesus absolutely does not care if you call yourself a leader. The word “annointing” has been cheapened. Stay close to Him and you will have a straight path. No other gospel will stand.

    Stop wasting precious time when you can be loving people as much as humanly possible.

    And all of you, grow up. Every one of you.

  21. Jesus also said that when you see something wrong, then you should address it. Quest is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. If you don’t attend, then you don’t know. I’ve been to Quest on several times and believe me; they are a cult. They’re out for money.

  22. They are not a cult. It’s a solid Church. I gave my life to Christ there and wasn’t duped into it. It’s very real for me and I’m grateful to Jesus for having worked through there all the way to my busted heart.

    You should worry more about Apple computers and the cult of mac (which is relatively real). Jesus is the point out there, and no one does it perfectly or has the corner market.

    Investigate your anger. I do. It’s made me open to Jesus working within in brand new ways.

    This blog needs to die.

  23. Yes, they are a cult. You need to read your Bible more and you’ll see that Pete Hise doesn’t know his. I’ve experienced what Quest does first hand and it’s all about money. They lock mentally ill people in prayer rooms which I’ve witnessed and they exploit people. You need to check your anger. I’m full of truth and the truth shall set you free.

  24. According to Marc Galanter, Professor of Psychiatry at NYU,[40] typical reasons why people join cults include a search for community and a spiritual quest.

    Quest Community Church, hmmm, notice any familiar words.

    Again…people join cults include a search for community and a spiritual quest.

  25. Back to the original question whether Quest Community Church is a cult. Nothing could be further from the truth. its just a bunch of people who love and honor Jesus. They might be loud, (shout to the Lord); they might dance (Praise His Name with dancing…); they may play every kind of musical instrument and sing every kind of song (singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs among yourself, and making music to the Lord in your hearts.) And Pastor may wear levis ( why surprise God on Worship day. He’s seen him the other 6 days of the week ) but being a cult is impossible.
    I use to attend Quest and only left when i moved out of state and would never be a part of a church that even vaguely resembled a cult as I am able to discern a truth from a lie.
    A Christian cult is a religion that states it stands up to the true Word of God but deviates from what the true Bible says. It adds to or takes from the Word of God. I.E. jehovah witnesses, catholicism, mormonism, seventh day adventist and christian science for a few. Does Quest stand up to Gods Word. YES Does it add to or take from the Word? NO
    Im 60 yrs old and the music might get a little loud but heck my daughter plays music louder than they do. Im proud to say i went to Quest. And prouder to say I am a Christian.

  26. It is a creepy place to go. Those who say it isn’t a cult are too far gone to be objective. There is ZERO reverence for God, as proven by the pastor’s far too casual dress and diction. The music is so loud and the bass so overpowering that, when combined with the light show, it is trance-inducing. This was a huge concern I had when I visited. The same line from the song was repeated over and over to a mesmerizing and PAINFUL beat that was against my heart rhythm, all while the lights and images on the screen played with my senses. It is all about having a party, spending every free moment volunteering there so you don’t see outsiders much, handing over money, and defending that reprobate on stage.

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