1. Craig Falvo

    I think the YECers are ignoring you…or you’re losing your touch. There was a time when a post like this would have exploded. 😉


  2. If Ken Ham were Adventist, which he is not, he would be keeping the seventh-day of the week and promoting it on his website, Answers in Genesis. He is however a Sunday keeper and would probably be appalled to called SDA. Also, there are numerous Progressive Adventists who are Old Earth Creationists (yes they do exist) – see http://www.atoday.org and spectrummagazine.org.


  3. Ellen White was not a proponent of KJV-Onlyism. She used different Bible versions in her published works (http://www.whiteestate.org/issues/versions.html).

    Ellen White advocated for the freeing of the slave prior to the 13th Ammendment–even counseling Adventist Christians to defy the Fugitive Slave Law.

    You might want to update your post.


  4. Oh man… I bet Ken Ham believes in not having slaves too now! Obviously a tool of Adventism whether he knows it or not!

    PS. In that higher education, you somehow eluded any class on logic? Impressive.


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