Ironic title about Tim Tebow and Westboro Baptist Church

Guess both really like Pepperdine:

On Monday, Pepperdine’s official Facebook and Twitter accounts announced quarterback Tim Tebow as the keynote speaker at the 2013 Pepperdine Associates Dinner.

“Each year we try to pick a speaker that we think will be a draw to our constituency and has something important to say,” wrote Keith Hinkle, senior vice president for Advancement and Public Affairs, in an email while out of town. “He’s found a way to win when many have said he couldn’t. We also wanted someone who could speak to faith, leadership and courage, which we believe Tim can do well.” (here)

Pepperdine was on the only schools in the area not to be protested by Westboro Baptist. So, Tim gets to the point — again — of speaking at a really Right congregation and stands down, is attacked by AFA and other Religious Right groups.

And goes to speak at Pepperdine.


I guess I have to wonder why Tim Tebow, besides being a football player who prays in public, is so qualified to give sermons or other presentations? Are we just about superstar Christianity?

Who would Jesus want to set at a fancy dinner and listen to?

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Joel L. Watts
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