Income fit for a King: Joseph Prince and the Pastor’s Pay

Doesn’t it sound like a fairytale?

THE New Creation Church, which made headlines for raising $19 million on one Sunday last month for its upcoming multi-million dollar building, pays good money to its staff too.

The independent church paid one employee between $500,001 and $550,000 in its last financial year, checks by The Straits Times showed.

The church did not confirm if the amount went to its leader, Senior Pastor Joseph Prince, but told The Straits Times that its policy is to ‘recognise and reward key contributors to the church and Senior Pastor Prince is the main pillar of our church’s growth and revenue’.

Its honorary secretary, Deacon Matthew Kang, added: ‘Senior Pastor Prince is the key man responsible for bringing in about 95 per cent of our church’s income. I must concede that he has enriched the church and not the other way round.

‘Above all, through Senior Pastor Prince’s ministry, many people have experienced the grace and love of our Lord Jesus for themselves and seen how their lives have been transformed and marriages restored.’

The salary disclosure was contained in the church’s last financial year’s annual report submitted to the Commissioner of Charities. It stated the compensation given to its top three key management staff.

One person earned between $500,001 and $550,000, while two others were paid between $150,001 and $200,000. No names were given.

The church had an income of $55.4 million in its last financial year. Over 95 per cent came from tithes and offerings from members. It has over 18,000 members who worship at the Rock Auditorium at Suntec City.

Deacon Kang told The Straits Times last week that Mr Prince had asked to go on a ‘no-pay scheme’ in 2006 but was turned down by the church’s council. He made the same request over a month ago but the council has yet to give him a reply.

The New Creation Church is one of Singapore’s fastest growing churches. Its business arm, Rock Productions, is partnering property giant CapitaLand to build a close to $1 billion lifestyle hub in Buona Vista. In an update to members yesterday, Deacon Kang said Mr Prince had given $563,360 to the building project.

For the first time, religious groups now have to follow a set of guidelines, called the Code of Governance for Charities and Institutions of a Public Character (IPCs), to ensure they are properly run.

Religious groups like churches and temples, make up about half of the close to 2,000 charities here.

Unlike IPCs, which are allowed to collect tax-exempt donations and have to make public how fully they have adhered to the Code from April 1, religious groups do not have to do so. However, they are encouraged to make such information public.

In 2007, the Commissioner did a governance review of seven religious groups here with annual incomes of over $10 million each. The Straits Times asked all seven, including New Creation, about the salaries of the key officers. Only Trinity Christian Centre and Campus Crusade disclosed the information.

The Trinity Christian Centre, which holds services in Adam Road and Paya Lebar, paid two directors below $150,000 each in 2007.

They are its Senior Pastor Dominic Yeo and resident apostle Dr Naomi Dowdy. The church employs 112 staff and had an income of $17.4 million in 2007.

Singapore Campus Crusade for Christ paid its three top executives – Reverend Chan Chong Hiok, Dr Ho Chiao Ek and Reverend Lam Kok Hiang – below $100,000 each in its last financial year. The group, which provides Christian counselling, training and Christian publications, collected $11 million in ‘local donations’ then.

It pegs its basic salaries to social workers’ pay, which is between $2,000 and $2,700 for a fresh graduate, as stated on the National Council of Social Service’s website.

Mr Leslie Chiang, its director for corporate communications and IT, said: ‘We use this benchmark as the nature of our work is very similar to what an average social worker is doing – serving the needs of a community.’

Tip of the Hat to the one and only Dr. West.

Joel L. Watts
Joel L. Watts holds a Masters of Arts from United Theological Seminary with a focus in literary and rhetorical criticism of the New Testament. He is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of the Free State, analyzing Paul’s model of atonement in Galatians. He is the author of Mimetic Criticism of the Gospel of Mark: Introduction and Commentary (Wipf and Stock, 2013), a co-editor and contributor to From Fear to Faith: Stories of Hitting Spiritual Walls (Energion, 2013), and Praying in God's Theater, Meditations on the Book of Revelation (Wipf and Stock, 2014).

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  1. Not you too Poly. Come on. I got saved under this ministry. Noe one who wrote this article have sat under his ministry. The people in that church are generous givers. They tithe to missionaries around the world out of their church. If they agree to pay their pastor that much who cares. Comeon, have we gotten so scared of the Gospel of Grace that we would start attacking the pastor of one of the nations that are surpassing the US in all areas including in Christianity so we can feel better about our inactivity. Have you paid attention to all the block sized churches in the US. Has anyone walked into one of those churches and asked them what they pay their pastor? I am become the richest person in the world because of this Radical Grace message and I find it hard to believe that we have to turn on a group that is making a difference around the world so we can feel better about our own lukewarmness and stupidity at chasing every doctrine that comes along in this nation. I am going to obey God and leave you all alone. Poly, I am so disappointed. I have learned so much from you, you know what I feel about this ministry, but you felt you had to go there. I will always love you my brother, but I strongly disagree with the presentation and I think I have voiced it as strongly as I could. I watch him daily and learn daily stronger grace than before. Try watching him for a month and then tell me if you feel the same way.

  2. PS. Poly, I will still ask you questions about things I don’t understand, but I cant participate in this blogs anymore. God’s correction is sure in me.

  3. Im sorry Poly. It just hurts when a ministry that means so much to me, who brought me to the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ is picked at over something as minute as their right to chose what to pay their pastor and what to pay for their church building. I would pay my pastor millions of dollars if I had it because what he puts in me week after week is something I could never repay him for. I watch his ministry program daily and have been transformed by the teaching of this Radical Grace, though I did not show it in my message above. I should not have gotten so snippity with you. You have been a wonderful mentor to me. Please forgive me.

  4. I missed seeing Joseph Prince in Sydney last year at Hillsong Conference – hope he comes back sometime. I have his DVDs on Tongues which are filling in some gaps in my understanding of what happened to me last year when i received the Holy Spirit.

    1. This is an old post, so i don’t know if you will reply, much less see it! When i was converted 25 years ago, i did not speak in tongues. Nor, when i was baptised a few years later. Nor until now, as far as i know. However, i have had much interest in this subject and have asked for this gift (and received prayer for it) several times. The reason i asked for it is because of so many Christians emphasizing that you NEED this gift as the evidence (litmus test) that you ARE ‘filled with the Holy Spirit.’ Not having this gift implies you are ‘less of a Christian’ or, worse, not a Christian. Why do some people receive this gift, and not others? More importantly, is there Scriptural support that clearly evidences this gift was given to all believers? For example, i have seen some articles on this website, which contend there is no such evidence:
      In fact, the entire Christian church has been riven by division over this issue. It comes down to, as far as I can tell, “ye shall know them by their fruits.” I know this is off topic; but can you tell me if you still speak in tongues, and what benefit to you it has been, in your life, in your walk with Christ; in your relationship with others; and in your ministry? I struggle over the truth of this a bit, because so many in the churches (mainly Pentecostal) emphasize this experience as a ‘must have’ yet i do not understand how babbling gibberish that none of my brethren can understand, gives me any more spiritual power or close intimacy with my Lord Jesus. In fact, it seems to do the opposite. Also, there is a lot of evidence to show that people like John Nelson Darby started the entire ‘tongues movement’ in the 1960s with the ‘Vineyard’ ministries or the ‘Toronto Blessing’ or something like that; and, that this ‘spirit’ is actually not God at all but a counterfeit. If being ‘filled with the Spirit’ is evidenced by speaking in tongues, why did Jesus never practice it? Why did none of His disciples or Apostles? (the references to ‘speaking in other tongues’ all translate to ‘known languages but unknown to the speaker, miraculously delivered’) I think the answers to these and similar questions are extremely important. If i am correct, then the spirit that has possessed you is not from God but a familiar spirit or some other spirit which is misleading you. If so many have this blessing in our churches (Pentecostal mainly), why is it that these churches have such a high rate of divorcees and people enmeshed in so many sins including homosexuality and pederasty? Isn’t the definition of ‘Christian’ directly linked to Jesus’ teaching: “ye shall know them by their fruits”? Also, is it not strange that Catholics (most of whom are not born again), Shamans, Buddhist Priests, Hindu Sadhus; Shamans, American Indian leaders; Wiccans, Voodoo practitioners; African animist religious leaders; Kabbalists; Mediums; and many others, all speak in tongues also? What evidence can you provide, from the Bible, that the spirit which moves your tongue is not the same one that moves the tongues of these people, who are not even Christian or even openly opposed to the LORD?

  5. I still don’t see it, with so many people homeless,hungry,no jobs,cannot take care of their families, and Preachers making all that money, I still say the Word of God is not for sale…

  6. A couple of points:

    At the current conversion rate of SGD500,000.00 = USD328,445.00, Prince earns about USD350,000 per year.

    “Singapore Campus Crusade for Christ … pegs its basic salaries to social workers’ pay, which is between $2,000 and $2,700 for a fresh graduate”
    That is a monthly salary, which the article does not point out. The annual salary range is SGD24,000 to SGD32,400.

  7. To Tammy :

    You wrote -” Im sorry Poly. It just hurts when a ministry that means so much to me, who brought me to the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ is picked at over something as minute as their right to chose what to pay their pastor and what to pay for their church building. I would pay my pastor millions of dollars if I had it because what he puts in me week after week is something I could never repay him for.”

    It is not Pastor Prince who brought you the Saving Grace. It is God using Pastor Prince as his instrument. Remember that he is merely the instrument. If God did not open your heart and give you wisdom to understand the message of His Grace, Pastor Prince can preach until the cows come home also you will not understand. NCC is also merely the place where God allowed His mercy to be showered upon you. If God decided differently, you could have received Christ under a coconut tree from a Japanese missionary.

    Pastor Prince deserves a salary. But the church position in saying he is responsible for the growth, the income, and members who say he is responsible for their salvation / conversation is really a bit overboard.

    1. God sought out Abraham. Abraham is the father of the faithful. God used Abraham because he was found to be faithful. He was therefore abundantly blessed. Yes God did it all but He needed the man to do it through. Joseph Prince is one of the many faithful whom Abba uses because they are found faithful. Each to the path Abba has laid and leads.

      1. I still am worried about the ‘hand sign’ of Baphomet that Joseph Prince briefly uses, on many ocassions, it seems unconsciously. I do not understand, if God is using JP to encourage and edify me (then again, Singapore is a VERY small place and the Christians here definitely seem to like the ‘American’ Pentecostal version of Christianity, which appears to be the absolutely weakest version Scripturally and one plagued with massive abominations; but i digress) then how can it be that JP uses that ‘hand sign.’ JP is much more than an excellent speaker; he really seems to be powerfully used of God (at least in my life) to draw me closer and closer to Jesus and to worship Jesus more and more, in the three years or so that i have been visiting the New Creation Church here in Singapore. But, that hand sign…it really has me worried…

  8. Eh.. Sister Tammy is right actually.. Without God, we cannot. Without us, He will not. What do I mean? Paul says ” Faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of Christ. Yet how shall they hear without a preacher?”

    Someone must be up there on stage preaching the Word for faith to get its ‘dunamis’ ,which means power, from which miracles pour forth.

    Pastor Prince is one man who took that step and went up there. I dont believe you were in the last sunday service but Pastor has addressed the congregation regarding the article. For one, he is disappointed that his daughter is affected by other kids taunting ” Your dad is a rich man… your dad is a rich man”

    Also, unknown to all except those who have been under his ministry for more than 6 months, Pastor has repeatedly requested to go without salary. Our church has a remuneration council run by independent members, that is to say, they are all employed elsewhere and they have full reviewing power over all levels of management in regards to salary. And i’m glad to say, Pastor has been rejected in this request.

    And also, i wonder about this.. Normally, when you announce there’s going to be a special offering, the church numbers decrease… but here, we had a record number of attendees! its like people are coming specifically to give, as on normal sundays we dont see that many people..

    And Pastor doesnt do stunts e.g climb buildings, swim lakes, swing from trapezes.. to raise those funds.. all he does is preach the Word, with deep Bible study and revelation. We do a study on the 5 offerings of Leviticus on a normal sunday service for crying out loud.. haha.. and if the sermon is anything less than a full hour long we write in to complain..

    Because of Joseph Prince? No! Because of Jesus, who is being shown to us week in and week out. I speak the truth, if you come to Singapore and sit in our services, we teach nothing but Jesus. Nothing But Jesus..

    Ah, and also, Pastor has also sown into our building SGD$563,360, which is about 101% of his salary.

    I really want to encourage people to bless their pastors … After all, the oil is poured on the head(Pastor), flows down to the beard(leaders), then onto the body(church), and finally reaches the bells at the end of the robe, and thats when the world hears about it.

    Do share your thoughts as well? ^^

    1. If this Church took in 55 million dollars, and Joseph took a salary of only 5 hundred thousand dollars, then the percentage comes out to one hundredth of the money. That doesn’t sound greedy to me, especially if he asked NOT to get paid. God has nothing against people who are wealthy if they use the money properly. He will not allow a Christian to get rich if that will harm their walk. I have paid very close attention to what he preaches in order to see if he preaches for money. My pastor at church talks about money ALL the time, trying to shame people into giving, and that is not GRACE. I never, not one time heard Joseph on stage asking for my money, and at the end of each telecast, he says to keep your tithes in your church where it belongs. I am tired of holier than thou bible scholars demeaning people who genuinely try to serve the LORD, to which I say: “Where did your spirit of condemnation come from? The LORD…..or the adversary”? Joseph has taught me more in his deep study than my pastor by far, and I scrutinize him every telecast. I look forward to each sermon, and test him against the Word, just as we are supposed to do.

      1. I have the privilege of living in Singapore and going to the Star to hear Joseph Prince preach (too early for me though to get there in person; so i usually only see the video). I agree with you fully here. Joseph Prince could have a private jet, mansion, fancy cars by the dozen and numerous other un Christlike perqs if he was so minded; but clearly, he is not so minded but has his heart and mind on what would make Jesus look good. I think he has a real servant spirit and is in love with Jesus; unlike so many Christians and Christian leaders today. I just can’t get around the ‘tongues’ thing, which seems to have infected everyone in most Singaporean churches. It is causing many problems for me, because i cannot really fellowship with people who start babbling gibberish in the middle of a worship song, or a home church sermon; and then, if i do not do the same, i am isolated and feel substandard.

  9. Err…sister Tammy is right in which aspect?

    I am referring to she saying she would give Pastor Prince millions and millions (if she had the money) because he delivered God’s word to her.

    I disagree. Without God, the instrument can do nothing.

    Without God opening her heard, it will remain harden and closed

    Without God giving her wisdom, she will not understand.

    Making a statement that if I had millions and millions I would give to Pastor Prince “because of what he (Pastor Prince or Jesus?) puts in me week after week..” is not correct.

    Are we unconsciously worshiping the instrument or the creator?

    Are we unconciously glorifying the pot rather than the potter?

    Paul in 1st Corinthians time had a somewhat related issue –

    1:12 Now I mean this, that each one of you says, “I follow Paul,” “I follow Apollos,” “I follow Cephas,” and, “I follow Christ.”

    Its not Pastor Prince, its not Benny Him, its God that deserves the millions and millions.


    1. It is relatively easy to give ‘$millions and millions’ especially for the wealthy (how the wealthy got their millions is entirely another discussion). However, to give one’s life, one’s choices, one’s choice of a life partner; one’s vocational choices; one’s time; one’s heart and soul and spirit and body…to anyone else, never mind God Himself (whom we cannot even see) is perhaps the hardest thing on Earth to do honestly and sincerely, without regrets or expectations. Personally, i really believe the quality of a Christian is the quality of a Christian church (not the quality of the leadership only); and the quality of a Christian is absolutely one and the same as the degree to which you or I are willing to abandon our own will, for the sake of Christ, the gospel; and the Kingdom of God. If we say ‘I am a believer,’ what defines this except our walk of faith, which has led others to find Jesus is the true Savior of all people? Is that quality seen by regular church attendance; deep knowledge of the Bible; career accomplishments and financial success and prosperity? Where i agree with Joseph Prince and his teaching, I agree with God and i am so richly blessed it goes beyond my comprehension and ability to explain it; but, where i disagree with Joseph Prince, it definitely would have to do with his wrong emphasis on Christian life being a ‘get’ or ‘receive’ mentality. I am not saying God wants us in poverty perpetually (though He may allow it for us to develop character under trial); nor that God wants us perpetually sick (though He may allow it temporarily, for us to learn how we need to depend on Him for our health); but I AM saying that God is the Arbiter of our entire life of decisions. The degree to which we have sought His guidance, and His permission, to make significant decisions such as marriage and divorce and remarriage, choices in our work or vocation that allow us to be dishonest without being caught; decisions to earn money easily by stealing or lying (including on tax forms), and the degree to which we have obeyed His explicit will from His Word and Spirit on important decisions…is the degree to which we can receive MORE from Jesus and MORE responsibility, wealth, health and prosperity. Does it not make sense that God would refuse to answer your prayer, if you have consistently stolen money and still think you deserve to ‘reign’ with Christ? How about actual adultery, which you never repented of and never told anyone in church about? How about other sins which you have consistently refused to repent of, or have been unable to find deliverance from (such as homosexuality)? So, what i am saying is that, where Joseph Prince is weakest is in his preaching (or lack thereof) on our need as Christians to obey the Holy Spirit and not continually refuse to be obedient; and to continue to commit sinful acts without repentance. Actually, if we do these things, it might be fair to say that we ‘never’ really believed the gospel. But i digress; i am just saying that the quality of our obedience to the Spirit of God has nothing whatsoever to do with our financial or career prosperity in this life — unfortunately, Joseph Prince seems to have mixed up these concepts of ‘believing and receiving’ for a Christian, because he just does not focus enough on walking in the Spirit. If we are in love with Jesus, we will grow in grace and, over time, be more obedient to the Spirit as we walk in the Spirit. But i fear Mr. Prince doesn’t properly teach this and it could badly impact those who just don’t know Jesus, or think they do but don’t and are serving in the church or elsewhere.

  10. Tammy said : Have you paid attention to all the block sized churches in the US. Has anyone walked into one of those churches and asked them what they pay their pastor? I am become the richest person in the world because of this Radical Grace message and I find it hard to believe that we have to turn on a group that is making a difference around the world so we can feel better about our own lukewarmness and stupidity at chasing every doctrine that comes along in this nation.

    I say : I have a friend. She joined Wycliff translators, gave up everything, and went to Nepal tribal people to do translation work. Its hard work, spending many years there to understand their language, then translating the bible book by book so that these people have a bible to read.

    To those tribal people, she certainly gave up much, to devote a good part of her life to go to a tribal village to live with them and translate for them. Without her, the tribe would not even get the word of God.

    She doesn’t stay in a nice house, she certainly doesn’t get a BMW 7 series transport, and she certainly doesn’t get $500,000 salary.

    She gave her life to God and His ministry.

    I do hope some NCC members do think with a wider perspective when they shout the clarion call that Pastor Prince DESERVES his $500k salary, and from some forums, some even saying he should be paid $1,000,000.

    1. First, let me be clear, I believe that Pastor Prince is an awesome anointed teacher of God’s Word. Second, I am trying to understand, if Pastor Joseph Prince no longer would like to take in a salary, is it because he believes God has provided all that he needs? Ok then. Or is it because he doesn’t want to be accused? Why isn’t he able to stop from receiving a salary? Is it being forced into his pockets, bank account, etc.? It would really be refreshing to know that a Pastor could be so humble to request and follow through with such a thing, after all, he is not powerless and he does have the final say for his own life. Another thought is perhaps the leadership of the church would like him to continue taking in a salary BECAUSE if he isn’t and they STILL are (knowing they too have all that they need) it would only make them feel guilty for not following in his footsteps..AHA!!! I can just hear them saying, “No Pastor, you must receive a salary because YOU deserve this blessing” but what they really mean is “WE deserve this money and we are not ready to give it up!”.

      Why build a billion dollar building? What a waste!!! We don’t need such an extravagant place to meet for teaching and fellowship…heaven is our home. USE THE MONEY TO HELP THE POOR AND REACH THE LOST. I could not be a part of a church that paid its leaders such high salaries at the expense of the people and spent the money on such lavish lifestyles and church buildings. I hate that this is done in the name of Christianity!! The Word of God is not for sale!!

      1. Ann, I am not sure pastors need salaries, or should collect them, however, I am sure that they should not collect 6 figure salaries.

        1. why bother on how much he gets coz it not up to us to judge, the richest man in the world was king solomon of the bible, the only thing i am concern is how much money he gives to the needy and does he work like a servant in a church like mother terreza , that were i want to focus.

          1. Who are you to judge another Christian? First judge yourself. Are you serving the poor near and far? Do you work ‘like a servant’ in the church? If you are not doing these things, then you have no right to judge anyone else, especially a Christian. And anyway (this should be obvious) like Martha you don’t understand: servants do not even think of their service of love towards Jesus or others whom He loves and LEARN not to ever think of the personal cost. One life is all we have to give. In terms of eternity, it isn’t much. It all comes down to the quality of our love for God and our love for our neighbor (near and far) and that quality is not measured by comparing ourselves to others.

        2. The fact is that Paul said that we should not muzzle the oxen in I TImothy 5:17. This is a quotation of the Old Testament indicating that those that work should be able to from their labors eat.
          Again, Paul also indicates that a minister is worth his keep in I Corinthians 9:11-14.
          If the Apostle Paul throught the anointing of the Holy Spirit – therefore if GOD says ministers may receive pay for their labor, who is a mortal human to indicate a pastor should not receive pay for his labor.

          1. And before we say that Paul did not take these financial remunerations, remember Paul did not say he could not. He said he chose not to be a burden, not that he did not have the right to receive income.
            Let us not confuse Paul’s choice of not receiving with God’s condemnation of receiving.
            In the Old Testament, the priests were rewarded and provided for by God. I am not here to argue for or against the amount he received. If his church chose that amount, then so be it. That is between his church, himself, and his God.

      2. I agree. But this church is rather exceptional: it is composed of many sincere believers who gave sacrificially for years, while the church had no proper building at all. We met in cinemas for more than twenty years, as far as i know (i have only been part of New Creation Church in Singapore for the past few years…and don’t consider myself a member actually as my ‘home church’ is overseas). So, if you were to total the estimated tithes and offerings of 10 – 20,000 people over a 15 – 20 year period, i think you might arrive at something like $20,000,000 every year in the bank (perhaps a lot more). Should this money not be spent on a good building for the church to have? In 20 years, half of the number given is $400 million. This is possibly what is available for construction, AFTER all salaries and etc. have been paid (many who serve in the church do not receive any salary or payment, as far as i know). At first, i felt this is a colossal waste of money and ‘an insult’ to God and to Jesus Christ and His teaching. However, the church continues to give; and the building (combined with a large shopping center) continues to bring in significant revenues which all go to the church. So, now that the church has a permanent facility, it is possible that much more can be done in terms of outreach, rather than from cinemas which were rented on a weekly basis. This is true also of the fact that revenues from the shopping mall can be used for God’s purposes also. This extends the reach of this church far more than would have been possible under the former setup. So, i STILL believe the money spent was unnecessarily large; but IF the Lord really has a hand in this (and the impact around the world of this one building has been significant, in that many non-Christians will perhaps consider that God is real…and not something imaginary) then it is PLAUSIBLE that we will see many good things coming out of this, which we cannot see at the beginning. God is not like us; building expenses don’t mean anything to Him in terms of ‘can we afford it?’
        Yes, i definitely agree with you, however, that a great deal of money could have been used to save the 30,000 children dying of starvation each day. But this church and its leadership are accountable for this; not you or i. For us, if God so leads and enables us to minister to those children, trust me, our $5 or $10 or $500 monthly to both help the poor and see that they get a good Bible education is worth FAR MORE to Christ than a single $100,000,000 donation from New Creation Church would be…although (i have to admit) such a donation would certainly have an impact in the world, that might do far more visible good than you or i can do with our more limited resources. Anyway, i am obviously divided on this topic. I certainly do not agree with using the ‘house of God’ for ungodly venues where Queers can perform their ‘acts’ and this ‘cultural entertainment’ provides revenues the church can use. Perhaps you can look at that angle? I think this is more of a problem than the purchase of the building itself.

    2. I need to correct you here. First of all, if Pastor Prince was serving a much smaller congregation (currently i guess it’s around 30,000 plus many not actually in attendance; let’s say another 30,000 at minimum around the world, probably as much as 1 million or more) it might be appropriate to say ‘let his salary be much smaller.’ The fact of the matter is that when the church started he had no job or no salary (or not much of one, since there is no minimum wage in Singapore) and the church had only perhaps 15 members in it. For those of us in Singapore, it is difficult to believe God has ‘nothing’ to do with the growth of this particular church, both in the quality of the message and the size of the congregation. The church does have regular outreach now to places where there have been natural disasters; those who take part do so with their own funds and do not get paid anything. I too, have a close friend who joined SIM and has devoted his life to serving the lost in Bangladesh; i am sure his salary is less than $30 k annually, which is far less than he would receive as a P.Eng. in Canada (he is a licensed Civil Engineer).
      I need to correct you, because St. Paul clearly says: “For we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise. 13
      But we will not boast of things without our measure, but according to the measure of the rule which God hath distributed to us, a measure to reach even unto you.”
      All this comparing one church with another is completely unscriptural and ungodly; it is unhelpful and useless. At the end of your life, when Jesus gives you the reward or payment meet for your Christian life here on Earth, will He say to you: “His lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.”
      I do not see this teaching in many Pentecostal churches, not from Pastor Prince, either (unless i missed it in the last 120 sermons). So, this is obviously not good. However, i mention this because, comparing like this (salaries) is just unimportant and useless; it is almost like gossip trivia. Rather, what should concern our soul day in and day out, is whether, on a personal level, we have obeyed the light we have been given, and whether we will be ‘found faithful’ to that light or ‘found wanting’ once we actually meet the Lord Jesus in person. Too many of us Christians seem to be thoroughly occupied with useless gossip, and not actively working to see the Kingdom of God established, the gospel preached to the poor, the poor provided for, and poor Christians in the world, in the hospital, and in prison having their most pressing needs ministered to. I am lazy and don’t like to even think about these things; but i do believe that our works of faith will be tried in the fire as the Bible says; and — although we will remain saved — if they are of no quality workmanship, they will be burnt up and we will have shame before others in Heaven, and even before our Lord Jesus. To me, this is not a small thing and something we absolutely need to be diligent about preventing.

  11. But our Lord God wants us to blessed and to bless does he not?

    I’m not a well read christian and I’m not from New Creation, but I do know a hymn that goes .. “And now, let the weak say I am strong, let the poor say I am rich, because of what the Lord has done, for us.”

    I dunno, I think I respect the Lord more for making Pastor Prince a rich man, and I respect Pastor Prince more for tithing an equivalent sum of the gagantuan salary he earns.

    I think as Christians, we need to stand united. We don’t all have to have the same opinions because we are imperfect in different ways and only perfect wisdom comes from God. So while we can be all skeptical and wary of false prophets, let’s also be careful in judging fellow Christians who have indeed suffered and sacrificed and come a long way for Christ. You may weigh his judgement according to God’s word, but don’t judge him from the world’s perspective.

    Not cool.

    Doesn’t mean that if the world has one Poor pastor slogging away in some faraway third world country, every other Pastor in the world has to be poor. I don’t think that’s what God wants for his children on earth.

    We all have our different purposes in life that God has commissioned for us. I pray we all shine in our own light, in our own field, in our own Godly manner.

    God bless!

  12. If a pastor in Mongolia saw the house and the car of Polycarp..he too, may think that it is excesssive. But for those who have benefited from Polycarp’s ministry, the giving and contribution to your ministry is never an expression of love and a offering to God.

    I hope you could kindly consider the following pointers:-
    Like yourself, many of the 20,000 members are bible reading and God loving people. We may be far away from the states but Singaporeans are no fools….
    No one is compelled or are being forced into giving.
    The church did not go out to the public to raise fund for the church or for the pastor.
    Like yourself, many are highly educated and are sophisticated enough to know why they are giving.
    Like yourself, many of us have a discerning spirit too.

    Tony Blair was paid SIN$14,800 per minute for his speech..but no one got healed. Sports star got paid millions of dollars..but marriages don’t get restored. But do we go around complaining that they are paid too much…we don’t.

    Under the ministry of Pastor Joseph Prince, the sick got healed. Cancer cells disappear. Debts got cleared miraculously. Marriages have been restored.

    Why are we so calculative when it comes to paying a minister of God who restores marriages, healed the sick, strengthen the faith and preaches the word of God?

  13. Good verse Polycarp!

    And as you go, preach, saying,

    “The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead,[3] cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give. Provide neither gold nor silver nor copper in your money belts, nor bag for your journey, nor two tunics, nor sandals, nor staffs; for a worker is worthy of his food.

    (Matthew 10:7-10 NKJV)

    “Freely you have received, freely give.”

    Pastor Prince received freely from the God loving church members, and in return he freely gave back to the church of God.

    Hence Pastor Prince has neither “gold nor silver nor copper in your money belts, nor bag for your journey, nor two tunics, nor sandals, nor staffs; for a worker is worthy of his food.”

    Bless and be blessed and then bless again and be blessed again and the cycle continues because of the grace of God.

    Polycarp, I’m sure your selfless service in God’s ministry has also resulted in you being blessed greatly in some area of your life. Maybe not monetary? But still, you do live with a nice roof over your head and some other luxuries which radicals might deem as gold or silver by their own measure.

    I think we should be rejoicing, instead of debating and judging! This is such a good testimony for us to bring to non-christians!

    Especially since this is splashed all over the papers, non-christian friends are sure to ask “As a christian yourself, what do you think?”

    AND i would say to them… My GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD.

    Look at how he blessed the church!!!

    and its Pastor who started out as a stutterer and conducting Sunday cell group in a small flat with less than 20 people????

    And freely he received and freely he gave!!! What an even greater testimony!

    Come into the kingdom and experience the love of God yourself!

  14. “Pastor Prince received freely from the God loving church members, and in return he freely gave back to the church of God. ”

    No, I think Pastor Prince received freely from Pastor Prince loving church members.

    However, some of these members seem to think that the success of the church, their Christian growth..etc is a result of Pastor Prince teaching, and therefore, due to his ‘performance’, justifies for equivalent worldly benefits along the line of secular reward measurements.

    Let me make a call to every singaporean to make a monthly donation of S$10 to founding father Lee Kwan Yew, for without him, there will be no Singapore like it is today and possibly no NCC and its proposed multimillion mega church.

    Then MR Lee will get monthly salary of S$10 x 4.6 Million = S$46 Million. If we can give so much to NCC, spend so much on luxuries like LCD TV..etc? don’t we owe MM Lee for the life we live now?

    I say, lets set up a system so every Singaporean can give $10 a month to MM Lee. I think he deserves it.

    After that, we can thank God for blessing our founding father for blessing MM Lee so greatly, for the great work he has done to give us freedom to worship, and the freedom to build multi million mega church.

    Good idea?

    1. While it is true that Mr. Lee did great things for Singapore and was a great statesman, it is SINGAPOREANS who built Singapore, not ‘single-handedly Mr. Lee’ and it is SINGAPOREANS who love their country who will best defend it. Unfortunately, Singapore was built with slave labor and continues to implement this policy today, with no minimum wage. Don’t idolize Mr. Lee. Take your god and go elsewhere.

  15. Dear Maic123,

    What makes you think that NCC members are only giving to the church and are not doing any other forms of charity? Why jump into a conclusion so quickly?

    Our govt ministers are one of the highest paid in the world…must they also declare openly how much they are donating? myself, you have a choice to decide how you want to live and how you want to spend your money. Likewise, I hope you could also respect the choice of others. No one is being forced into giving.

    If there is a Lee foundation, I will be the first to give and I am sure you will do so too.

    1. The Bible clearly states the following:
      Proverbs 22:16
      “Whoever oppresses the poor to increase his own wealth, or gives to the rich, will only come to poverty.”
      Since Singaporean government ministers receive an annual salary of $1 million dollars (about $700,000 USD) plus many benefits the ordinary Christian citizen will never receive, i firmly believe we should not give them any more money than absolutely necessary. They are clearly rich; and I do not wish to be cursed!

  16. It discourages me that you have tagged this article as “False Prophets”.
    Is this the love of God working in us? Or are Satan’s accusations swaying us?

  17. I always believe that we should not point a finger at our fellow disciple in Christ and the anointed one – The Lord guards and protects His anointed ones ‘jealously’. Ask Jesus why He give ‘much’ to Pastor Prince and not you. You will be surprised by the answer if you genuinely asked without clouding your mind with the false prophets conclusion. Again, Yes I am one of those who would point fingers easily – Yes It shows the lack of faith in me. May God help me. Thank you.

  18. Who says Pastor Prince is not following the King?

    Which King are you following?
    Do you mean you make conclusions without going thru what he says and just by his pay? He has no doctrine but the gospel. His purpose is to show how great Jesus is. Have you sat and listen to his teachings, and feel the anointing while he speaks? The way you phrase is like he is preaching about how much he should be paid. This is ridiculous.

  19. Where in the Bible did it say that we should not trust a man who appears on TBN or Daystart that exalt the name of the Son of God proclaiming John3:16 to us all, and what is wrong with saying that God has given him a special mission to bring the Son back to the ‘church’?

  20. Please do not post duplicate comments. Read the Bible, Silenz. If the Son departed the Church, then the Church is hopeless and no man can do anything about it. Prince is the same as many of the other false prophets – they all believe that they have some special mission to restore or to do some work that Christ failed to do.

    1. Polycarp i am sure you won’t post this but with that risk in mind, can you explain how you became a Christian? You have slandered Pastor Joseph Prince as being a false prophet. OK, i can go with it; but please clarify how you became a Christian first; and how you know definitively that Mr. Prince is a false prophet.

  21. Hmm, the money the worshipers of Pastor Price give him to buy a BMW…is that God’s money or our money? (I am not referring to all NCCians here, just those who blindly think their salvation and their spiritual growth is the result of Pastor Prince rather than God)

    He is God’s servant, doing God’s work. Isn’t a pay scale of 500k (and some advocating uping it 1Mil), BMW 7 series, designer bags..etc doing him harm rather than good?

    1 John 2:15-17, “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.”

    1. If you are going to use this key verse, then you must be aware that it focuses us on doing the will of God. Do you know for a certainty Pastor Prince buys Designer duds, owns a BMW 7 Series, etc.? Do you have a firm number on the actual amount Pastor Prince donates to charity out of his royalties (he does not earn any salary from New Creation Church and has not done so for several years now)? I think you are being judgmental and you should repent for being a false accuser, lest God catch up with you and force you to vomit your vile words. Yes again, i will say this key verse tells us that we must seek the will of God. You can say for sure, since you accuse Mr. Prince directly, that he is not doing the will of God? And how about yourself, Maic123? How sure are you that you are doing the will of God? Does eschewing expensive things, even when you can afford them, and living an austere life, GUARANTEE one is doing the will of God? Sort your doctrine out; because excesses in either direction prove nothing of the sort.

  22. To answer Silenz –
    “Why go to secular publication to judge the opinion of the church goers who gave freely. Secular publication use the word “donation” and not “tithes and faith offering”. Don’t judge using what you gathered from secular reportings”

    I gathered the information from the church official reply, which states – ,

    “It is the RC’s policy to recognise and reward key contributors to the church, and Senior Pastor Prince is the main pillar for our church’s growth and revenue. Senior Pastor Prince is the keyman responsible for bringing in about 95% of our church’s income. I must concede that Senior Pastor Prince has enriched the church and not the other way round.”

    Also Tammy who wrote in this blog

    “I would pay my pastor millions of dollars if I had it because what he puts in me week after week is something I could never repay him for. I watch his ministry program daily and have been transformed by the teaching of this Radical Grace,”

    357 wrote –

    “Under the ministry of Pastor Joseph Prince, the sick got healed. Cancer cells disappear. Debts got cleared miraculously. Marriages have been restored.

    Why are we so calculative when it comes to paying a minister of God who restores marriages, healed the sick, strengthen the faith and preaches the word of God?”

    So I did not technically get my information from secular reportings, but from the church and also a Christian blog.

    My point is that it is GOD that makes things happen, but worshipers of Prince keep saying that Price deserves all the material wealth because it is Prince who is doing all the miracles, he is the anointed one…etc

    Also, I also don’t quite understand some of your theology – You said –

    “You know, Poly and the girl who went to Nepal would be blessed with lots of money if they allow Jesus to do so. Jesus also wants to prosper the two of them as much as He prosper Joseph Prince”

    I reply – How do you know the Nepal girl did not allow Jesus to bless her? Must prosperity be measure by BMW 7 series, 500k salaries, Prada bags, designer clothes purchased by funds given by worshipers?

    You said – “Polycarp, good for you that you don’t take money for the things that you do for God. You must be feeling very good and proud about it
    Verily verily I say unto you, you already have your reward. :) Accordingly, the Lord rewards you.”

    I reply – I also do not take money for the things I do for God. I do it because I love the Lord, and what He has already done for Me, which is giving me salvation when I don’t deserve it, and dying on the cross for me, and showing me the path to eternal life. I don’t do it for a 7 series BMW, Prada bag..etc

    You said – “Ask Jesus why He give ‘much’ to Pastor Prince and not you”

    I reply – it is not Jesus who gave Pastor Prince so much. It is you and some other NCC members.

  23. Hello,

    Just don’t be myopic and judgemental, and jump to conclusion just like that.

    Quote “I must concede that Senior Pastor Prince has enriched the church and not the other way round”. All in all, Jesus enrich the church and Pastor Prince.”
    It is true that quite a few church attendees came to the church and got their prayers answered, and many was enriched (Look. again…sigh…when i use the word “Enrich”, it does not equate monetary…some in total reversal of poverty, others in “Nepal girl” way) in the process.
    It is not that the rich decide to flock to the church and give him the money or the car. Please do not misjudge to say that Prince do it for the 7 series BMW, nor ask for it. The love for wealth and wealth are two different things. I never said prosperity must be measured by BMW 7 series, 500k salaries, Prada bags, designer clothes. You all have this idea. I just use the word prosper. It just so happen you are not happy that Joseph Prince is blessed with this, while I am completely fine with it or if any minister of The Lord has all these. Tell it to someone who got miraculously healed under any minister from pain etc…don’t say that it is the Lord if you are not happy with the members giving a lot to the Lord (and how else than to the church).?

    whatever the Nepal girl wants, if she believes, she would be blessed with it. I never said it must be material wealth. If she wants it, so be it. But don’t judge a person just because Jesus bless them with material wealth.

    Yes, don’t keep judging and condemning innocent people of being false prophet. Seriously, if you really want, ask Jesus why He gives much more pay to Joseph Prince than you. If we and some other NCC members do not give Pastor Prince, I am sure that Jesus will still give him and probably much more. Why? Explanation is too long to say. But it is a manifestation of the truth he preaches abt the Love of Jesus. And that the righteous can still be blessed even materially. Some of the NCC members are afraid that if he does not take a salary, he would rake in more, which would be harder to answer for it.

    >> You said – “Ask Jesus why He give ‘much’ to Pastor Prince and not you”

    I reply – it is not Jesus who gave Pastor Prince so much. It is you and some other NCC members.>>

    In a simple calculation, how much of e.g. 10% would depend on whether it is $10 or $10MIL or billions…Please I am not saying he should be taking up all the tithes money. Plesae keep in perspective.

    BTW, plesae don’t be afraid to moderate or post my comments, if you want a fair view on this. What are you afraid of? Seriously again, if you accuse him of being a false prophet when he really is proclaiming for The Lord, what are you actually doing?

  24. Hey, I never said Pastor Prince wanted the money.

    Read carefully.

    “My point is that it is GOD that makes things happen, but worshipers of Prince keep saying that Price deserves all the material wealth because it is Prince who is doing all the miracles, he is the anointed one…etc”

    I am also not accusing all NCCians. I am referring to those who keep saying Pastor Prince deserve this deserve that because he did this he did that….

  25. Personally, I am not a minister, nor a full time minister. I am just a regular believer. I really feel that pastors and ministers should be paid well, and no pastors and ministers should be poor or struggling to make ends meet. Most of all, any ministers should not be seen negatively or be branded as false prophets just because they own cars, computers or appear on TVs.

  26. Sorry, one thing though..the scriptures did not say this: That we should support “preachers who speak on TVs”…but then again, neither did the scriptures say we should judge those who appear on TV as false prophets.
    You, being intellectual, should know better what the scriptures say.
    Anyway, check out the Levites.

    True, it does not matter to you what I believe. I am just stating my belief in a topic relating to pay of the ministers of God.

    I am also glad The Lord raises Joseph Prince to spread the Love of God. Thank you soooo much, Jesus.

  27. BTW,
    Pastor Prince church mission “To see Jesus in all the loveliness of His person…and the perfection of His work…and to make Him known through the preaching of the Gospel.” I think it is beautiful and have seen that this is what he did.

    Not sure where you got this ‘God has given him a special mission to bring the Son back to the Church’ even though I see no wrong in it.

  28. Silenze says –

    “Personally, I am not a minister, nor a full time minister. I am just a regular believer. I really feel that pastors and ministers should be paid well, and no pastors and ministers should be poor or struggling to make ends meet.”

    I say –

    I agree – to an extend. 1st Corith 9:14 says “In the same way, the Lord has commanded that those who preach the gospel should receive their living from the gospel.”

    However, paying a pastor $500k salary and bmw 7 series is hardly called struggling to make ends meet.

  29. “Uh, yes, twisting words again. I never said anything about TV – I said something about the company that he keeps. It does not take an intellectual to read the Scriptures. You should try it sometime. Your believe is not found in the Scriptures – which is why it matters for nought.”

    It is belief by the way.

    I’d like to know more about what you are saying, what is the company that he keeps? What do you mean by that?

    Also, everyone’s belief comes from somewhere, for Christians ; Catholics, Presbyterian, Methodist, Charismatic , etc… It depends how YOU interpret it. What you are comfortable with.

    “Maic, on Prince’s website, he remarks how much growth the Church has had since he took over. I’ll try to find it later.”

    I have just viewed his website. Let me quote a section from the website.

    “Then, Joseph Prince, a founding member and pioneer leader of the church, was appointed as the senior pastor. This marked a new beginning for New Creation Church. As Pastor Prince focused on Jesus Christ and His grace, God began to multiply the church. By 1997, the congregation numbered about 2,000.”

    I believe this is what you are referring to? If so, I would like to direct your attention to this sentence, “As Pastor Prince focused on Jesus Christ and His grace, God began to multiply the church.”.
    In my opinion, what he is saying is that Jesus Christ helped multiply the church because Pastor Prince was preaching about Jesus and his grace, the church grew significantly.

    I would like to end my post with this. Let me quote maic123

    “My point is that it is GOD that makes things happen, but worshipers of Prince keep saying that Price deserves all the material wealth because it is Prince who is doing all the miracles, he is the anointed one…etc”

    Firstly, it is worshippers.Secondly, it is Prince.Thirdly, who tells you all that? Are you stereotyping?

    I would like to end now, thanks. Please respect my comments.
    Lastly, pardon my English.

  30. “Silenz, it matters not what you believe – what does the Scriptures say?”

    One more thing I forgot to add, it does matter what you believe in.

  31. isteirs –

    “Firstly, it is worshippers.Secondly, it is Prince.Thirdly, who tells you all that? Are you stereotyping?”

    Please refer my earlier post which I cited 3 examples. First the official answer from the church, justifying Pastor Prince salary. Second example post by Tammy. Third example post by 357. All justify Pastor Prince pay because of his abilities.

  32. Isteirs –

    “3 examples ? Incredible, you just interviewed the whole church. Why cannot he deserve material wealth? Everyone deserves it if they believe in the grace of god.”

    I don’t know what you are trying to say to me, or rebutt me?

    My main point – “My point is that it is GOD that makes things happen, but worshipers of Prince keep saying that Price deserves all the material wealth because it is Prince who is doing all the miracles, he is the anointed one…etc”

    I did not say Prince should not be blessed with material wealth. God chooses whom he blesses.

    I am saying that worshipers of Prince (who worship Prince more than they worship Jesus) says he DESERVE 7 series, million dollar salary because Prince did this and that to them. I am saying this is wrong. It is JESUS, using Prince as His INSTRUMENT, that you are touched, and the church grows. It is JESUS, that deserves our worship, our offerings, NOT PRINCE. Prince should be paid, fair enough, but to the extend of having the highest end luxury car? Salary that can feed thousands?

    You accuse me of taking 3 sources and that does not represent the whole church.

    My first source is the OFFICIAL reply from the church…if that doesn’t represent the church, what does?

    “It is the RC’s policy to recognise and reward key contributors to the church, and Senior Pastor Prince is the main pillar for our church’s growth and revenue. Senior Pastor Prince is the KEYMAN RESPONSIBLE for bringing in about 95% of our church’s income. I must concede that Senior Pastor Prince has enriched the church and not the other way round.”

    Some say that it is reply to secular press, so we don’t mention Jesus. I say, why not exalt Jesus in the circular press?

    Rom 1:16 For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is God’s power for the salvation of everyone who believes, of the Jew first and of the Greek as well.

  33. Polycarp and Maic123

    Please re-read your post. If you want, i can re-read mine too :-)

    Personally, it does certainly appear that you are debating just to win without listening to inputs from us who see from ‘the other side’..which may give you another perspective if you are open enough.

    I do not want to use scriptures for debate cos’ you know the scriptures well but it does not mean we do not have scriptures to back our beliefs. Why do I not use scriptures? I know enough that “interpretation of scriptures” can support either sides. No one gets healed nor demons cast out through such debates. Truth.

    You are talking about fellowship thru media, we are talking about preaching the word of God thru media. So we believe it is right and good based on scriptures. You believe it is wrong based on scriptures.

    From what I gathered thru Isteirs comment – you are also using internet/blog which is also a media just like TV, Daystar etc (also associated with evil) for fellowship and to spread your beliefs. And we are participating in this blog.

    you wrote “…I respect that you have not yet matured enough to have a decent debate”…

    I say “ermm…”

    We do not want to debate, so I think we rather not debate then. If you want to win, you can win. I know the truth.

  34. maic123,

    It is JESUS, using Prince as His INSTRUMENT, that you are touched, and the church grows. It is JESUS, that deserves our worship, our offerings, NOT PRINCE. Agree.

    Agree, If people worship PRINCE more than they worship Jesus, this is indeed wrong.

    Just want to clarify that I dare say that majority of his church knows that. Worshiping anything, anyone more than Jesus is wrong. Those who flock to the church and those who listen to messages preached by Prince know that it is Jesus not him and he is just an instrument. (We hear that almost in every message he preached.) Unfortunately, many misunderstood, including those who read externally and conclude. We just want to put the perspective right.

    “why not exalt Jesus in the secular press?” Even if we do, which there are many times the church and Prince mentioned it, it was edited out. That is the way it is.

    We are just saying he deserves whatever blessings Jesus gives him because many are saying he does not deserve. And we should not judge him for that or conclude negatively because of “those blessings which are different from the norm”.

    I assume you do not know the cost of building in Singapore, and how much it wd cost to house thousands in a church for worship and fellowship. It does need money to bring the gospel out to everywhere.

  35. Dear maic123,

    Somewhere in this post, you have highlighted about Pastor Prince’s pay and BMW.

    By the grace of God, I have a profession that rewards me well and likewise, I owned a very nice car.

    But do I get upset because my pastor is driving a similar nice car? Why is it that I can drive a nice car and I forbid my pastors from doing so? I just cannot understand this logic.

    For my profession, I am blessed by God. But why the same God cannot bless my pastor? Must my pastor be pooer than me and he will become more godly? Must all my pastors drive a smaller car and pretend to be humble? They are only allowed to stay in HDB flats but I can stay in a condo?
    Geee…it is so pretentious.

    I have come to the conclusion that regardless of what we say here…it is not going to change your mind. I ask God for this: “Whatever blessings that u feel is too much..,,for example, too much money, too much health, too much success…I ask God to transfer all your unwanted blessings to me. Amen!”

    1. Dear 357, I am a grandma. You are a child of God, I feel your comment is getting out of line. Even if you were just kidding or “spiteful”?…Do NOT let comments you disagreed falls to sin. MAIC123 was giving her earlier opinions. I agree millionaire pastors Don’t sit well with many believers. Look at Jesus profile. Humble lifestyle. Humble He was born, Humble He died with barely enough to clothe himself.
      He could have it ALL but HE chose NOT. He sets a good example of servitude.

  36. Silenz says –

    “We are just saying he deserves whatever blessings Jesus gives him because many are saying he does not deserve.”

    I ask –
    Can you explain why he deserves a BMW 7 series and million dollar salary? So far the only official reason that I know is the one given by the church –

    “It is the RC’s policy to recognise and reward key contributors to the church, and Senior Pastor Prince is the main pillar for our church’s growth and revenue. Senior Pastor Prince is the KEYMAN RESPONSIBLE for bringing in about 95% of our church’s income. “

  37. Okay so there are servants of God who serve God in rural areas. So on. U know what? I live in Jakarta, metropolitan city. Christians I know here mostly rich. But somehow I felt out of place. Someday God sent me Pst Prince message about grace. Jesus delivered me so much from the darkest night of my life. What I mean is… Every christian longs for someone in the church that represents them. And Pst Prince surely represents people like me. Many of us live in a metropolitant cities, with our own stress, our own duties, and THE GREAT NEWS IS: People like us are also blessed children of God. Not just people who do missionaries. This is what I’m talking about. Pst Prince represents us! Other preachers represent other people as well. but we are all the Body of Christ. The next good news is for us to be ‘holier’ we need not apply more heavy laws, but apply more grace of God. That is true repentance.

  38. I live in the Philippines. I just encounter Pastor Joseph Prince in u-tube. But when i heard the radical teaching about God’s Grace, my view of being a christian for 20 years has been changed. There’s joy and really unspeakable joy inside me. there’s revelation in every messages. therefore, whatever it is, either it is big or huge, Pastor Prince deserve to received what God has stored for him. You are all lucky -Singaporeans.


  39. shalom,
    if you tell me i have won THE lottery, there will be unspeakable joy too. however, when you check your bank account, the reality sets in. you realized, not only did you nott win the lottery, your own savings have departed into someone’s bank account.

    we all know who the real lottery winner here, don’t we?

    follow the money trail and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free!


  40. Joseph Prince’s ministry finds its roots in what many people have referred to as the Word Faith Movement. Proponents of this movement include E W Kenyon (whose writings gave rise to most of the radical ideas that inform the movement), Kenneth Hagin, Kenneth Copleland, Joyce Meyer et al. They teach a collective theology which propounds that God has promised to bless His people based on His finished work on the cross, as well as the believer’s positive confession of faith (in other words, if you speak forth your need, and lay hold of it by faith, the spoken need will in due time come to pass. Put simply, if I desire a car, I claim it in Jesus’ name, and the car will come my way).

    Critics have written quite extensively on Word Faith teachings, so i will not talk further about it here. What I do want to highlight is that JP’s teaching over the last ten years does not move beyond the whole theme of justification by faith. In fact, there has been no mention of the sanctification process or the need for it. In his teachings, believers become righteous from appropriating the finished work on the cross. There is no need to work out one’s salvation, one simply needs to “rest”.

    JP’s teaching on Grace suggests a lack of basic understanding of God’s redemptive work. The Martin Luthers and Calvinists will tell you the only time a believer ever takes a rest in his walk with God is when he is getting saved through the finished work of Christ. One can’t earn salvation through his own good work, but he can by His grace and mercy as demonstrated by His outstretched arms on the cross. This is the turning point in a sinner’s life, when the sinner decides to take up the cross and follow Jesus, so that more and more he can be called to be in His image.

    Positionally, the believer is forever saved, but the old man in him still needs to be transformed. Now, this walk of sanctification, JP Ministry completely ignores. It is interesting that JP perceives any effort on the believer’s part to act out God’s imperatives as the believer’s attempt to keep the law. He teaches that under the New Convenant, one does not keep the Law, but lives only by God’s grace. According to him, God has not only rescinded the need to keep the ceremonial laws, He has categorically abolished all laws, including the Decalogue!

    My questions for all to consider:

    1. If God has truly abolished the Decalogue, which reveals His moral character and absolute standards for human decency, then what should a believer hold fast to in order to live out his faith in a corrupt and decadent world? “We are in the world, but not of the world.” God also calls us “the salt of the earth”. What keeps us salty if God removes His standards/values for us? What is Grace? Is it a form of moral standard by which we can define and govern our thought life and behaviour?

    2. If,according to JP’s theology, those of us who are trying to work out our salvation with fear and trembling are guilty of earning our salvation through our own “stinking efforts”, then what is the Holy Spirit for in our lives?

  41. Do you know your GOD ?? In The begining God Made Man In His Image. God is a creator. Power of life and death are in the tongue . either you building, or ripping down ?? Given to all. Your choice to please God , with YOUR Faith filled words….
    For with-out faith it is impossible to please him. God has CREATED ALL Things for His good pleasure . Money included. Its the LOVE of money that is the root of evil. Salvation is a individual act , Judge by none, on earth. If you call yourself a BELIEVER, Bridle your tongue to please God .. For we are on earth, for a short time !
    God will reward your faith. GOD’S Love is COVERING ALL, IN ALL.
    For those who have been crushed, Do-not let man stand in the way of a relationship with God . GOD’s love heals ALL your wounds.

  42. Perhaps this blog is closed since the last msg date is 4/09.  If so, I apologize.
    But as one who has been watching JP for the last few months via tv, I have just one issue that I cannot seem to reconcile in my mind.  I do not mean to criticize as I am in no position to do that.  I am more the ‘prodigal son’ who, after years of living the secular life,  have come to terms with the void in my life and realize there is a God and am trying to learn more and come to peace with him.  What I do understand is that TV time cost money……and hence the need for donors.  What I don’t understand is that I have been to many sites that had videos of JP sermons that had to be removed by the ministries request (demand?) due to ‘copyright’ issues. As someone who preaches we are “no longer under the law”, I find it a bit difficult to reconcile the fact that the ‘law’ (man made at that) is being used to stifle the preaching of the gospel of Jesus.  It seems to me if one of the main reasons for needing ‘offerings to the ministry’ is to spread the word of God to as many as possible…..wouldn’t it just make plain common sense to be able to use the internet to reach countless millions for free??  From my limited knowledge of the bible, I have never seen…..or could imagine…….either Jesus or any of his apostles claiming a ‘copyright’ on Jesus’ message.  If the goal is to spread the message, exactly what sense does it make to only utilize methods that cost money and need donations that could otherwise be spent helping the poor, funding ‘on the ground’ missionaries, etc.  I realize they do that as well, but to demand removal of Christ’s message via JP due to ‘copyright’ issues seems very inconsistent to me.  Didn’t Jesus say ‘freely you received, freely give’?  Also, all the CD’s, DVD’s, etc available from his site require a ‘gift’ of x number of dollars. I realize these cost money to produce…..but to use the term ‘gift’…….is just not right.  A gift is a gift……  What is made available is an outright ‘purchase’…..a business transaction.  From what I understand, Christ’s gift (God’s gift) to the world is salvation through acceptance of Jesus as Lord and Savior.   I just can’t understand how a free medium to reach untold millions is being prohibited…..on the basis of “copyright’.   The whole reason behind the ‘copyright’ laws is to protect the holder of the ‘copyright’ from others profiting from their work.  How can ‘copyright’ be applied to the word of God?  Don’t get me wrong……I would have no problem whatsoever financially supporting a ministry I believed in, but when the message spoken is one of ‘spreading the gospel’, yet the reality of it is ……get out your checkbook if you want to hear.  There are untold millions of people on the earth that in no way can afford to ‘pay’, nor have access to his tv broadcasts.  Are they to be excluded from hearing the word of God because they can’t ‘afford’ it………while the medium exists to spread it freely around the world?  Again, I am in no position to criticize or  judge others…… just that the justification behind this seems in direct contradiction to what is being preached.  ……….just my 2 cents………….from a looking soul.

  43. Why is Joseph Price ashamed of his original true birth name given by mom & dad?

    Pro 6:23 For the commandment is a lamp; and the law is light; and reproofs of instruction are the way of life:

    Pro 6:24 To keep thee from the evil woman, from the flattery of the tongue of a strange woman.
    Pro 6:25 Lust not after her beauty in thine heart; neither let her take thee with her eyelids.

    Th 5:3 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

    Luk 12:46 The lord of that servant will come in a day when he looketh not for him, and at an hour when he is not aware, and will cut him in sunder, and will appoint him his portion with the unbelievers.

    Luk 12:47 And that servant, which knew his lord’s will, and prepared not himself, neither did according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes.

    1. You are right….Joseph PRICE is not his true name….Joseph PRINCE IS his true/ real name given by his parents! Please do more research before you asked that silly question.

  44. It is all for money…All these so called pastors… Well I don't doubt maybe when they started out, they were doing it in their belief in God. However over time, money corrupted them and they started to preach the prosperity gospel. In Singapore, it works very well because Singapore is a result oriented society, who you are in society depends on how much you earn. Hence we have a saying, aspire for the 5 Cs. Car (which cost a bomb here and hence is a status symbol) Card (the number of credit cards you hold in your wallet shows how “upper class” as banks only give you a card if you make a certain amount a year. ), Golf Club membership (where u rub shoulders with members of higher society), Condominium (Private apartments that cost 800,000 USD for an apartment) and Cash (loads of it)

    So Joseph Prince, Kong Hee and a few other churches preach that if give to the Church, God will give you back monetary and in form of material blessings. The result is followers from teenagers to working professionals to business leaders are in these Churches giving and giving. Enriching the pastors who drive swanky BMWs, Armani Suits, own million over dollar property in the city center and their follows defend this show of wealth as “God's blessing…” and they are constantly “growing” the church and building multi million dollar buildings as a “house for God” ironic because last I remember in the Bible it says when “2 or 3 of you are gathered in my name, you are my Church…”

    For more you can check you this sites on them.
    (here this pastor offends the non christians with sensitive remarks made about Chinese customs. What worries me more is how the pastor spend a good few minutes praising Pastor Prince like he is some saint…. )

  45. I recommend reading “Pagan Christianity? Exploring the Roots of Our Church Practices” by George Barna and Frank Viola.

  46. good day,
    sounds concerned? poverty around us? read the Bible God promise us prosperity, health and salvation. Hope you received Jesus Christ as your savior and you became a giver because you love God. People give much they received much…. that's why true Christian is a giver and never ask where the tithes and love offering go… just give and you will be given also… NEL from Philippines


  48. God never promises either health or prosperity or salvation for that matter.

    Actually, Nel, Christians are obliged to make sure what they give is going to something good.

  49. its easier for a camel to go through a needles eye than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven,,,, false prophet joseph prince

    1. It appears a great deal of the people making comments on this article are trolls looking to pastor-bash – everyone in a cynic. If you listened to Joseph’s message and knew him – you could not draw the negative conclusions about him – furthermore, you would not be denying the fundamental truth of Christ’s goodness and favor that we have, but do not claim for so many fleshly reasons.

      Why don’t you listen to his Hillsong Conference, or understand the doctrine he teaches. Then come back in 6 weeks and comment – I would be very interested to see what says you then.

  50. “Ah, and also, Pastor has also sown into our building SGD$563,360, which is about 101% of his salary.”

    Can someone explain how the pastor is managing to donate more money to the church than he is officially making? And if he is donating more money than he makes to the church fund then I also want to know how he is paying for the nice new suits that I see him wearing every week.

    Last but not least, he is making more than 99% of Americans. Jesus Christ is the man we’re suppose to model our lives after. He gave the very clothes off his back for his people. Now I’m not arguing that Joseph Prince needs to go to that extent. But I will argue that a salary that allows the pastor to go buy a new house every year plus a new Ferrari just tells me that he is just a preacher and not someone who listens to his own advice.

    With all due respect, I find Joseph Prince to be a disgrace. It’s called leading by example. Period. End of story. If you aren’t going to lead by example then step down. Let someone else do it.

    I come from a non profit drug and alcohol agency called community bridges. Every night I pick people off the ground, change the pants they’ve defecated in. Cleaned the wounds that have a mixture of blood, dirt and fecal matter in. Many of my patients have Hep C, AIDS, and other deadly diseases that I expose myself to on a daily basis. I feed my patients and gives them warm clothes that I find or are donated. And you know what the kicker is? My patients spit in my face, cuss at me and attempt to degrade me on a daily basis. Do you know what I make for doing this? Probably about 24,000 a year. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do. It’s what I believe Jesus would have done if he were here.

    I have no doubt that Joseph Prince has inspired many lives. Perhaps even brought hundreds of people to Christ. But the bottom line is Joseph Prince is able to do this because god allows him. Not because Joseph Prince deserves to be a millionaire.

    If you want to contact me feel free. I am open to other points of views on this matter.

    I hope I didn’t offend anyone too much. I just get so upset when I see Pastors making so much money…. It truly does turn people off to the Christian faith. I see people making comments about these types of insane salaries all the time. And clearly that is the case here as well.

    1. Can I just say, that for 500,000 SGD, you couldn’t even buy a Ferrari in Singapore. You’d need about double that. The homes are just as expensive here, and 3000sqft condominiums can cost millions.

      No one seems to realise how expensive things can be in Singapore. A new BMW 7-series costs between 360,000-640,000 depending on the model.

      Pastor Joseph Prince has been asking repeatedly to be taken off the payroll since 2004, which was denied by the Church council (or Church board or something like that), and has taken pay-cuts for years. His request to stop taking a salary was finally granted in 2009. (Oh, and he also said his 7-series was offered to him for a very very good price)

      Just thought I’d put things in perspective.

  51. I enjoy Pastor Princes teachings on God’s grace and his teachings on the Hebrew language and the Old Testament. The only thing that bothered me recently was the fact that he is coming to the U.S. for the first time ever and he is using Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Texas AND on Prince’s website he calls Osteen “pastor”…Joel Osteen, in my eyes teaches many false things.

  52. Wow, I just stumbled on this blog. Seems interesting. Joel, from what I have read on this old thread I can say this…this I know about Jesus Christ…Far from breaking, he will strengthen the bruised reed(mh referencing Isaiah 42:3). But you? Not so much.

    Here is the quoted scripture lest I get a lashing of your lazor sharp tongue! “A bruised reed he breaketh not, And dim flax he quencheth not, To truth he bringeth forth judgment.” YLT

    I read your about page and I too enjoy a good debate and will contend if profitable for advancing the Kingdom. Perhaps I will stop by again and we can start a dialog. Or not, it’s your call.

      1. Would you consider that your reply to me may demonstrate some merit to the scrpture’s (Isaiah 42:3) greater point? Your feeling is masterfully misguided if you think I desire a proof text debate. That is often an exercise in futility and a grand waste of time. My desire was and is to know Jesus Christ more fully and to engage others who I feel may have that same desire. I think you may but now I’m not sure. And so I will move on and allow the Lord to grow and mature you in His perfect timing. (me too 😉

        Before I move on lest you think that your misguided and uncharitable retort is unanswerable…Try this one. Proverbs 26:5

  53. Praise God! Why is it anyone’s business how much the staff makes. Praise God that He blesses His people! He who has much more will be given and he who does not have what he has will be taken. Jesus became poor so the we might be rich! (2 Corinthians 8:9) Praise God…His Word does not return void! Praise God that His Kingdom is advancing and the pure Gospel of Grace is being preached! Praise God that our God is awesome! Much more to come!

  54. “And Jesus looking upon him loved him, and said unto him, One thing thou lackest: go, sell whatsoever thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, follow me.” Mark 10:21

    “For ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that, though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, that ye through his poverty might be rich.” 2 Corinthians 8:9

    “For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will save it. For what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses or forfeits himself” Luke 9:24-25

  55. Wow, Income fit for a king ?

    Most of JP’s believers have been ‘conditioned’ to think that it is glory to God to respect (or even worship) their leader like a prince Joseph or a king David (or even a Jesus). Hence, I am not surprised that some of them will say they would pay millions or even billions to their pastor (as shown in their comments). Yes, they may argue that it is just their exaggeration in words but I wonder, if there were the in-charge of a treasury board or some ones in the high ranking in a real situation, will they pay a religious leader that exorbitant amount just to ‘give glory’ to God ?

    Well, i don’t mind paying any king, any prince, any pastor, any layman, any moron, or any beast millions or billions of dollars, but his doctrine must be sound and can save.

  56. The church is a non profit org in Spore. Church income is from the church givers, who have a heart for God and the well being of the church. No disclosure of top earners or the top few pastors pay & no disclosure of yearly financial report to the church goers these few years too. It was until the news of the shocking income of the top earner appeared in the papers (probably directed by the government’s mininstry of home affairs to wake up the people), the pastor claimed that it was the ‘church’s committee’s fault,’as if there was a gun pointed on his head to take such an income. Could you have a heart to take such an amount as your income where thousands of church goers are earning of an average income of S$30,000 to S$50,000 yearly where yours is more than 10 times of their earnings. How about the kind of property he owns, the luxurious car he drives, the kind of holidays he takes yearly with his family? If there is nothing to hide when all the church’s income is from the church contributors, why not make it open to all the church people? For almost 20 yrs, there is not a single time, this church teaches or preaches chapter after chapter or line after line, which means it is a ‘selection of bible verses,’ and those he skipped, he skipped forever. Same lines, same actions, same emotions, same gestures,etc; just like the actors reciting their lines. A great performer, entertainer and actor who knows how to connect with the audience.
    Those very subtle parts where he just twist here and there, took me many years to see it. When you can give a good speech, and in the midst you slide something in which is well planned to get something, almost no one will notice it.

    1. Hi TRUTHPREVAILS, you are not alone, it took me number of years to understand Grace
      actually and additional years to see the underlying statement of JP’s teaching with much manipulation of words. I believed at the beginning he surely love God with all his heart, meant well for the members, guess love of $ took over. NCC is very commercial, is like a company, many members came to church merely for the association of the church and for
      JP. You may find it amusing, they fight over queuing spots, they que very early like 2 or 3 am for a morning service which start at 8.30am at the old venue Suntec City. Best part were these ppl are professionals, well those were the days, that much of characters building (omission of teaching on sanctification? as HISDISCIPLE brought up). There are many NCC members committing sin which is a on going, only now they discovered, really hope they address the issue with repentance and not change of mind. God Bless!

      1. Same here. JP taught me a lot of things from the Bible, some good things, other things I am not so sure… but it was just time for me to move on.

        I’m quite sick of the infighting here. The whole spiel about “bless to be a blessing” is mere lip service.

        Envy and jealousy and comparisons are the order of the day.

        I remember what the Lord taught me:
        Everything therefore that they will tell you to observe, observe and do, but you should not do according to their works, for they are saying, and they are not doing .

  57. Pastors work hard and labor endlessly to hear Gods word for the saints, they deserve a HEFTY PAY.
    How do you expect them to pay bills? Do you expect them to beg.
    Jesus himself was rich and wealthy.

    Joseph Prince deserves his pay and even more. He is also a very humble man.

    All to the Glory of God

  58. Hi,
    If people are complaing about Joseph Prince’s income it is because they doubt God’s Provission. Joseph is a blessing and spends alot of time with God always has a revelation on the Word of God. God is just true to His Word if you tap into it like Joseph then you will get it. Praise God. Dont feel bad Joseph they complaint about Jesus as well.Reg

  59. I love the way the LORD uses Pastor Joseph! The enemy always tries 2 start things & I command HIM 2 flee n the name of JESUS!

  60. Healing comes from our Lord Jesus Christ…..when we look to a man for healing there is a problem. Healing comes from Christ and flows through his preacher of faith. It appears to me that many put Pastors on a pedestals as some kind of God. They are simply mortal men as you and I. I do watch Pastor Prince….today I have investigated him and his ministry and I am not sure he is any different than any other big business. Before I did this investigation I watched him everyday and gave to his ministry, However, I do not believe in billion-dollar churchs and 6 figure salaries for preachers. I have stopped watching many TV aired evangelists because money now rules their cause, not Jesus. I realize that the temptation of money is a difficult thing to resist and I am by no means condemning Pastor Prince. I like his preaching style. I am bothered about him becoming big business now and falling into the pits that big business evangelists fall into. I do not see religion as a business and when the revenue an evangelists delivers to the church or the organization that represents him goes for a billion-dollar church, I have a problem with that…..just too many poor and homeless people to direct huge amount of cash to churches….what is wrong with a humble church of $200,00.00 and give the rest towards projects to feed and clothe God’s people? Or the just help some poor soul to know christ and receive him in spirit. I just have a problem with big business churches and pastors. As one person pointed out ….Jesus was born in a manger and he rode a donkey….he had no money but relied on others. He healed the sick…healed the blind but did not receive payment. Yes, I believe one should have his basic needs taken care of, but really 6 figures for an evangelist and that will probably increase in time, a billion dollar church, most evangelists and their organizations I’ve seen, tend to get lost when they become so big. It becomes a matter of money and material things….not about the people anymore

    1. Good Answer !… Beware of Deception. What you hear sounds SO Biblical. .even false prophets can do that too!
      Give to the poor and sickly and homeless…NOT to glorify a mega billion church and overpaid pastors.
      NOT jealousy just DON’T SIT RIGHT. Check out Jesus profile. ….Humble HE was born…HUMBLE UNTO Death. …

  61. So many people are mislead by his word. Notice I said his word. I have a lot of so called Christians upset with me calling me Demonic for posting on ad on his post.

    My ad was for a Home based business. They reported me as spam and grab a few nails and put me on the cross.
    He posted that there is evil trying something.
    after that I realized the devil is attacking us from within the church. I have to cancel my Facebook because of him.
    He is letting the Devil rain.
    God help me get through this in Jesus name amen

  62. I thank the Lord for Joseph Prince and his Ministry..”let him with ears hear”…I just know that I’m blessed by his ministry…that’s my testimony…and so are millions of other Christian around the world…maybe it continue to grow and bless other as it has for me!

  63. Stop dogging Joseph Prince (you are jealous) get out and spread the good news. I wouldnt care if he made a million dollars a month. How many people has your ministry blessed!

          1. In 1 Corinthians 9:7 he begins his instruction by appealing to common sense.

            Who goeth a warfare any time at his own charges? who planteth a vineyard, and eateth not of the fruit thereof? or who feedeth a flock, and eateth not of the milk of the flock?
            In verse nine he refers to the Law of Moses which says: “Thou shalt not muzzle the ox when he treadeth out the corn.” (Deut. 25:4)

            In verse thirteen of 1 Corinthians 9, Paul refers to the Old Testament principle that those who serve in the temple and at the altar are ordained to partake of those things that are brought as sacrifices and offerings. In verse fourteen he quotes the words of Jesus:

            Even so hath the Lord ordained that they which preach the gospel should live of the gospel.
            This is a reference to what Jesus told the disciples when he sent them out. (Matt. 10:10, “for the workman is worthy of his meat,” and Luke 10:7, “for the labourer is worthy of his hire.”)

            In 1 Timothy 5, Paul teaches believers to support the ministers of the gospel. He again quotes Deuteronomy 25:4 and the words of Jesus but he says nothing about tithing.

            Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honour, especially they who labour in the word and doctrine. For the scripture saith, Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn. And, The labourer is worthy of his reward. (1 Tim. 5:17–18)

          2. There is a huge difference between lavishing someone with cash and ensuring the priests are taken care of. By the time of Jesus, the priests had become a wealthy class, rich and powerful. Jesus condemned this. The priests were originally meant to live off the barest of needs. They were fed and clothed, but they weren’t even given homes. No land.

            If you are going to use Scripture, do so properly. otherwise, you embarrass yourself

          3. you just want the scripture to say what “you” want it to say. grace is everything we ever need. at any time. for any need. his grace provided jesus. our everything. don’t you get it? as far as money goes. sowing and reaping. it doesn’t have to be kept in one verse. the holy spirit speaks to us in his word. Mark 1:15 & Matt. 25:14-30 to support this Biblical principal of sowing and reaping. In this text Jesus says that the kingdom of heaven is like a man who is getting ready to go away
            to a far country and he is going to be gone for a while. The man in this text depicts our Lord Jesus the
            Christ. Before the man leaves he calls his servants. The servants in the text represent us. The man
            entrusted each of his servants with some talents. Talents in this text are talking about cash money. Notice
            it says that to one he gave five talents (probably about $5,000) and in those days that was an extravagant
            amount of money! To the other he gave two talents ($2,000) and to the last he gave one talent ($1,000).
            You say, Pastor, that isn‟t fair! Why wouldn‟t he have given each of his servants the same amount of
            money? Notice what verse 15 says, it says that he gave to “…each according to their ability.” This 2
            shows us a very important principle in what God will give to us to handle. Some of you keep wondering
            why God has not blessed you more financially and He says that is because you don‟t have the ability to
            handle it. He says that you have not shown yourself to be wise and prudent in handling the finances that
            He has already given to you!
            So while the man is gone away the one with the $5,000 puts the money that he has been given to good
            use. He makes the money work for him. (Someone has said that the definition of whether a person is rich
            or not is if their money works for them or they work for their money.) The man with the $5,000 doubles
            his money. The same is true with the man with the $2000. But the man with the $1000 does nothing with
            the money. He digs a hole and hides the money in the ground. When the Master comes back He
            commends the two wise servants but the one who hid the money, He was furious with and took the money
            that he had and gave it to the man who now had $10,000. And then Jesus makes a very powerful
            statement about the kingdom principle of sowing and reaping. Look at vs. 29 “For everyone who has
            will be given more, and he will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be
            taken from him.” Wow!!! That‟s powerful!

          4. What’s powerful is your lack of knowledge.

            First, Grace is a gift of salvation. Not money.

            The idea of sowing and reaping is a concept of this world v. the next.

            Do you know how they would have increased their “talents?” By criminal means. If you would read the parallel passage in Luke, Jesus condemns the wealthy who make their money off someone else.

            Further, If you don’t understand what Scripture is saying, you will come away with the craziest doctrines. Something evident in your writing….

          5. Because you say so? Nowhere does it say that the priests in jesus’ time are how we should treat our pastors today. Tithing isn’t even for today. Yet you probably believe it is. If anyone doesn’t believe as you, they are wrong. Seems to me I’ve learned a word that describes that, oh year, pride.

          6. Oh no.

            You are quoting Scripture – I am providing context and you do what with it? Dismiss it. You dismiss Scripture.

            I believe people should give what they can.

            I don’t care if people agree with me or not – and if they disagree, they aren’t wrong always. Sometimes, they are just blinded and stupidly reading Scripture

  64. in the end, doesn’t matter what YOU believe he should be given by that church. that church happens to understand the blessing of tithes and offerings. of sowing and reaping. his teaching, his revelation of the word is what draws the people. they want to bless him. that’s the bottom line. you are faulting him for what the people choose to do. how will the sheep without a shepherd ever want what us “christians” have to offer? we’ve been given the task of preaching the good news of the gospel. that is what we are all called to do. if i’m not mistaken, nothing else. that is our main calling. how is making a christian pastor look bad doing anything for the kingdom? you bring shame on the name of those of us who desire to be more like jesus.

      1. little joel …i see u have hard time trying to relate with money …is it caus ur broke as usual and jealous of others …
        would u feel better if us other Godly man were as stupid as you and broke let the ungodly have it all ..and we live like losers below them..

        1. Oh? Broke? Me? Umm…

          Dude, with your grammar, spelling, and that rather immature picture of you holding a gun (in Canada, no less) I’m pretty sure you are the one jealous of others.

        2. Dear f, I feel your comment is out of line. Would Jesus call anyone “STUPID”….A God fearing man (respectful) would certainly Not do so. Everybody here is giving their Opinions. Personally, I Don’t find overpaid pastors sits well with many people. Look at Jesus profile. Take up the cross and be prepared to serve. Humble HE was born and Humble unto death. ..
          Jesus Don’t need material wealth even Satan Tempted Him. HE is already wealthy in SPIRIT. THE WORD IS SPIRIT and became Flesh. Jesus wants His people to set example to be more Christ – like.
          And NOT be a stumbling block in every ways including money.
          I Don’t think other people’s comments here should be about money.
          BTW. I am a grandma Singaporean by Birth but reside in U.S. more than 35 years.

      1. he became poor so that we would become rich. in all things. health, wealth. the atonement was for all things. if you don’t believe, then you won’t receive. reaping and sowing covers all things. do you actually thing god means for his people to be poor? scripture please.

          1. god meant for grace to be anything someone believes it to be. money is for blessing others. not for keeping to ones self. as are all others blessing.

  65. what a shame. that one godly man must speak ill of another godly man. that one christian believes that he thinks he knows best regarding another’s body of believers, and the way that body of believers chooses to bless the shepherd. the church’s numbers are growing and growing. pastor prince forced them to put a cap on his salary. he didn’t even want a salary. but his people forced the issue. they know god’s purpose in sowing and reaping. and they want to be a part of it. perhaps if we stopped looking over the fence at another, and were busy tending to our own business, as well as our own sowing and reaping process, we wouldn’t be able store the blessings god has in store for us either. the word says of how abundant his blessings would be when we give. pastor prince is being blessed abundantly because of the way he gives. his church people are blessed abundantly as well. perhaps others are jealous, or they do not comprehend what they don’t understand.

  66. Ok. I have to say something here and I have been biting my tongue for years. I have stayed quiet to everyone bashing pastors, priests, evangelists etc. for receiving high salaries.
    What in the world is wrong with you people?

    There is nothing wrong with paying a man of God a high salary for taking care of the sheep.

    Look at it this way. When you see guys like Donald Trump or women like Julia Roberts etc. who make an insane amount of money doing “worldly” things you say to yourself “wow. I want her salary or how do I make that kind of money”

    Now you take a man of God or a preacher that is working for the Lord and let’s be honest…doing GOD’s work and not worldly work; works harder and puts in more time then they do and you say “THEY SHOULD LIVE IN POVERTY”! Do you see the futile thinking in that thought process? There is nothing wrong with men of God making good salaries. They are pouring their time and life into taking care of the sheep. It’s insanly tough work. So why should they not get paid what they are worth? Huh?

    I say shut up to the Nay Sayers! You have no clue. I find it appalling you show pastors, evangelists etc. such disrespect and dishonor. You call them thieves and crooks and con artists. You better go back and read your scripture. When you speak curses over a “chosen” prophet or pastor or priest etc. you curse yourself. You need to repent for speaking such things over a man of God.

    Lastly I will say this. As a minister myself having to deal with people everyday and minister to them everyday and set up plans and bible studies and youth group teachings and personal ministry and outreach and missionary work and putting together a teaching etc. and the list goes on gets very tiring and draining and takes a huge chunk out of ones life. It’s worth giving them their pay.

    John 10:10 say the thief come not but for to steal kill and destroy. I have come that they may have life and have it more abundantly.

    There you have it. Stop bringing down men and women of God getting paid to do a tough job. Stop cursing them and speak blessings on them! It’s scriptural! Remember they are doing something your not. If you are then I gaurantee there is either jealously or pride in your heart that is speaking condemnation towards the servants of the Lord. There is NOTHING wrong with them getting a high salary and it’s disgusting you want to see Gods servant and his children live a life of poverty stricken lives because your uncomfortable with them making a ton of money. It sounds like those that do are envious.

    Is it hurting you or anyone else? No it’s not so what’s the problem? Why don’t you complain about the football players getting paid $9 million dollars for just sitting on a bench as a 3rd string player or the baseball player making millions of dollars for being a backup. Isn’t that a true waste of money? At least Pastor Joseph is working and earning his money.

    If it were up to me I would make every single Pastor and servant of the Lord the most wealthy in this country! They work hard and pour their time into people. Do you think Jesus was poor? Think again. Scripture points out Jesus always had the biggest boat (when followed by people on the water) and he was always dressed. Where did he get money for clothes and food? Ever think if that? He was always paying his way and even made a fish cough up a coin to pay his way. Do you think when it was tax time during his day he just skipped out on paying his taxes? Use your brain. Of coarse not! Jesus paid his way.

    Jesus taught us about tithing for a reason. It’s how the church can function and is supposed to get its income from. Not only that but Jesus decided to not only reward us but reward us with interest! So don’t say God is poor and those who follow and preach the Word are to be poor because your speaking a spirit of poverty over them and that’s functioning in a demonic spirit. The bible says we are to speak blessings over people so criticizing them and speaking poverty over someone is evil and from Lucifer.

    Pastors of churches should be more prosperous then their congregation. Why should they not participate and enjoy the blessings God has established for EVERYONE just because you have a problem with it? Check yourself because I gaurantee you will find the problem is not with them. It’s something demonic or some demonic influence in you. Either pride, jealousy, envy or selfishness. There are many more but I will stop. Make no mistake…they should take part in the Lords blessing and I personally hope he is getting paid a high salary!

    1. john, what a passionate reply. i can tell you’ve been holding in your feelings. we are indeed a blessed generation. god loves his children and it is his desire that they ALL prosper and be in good health, even as our soul prospers. i agree it is jealous and/or pride that would make one godly man speak of another in such a destruction manner. to do so only adds to the way the world views the body of christ today. as divided. we can’t even agree on salaries. how worldly is that? and to put this out on websites……such a shame. it’s bad enough that doctrines are sliced and diced, and we believe everyone that doesn’t believe as we do is “wrong” and going to hell. but now we’re getting into the individual business of what individual churches pay individual pastors. people have too much time on their hands, and aren’t busy about doing good…..

    2. Hooray John. I enjoyed and agreed with everything you hqd to say. I live in America and when I found Pastor Prince on TV half the world away from me, I am no a changed woman for the good. I learned things from him that I had never been taught or had the wisdom to learn on my own while studying the bible.

      When I told a friend about him and believe me, I have told many people about him. He is a blessing in my life as he is millions of others. Anyway, I told this one man about him and his reply was that he didn’t like ministers who made so much money that he didn’t think it was right. Yet, he boasted about how much he gives his church each week. I think the bible tells us not to talk about what we do for others or God. Shame on this man.

      My reply was that Pator Prince deserved it and more and why would he have such a great salary or income from books sales if God didn’t want him to have it? I also suggested to this man that didn’t he think that Pastor Prince tith to his church and what great good it did. I have no doublt in my mind that Pastor Prince uses his money wisely since he is truly a blessed and gifted man of God.

      Anyway, I just wanted to say that many people feel the same as you. I know one thing, I am not a minister but God has taken care of me all of my life. Did I deserve it? Probably not but that isn’ the point. Who better for God to bless as He sees fit other than a true man of God?

      Now, I will sit down and get off of my step stool. :)

  67. Blessed shalt thou be in the city, and blessed shalt thou be in the field. Blessed shall be the fruit of thy body, and the fruit of thy ground, and the fruit of thy cattle, the increase of thy kine, and the flocks of thy sheep [all of those things were referring to their businesses increasing!]. Blessed shall be thy basket and thy store [they were blessed in the marketplace!]. The LORD shall command the blessing upon thee in thy storehouses [you might replace that with BANK ACCOUNTS], and in all that thou settest thine hand unto; and he shall bless thee in the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee…. And the LORD shall make thee plenteous in goods, in the fruit of thy body, and in the fruit of thy cattle, and in the fruit of thy ground, in the land which the LORD sware unto thy fathers to give thee… The LORD shall open unto thee his good treasure, the heaven to give the rain unto thy land in his season, and to bless all the work of thine hand: and thou shalt lend unto many nations, and thou shalt not borrow [they would not be in debt… how many Christians today wish they were walking in that??].

    Deuteronomy 28:3-5,8,11,12

    1. A fire devoureth before them; and behind them a flame burneth: the land is as the garden of Eden before them, and behind them a desolate wilderness; yea, and nothing shall escape them…. And the floors shall be full of wheat, and the fats shall overflow with wine and oil…. And ye shall eat in plenty, and be satisfied, and praise the name of the LORD your God, that hath dealt wondrously with you: and my people shall never be ashamed.

      Joel 2:3,24,26

  68. Give your heart to God almighty and see how you can live in kingdom riches. God promise His children the Best. His word Never comes back void.

  69. Seriously Joel what’s Wrong if a pastor gets blessed
    I preach gospel. God blessed with over $400,000.00
    Waiting $1,000,000.00 deal to close
    God is not broke moron doesn’t want us broke. Idiot lol
    Would you prefer an ungodly person to have the billion dollars
    Your such an idiot Joel
    Get a life. Get right with God

      1. joel is that best u can do …buddy ur such a weak weak christian ..ur to busy knocking evry preacher thats so blessed ..that u are either so envy or just a loser that can nevr achieve anything in life ..
        you knock tbn ..u say any man of God doesnt go on there ..or watch call urself a man of God ..ur such a joke …that if all men of God were like you ..
        i leave God and serve the devil…caus ur example of God is so stupid its not funny

        what have u evr done for God that makes u so high that u can judge all these preachers …what ?!

        i know losers like u in the house of God ..i had quite few of them that left my church and God
        i pull up to church in one of my cars min my Porsche 911 turbo ..
        (yes got it from jersey shore ….u loser lol)
        and one of you come along envy ..jealous cause ur too lazy to work
        and i am blessing pastors with alot money …thats why God is pouring on the blessing in my life …and i am blessing so many hurting youths in my city i lost count ..and being used more by God
        so whats ur point ..we have to be losers like u …or we are not serving God or using God to get rich …get ur heart right first and get a brain ..or both …

        1. What’s interesting Dinardo, is that your words speak for themselves – not to mention the fact you are now hind behind fake names….

          Canada… the place for liars?

  70. @miac123
    That’s her problem your friend wants to live in poverty I don’t see anyone forcing her lol
    All you idiots are niave thinking cause you preach you have to be poor
    Live average
    Wow this is too funny. Your all upset cause pastor prince is getting blessed
    I use to be like u idiots. Once I got saved. Heard that God wants us blessed
    Went from being average pathetic income to over $300,000.
    Porsche 911 turbo widebody park on my drive way
    Driving it in winter as well. Cause I can lol
    Now want more. Earn min $1,200,000 / yr
    Keep preaching the Gospel.
    Not like you clowns preaching envy jealousy Get ur heart right with God

  71. You can’t become famous if you hide like this! If you can do such wonderful things, show yourself to the world!”

  72. I am a Singaporean visiting my son working in Albany,by chance i came to this blog and would like the clarify some doubts over Pastor Prince salary since he is my senior pastor and I am attending New Creation church where he preaches.
    Many years ago I could not remember exactly how many years he was paid SGD $500.000 per month and it was decided by the New creation Church council not him and he- Pastor Prince had voice out to the church council numerous times he does not want to take pay check but was turn down by the church council reasons Pastor Prince need to get a salary to take care of his family and standard of living in Singapore is higher than USA.
    It drag on for another one or two years and the church council gave in to Pastor Prince nagging,preaching in New Creation church without salary and the church set up Joseph Prince’s Ministries where he get his resources by selling his CDs and books.He also resigned from all post he held previously and now preaching as a volunteer.

    We just shifted to our new premises to world class theater with 5000 seats cost SGD $500 million to build,we use it for church service on Sunday and weekdays it was rented out for concerts.The church is expanding so fast at present moment we have a congregation almost touching 35.000 other than the theater we also renting ballrooms from hotel to accommodate the 35.000 members for Sunday service.We already paid up 80% of the SGD$500 million cost of the building (theater) within 5 years and is God’s fingerprints all over this building,
    I believes is God’s plan for this building

    I was baptized in New Creation Church for about 12 years listening to Pastor Prince’s teaching God’s words every Sunday changes my life, is not motivation is transformations.Every Sunday we as a congregation received full of Jesus Christ through Pastor Prince teaching, we does idolize Pastor Prince but love him as our Senior Pastor.He is humble ,humorous, genuine and a very good kind man but a bit vain he dresses very young but we love it.I am so blessed that God’s sent me to a very good church with a very anointed Pastor (Prince) and I am proud to be a member of New Creation Church.Hallelujah!Praise the Lord!

  73. Hi guys,

    Thanks for the sharing. Especially the seemingly poorer and weaker ones; the Lord strengthen you.

    At the end, no one shall stand between me and my Savior. I try not to make assumptions and pray for His mercy to see. The Bible, from what I gathered so far, is powerful in searching our innermost being.

    No pastor, no preacher, no friend will defend me on that day…. so, when it comes to the salvation of my soul, I … pray and wait for Him Who knows everything. His sheep hears His voice.

  74. Dear All

    The prosperity gospel is a rather tricky one. Joseph Prince is definitely a gifted teacher, however i could never condone a salary of half a million dollars a year. There are great people all over the world who affect peoples lives positivley, lecturers, old fashioned deacons etc etc, but they never get that kind of salary, and it never bothers them!
    I wonder if these big preachers would be still happy without their riches?
    I know the typical pentecostal reverse physocology, “so you want pastors to be poor”? No not at all, i want pastors to live in a nice house and drive a nice car, however these big Pasters, Osteen, Prince, Meyer etc etc live a superstar rediculous rich life style, planes, cosmetic surgury etc etc.
    Bu the biggest question is, how come Paul the great apostle never preached about a prosperity Gospel?
    Paul was living under the new testament, he was envagalised by Jesus personally, but Paul never told the church in Galatia to give money to the church in Corinth and you will get blessed with money.
    Paul never went around the mediterranean preaching a prosperity gospel. Paul was a tent maker and no where in the epistles have i read that Paul had any material riches, Paul counted haveing Jesus as begin rich.
    I am amazed that no preacher has ever preached that Paul never told the church to get into a prosperity thing.
    Besides the prosperity Gospel was started by Oral Roberts after world war 2!!!!
    None of this money promotes love, i now know why Paul said without love your works are nothing!!!

  75. i dont think we should bother ourselves with the amounts pastors get or take. the bible says money is not supposed to be taken when the gospel is preached meaning it shouldnt be demanded. well what i have to say is we are all preachers of the gospel and its only 6od who decides to judge this issue.its none of our business. it is no sin if they get a 6 figure salary. if the members decide to give it to him well fine. its very wrong to say the church worship the pastors bcos of whatever but remember at the end of the day it is God they give the praise and honour. paul said if one esteems a day he shouldnt disregard the other person who doesnt. so please if u dont believe that a pastor should earn that much keep it to yourselves and let those who believe it keep it too. Solomon built a massive temple for the Lord but the people of some of the Isrealites went under hard labour to complete cos remember they were humans like us; some will do it willingly and others will not thats why they told jeroboam to treat them well cos his father made them suffer. and pleassse lets not translate the bible to justify our reasons but meditate and let the Holy Spirit teach us the truth. also it will be better if we didnt accuse any pastor or network as false or whatever. be led by the Spirit. ask yourself: WHAT DOES THE HOLY SPIRIT TEACHES ME ABOUT WHAT I READ FROM THE BIBLE?

  76. Pastor Prince has not received a salary for many years, he only depend his income from royalties from his books and sermons.
    Haters and accusers said his teaching is not blibical,whether you like it or not his Grace message free people condemnation,addiction and bondage.
    If you want to hold on to the Law you are fallen from Grace the bible says so, if you people (haters) love the Law so much why you condemn preacher preaching Grace???
    God’s gives free will to his people who are you to judge another brother, what make you think your interpretation of the scriptures is correct and Pastor Prince teaching is wrong??? You are not God!!
    I am a member of New Creation Church I have sat under Pastor Prince teaching for 13 years I was set free from many addictions and has been blessed left and right.
    Just want to share some miracles happen in the church, New creation church used to have bible study, while Pastor Prince was preaching the music chimes on the stage suddenly just play by itself,we are all shock because nobody is on stage and the music chimes was behind Pastor Prince.
    Pastor Prince said the chimes play by itself for God’s want to confirm the word he was preaching.
    Quite number of people saw angels standing beside Pastor Prince while he was preaching.
    Pastor Prince do prophesies and all those things he prophecies has come to past.

    In Singapore there is another pastor from a mega church that preaches Law 90% ang Grace 10% attacking Pastor Prince calling his grace message “Cheap Grace” some of pastors even pray with their church members the downfall of Pastor Prince & New creation church.
    Pastor Prince asked the congregation not to fight back because we are Grace people we should be gracious, he says “The battle is for the Lord’s” and if God is for me who’s against me, God’s hands is so big if God’s wants to raise a preacher who can put him down so please down fight for me.
    Several years later this mega church senior pastors together with 5 of his pastors was accused and charged by authorities using millions of dollars church funds illegally and the court case is still ongoing. This pastor invested millions of dollars for his wife singing career in Hollywood using church funds.You can see her on YouTube his wife’s singing “China Wine’ produced in Hollywood but is flop and now his church is in debts.

    Pastor Prince is a very humble man he always gives all Glory to Jesus, he said don’t look to him he’s only God’s delivery boy, look unto Jesus he is the only one that can saves you not me.

  77. My suggestion as an older woman who love the Lord and am especially fond of the way Joseph Prince teaches God’s word; let us who love this man of God not come back to this site. We know better than to disagree with those who do not believe as we do. Didn’t Pastor Prince tell his church members not to get involved in fighting back concerning the other church in Singapore?

    However, allow me to share this with all of you. After I started listening to Joseph Prince, I have prayed and been healed twice. One was a rash that I had for many years. Even as it was itching and bothering me, I would look at it and thank God for his healing. Then I asked that God heal me of a back problem. When I went to have a second opinion, the x-ray was different from the first. God had healed my spine. Praise His Holy name. None of this would have happened had I not listened to Joseph Prince with his wisdom of the word.

    Roman 14;1 Accept Christians who are weak in faith, and don’t argue with them about what they think is right or wrong.

    Romans 14:4 Who are you to condemn God’s servants? They are responsible to the Lord, so let him tell them whether they are right or wrong. The Lord’s power will help them do as they should.

    1. Praise the Lord SIster. I think that’s the problem with a lot of believer’s they have never experienced the real supernatural power of God. Therefore they have nothing to compare it too, they say they believe but its not tangible to them. I’ve had several supernatural experiences with the Lord I believe he can do anything. I’ve had a healing from a report of MS nobody can tell me what My father can’t do. Because he is GOD and there is no other.

  78. It is obvious that Joseph Prince makes a great deal of money/profit or what ever you may want to refer to it as, and so what is the beef? Unless it is some level of jealousy? Some people make a great deal of money and others don’t. Who is anyone to say that he does not give away money or that he perhaps is a smart businessman who invests his money in a smart way? Just because God has chosen to bless him monitarily does not really mean anything unless one is comparing thier own life to his. Who is anyone to judge? God blesses everyone with different gifts. Bottom line, if you don’t like him because he is blessed financially, take it up with God, and quit watching him if it is going to cause any issues for you.

  79. Well Joshen, what do you have to say then about the thousands of people to whome god has appeared in visions and dreams and preached the gospel to in the middle east and other regions of the world? which man gets the credit for their salvation? remeber jesus has always taught us no matter how hard we work or how much influential we are, we shiould not forget the very fact that we are nothing but ‘Mere servants’ at the end of the serving our great master.

  80. albert so are you trying to tell us that Ps Joseph prince is equal to jesus? are you using it as a doctrine to that since the lady gave an expensive gift and jesus said the giving to him was more important than to the poor, we need to give to the men of god and ignore the poor?
    please clarify what you were implying

  81. You wrote that you “don’t know enough about Mr. Prince to say anything one way or the other”. But the title of the post is “Income fit for a King” and the lead line in the post is “Doesn’t it sound like a fairytale?”

    You pretty much already did give your opinion by using his name to relate him to wealth. I know it’s mildly amusing, but it is an opinion.

  82. NT, I can comment on the fact that his income is indeed absorbent, and that with the poverty around us, 19 million would be best served in helping the poor. You realize that is more than some countries’ GDP. I am not commenting on his motivations or doctrine, but his price tag is beyond that of normalcy.

  83. Hi…

    Just wanna quote a couple of verses…

    When the woman in Matthew came to Jesus with an expensive jar of perfume to pour over Jesus’ feet, the diciples asked why did she waste this instead of selling and giving it to the poor?

    Matthew 26:11
    11The poor you will always have with you, but you will not always have me.

    I know for one thing, that New Creation is not just a blessed church, but we tithe to organizations around us as well…

  84. Knowing Tammy a bit, I do not think that she had a malice intent, just a misstatement of words. I do not support the salary or the ‘building’ fund, of Mr. Prince, nor his associates on TBN, etc…

  85. What a true blessing your friend is, Maic. We forget that Paul never accepted a salary, nor the finest homes or modes of transporation and that even our very Lord arrived here in nothing but a dug out cave littered with animals and their waste.

  86. Dear Polycarp and Maic123,
    You know, Poly and the girl who went to Nepal would be blessed with lots of money if they allow Jesus to do so. Jesus also wants to prosper the two of them as much as He prosper Joseph Prince.
    There is no limit to the Grace of Our Lord, and it is only limited by our own ideas.
    If we do not pursue money and just pursue Jesus and His righteousness, it will be added to you. In many a times, we do pursue money. There are two forms of in the love of money, one is the clear direct form of loving money and what it can bring, the other is the outright disdain of wealth acquired by others or the disregard of wealth…as if wealth is evil.

  87. 357,

    Actually, I don’t take money for myself in the things that I do for God.

    Actually, yes, I do complain that sports stars make too much money. They have destroyed the sport with their contracts and endorsements. As far as Tony Blair, I could care less. None of them are doing those things for God.

    And as you go, preach, saying, “The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead,[3] cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give. Provide neither gold nor silver nor copper in your money belts, nor bag for your journey, nor two tunics, nor sandals, nor staffs; for a worker is worthy of his food.
    (Matthew 10:7-10 NKJV)

  88. What I don’t understand is people taking on the holier-than-thou attitude and saying that they get peanuts for doing God’s work, then pointing a scornful finger at Pastor Prince for earning 10,20,30-folds more than them!
    Are we supposed to respect these people more than Pastor Prince?
    I don’t think so. In fact, it makes me question if these people have their hearts in the right place when making such “morally-motivated” claims. Isn’t it like an act of pride? Boasting about how you suffer more to bring God’s love to the people? Isn’t it ironic? Where is God’s love in this?
    Don’t let Satan use you to tear the body of Christ further apart.
    Also, if you don’t agree with what Pastor Prince is receiving for spreading the gospel, doesn’t that mean that you are doubting God’s wisdom and plan? Clearly God has the power to make Pastor Prince a poor common pastor but He didn’t. Don’t you wonder why? It might help to look at how God has anointed him in his messages, how many people have benefited from learning all over again the gospel of Grace because God decided to use Pastor Prince as a vessel.
    It just really saddens me that Satan has come and turned this all around into something that will dissuade people of God’s love. Stand strong and fortify yourselves, brothers and sisters in Christ.

  89. Polycarp, good for you that you don’t take money for the things that you do for God. You must be feeling very good and proud about it
    Verily verily I say unto you, you already have your reward. :) Accordingly, the Lord rewards you.

  90. Yin, Yang (I say this because you are both posting from the same PC and it’s just easier to answer you as one person.)

    Perhaps you can show me the Scripture wherein ministers of the gospel are supposed to rake in that much money for themselves, or even for a building project? Can you show me, perhaps, where that much money is supposed to be spend on stones?

  91. You assume that riches and wealth and blessings are the same. Can you show me in scripture where the blessing of riches was given?

    We are rich already in the Kingdom of God, and very prosperous. What a shame that so many have confused prosperity of wealth with the true prosperity of God.

  92. Dear Maic123
    Why go to secular publication to judge the opinion of the church goers who gave freely. Secular publication use the word “donation” and not “tithes and faith offering”. Don’t judge using what you gathered from secular reportings. If the church says it is Jesus who bless Pastor Prince, do you not think it would be reported more like a brainwashed cult gathering? We understand but the ‘world’ does not. It is indeed true and only if you are there to experience to really know that Pastor Prince is really anointed by the Lord, and is rewarded simply because he believe. If everyone is as anointed, the world would be different. He is not the only anointed one but he is definitely anointed.

  93. Polycarp,
    where in the Bible did it say that we should not trust any man who appears in TBN or Daystar if he wants to bring up the name of the Son of God in the Church through it?

  94. Who says that Prince is following the King? Do you really want me to look at his doctrine?

    So many would readily defend his pay, but where are the Scriptures for it?

  95. As you believe, dear Polycarp.

    Pastor Prince has always advocate that being loved by Jesus will lead us to loving Jesus more, and that is the true prosperity. And showing how big God is and how much He loves us, and how much He gives us and keep giving us. That we are so rich by that revelation.
    So what you mention confuses more people.

    What a shame that many confused the prosperity of wealth with the love of money.

    Btw, there are many verses and examples to show that true prosperity of God does not exclude prosperity of wealth. I am sure you can show otherwise…like how atheists can show ‘contradications’ in the Bible.

  96. Silenz, what is your point here? Are you really trying to speak for God?

    You realize that I am claiming no earthly reward, don’t you? Or have you forgotten that the rewards of earth are temporary.

    Tell me, has God so blessed the executives at Exxon Mobile? Or Microsoft? I mean, they are by far and a way wealthier than Prince. Seems to me that your judgment of ‘reward’ is a bit off.

  97. I am sure you see my judgement of reward is different from you.

    No, I see reward beside monetary. You feel good claiming no earthly reward. That is your reward. Perhaps you want a bigger mansion than Pastor Prince in eternity. Should anyone say you are greedy? There is pride in claiming no earthly reward. Perhaps you feel good that you are helping God,. For whatever it is, you do want a reward just not monetary…maybe honor above all other normal beings. You know your motivation. Whatever you aim, God will reward you accordingly, and you should be happy accordingly.

    Don’t tell me that you believe those living in poverty paying off debts through selling their kids is blessed. Those executives in Exxon Mobile or MS can either be blessed or not, depending on how they walk with God or spend their dollars and not how much they earn. There are God loving believers in the corporate world in the midst of Madoff and the likes.

    The love of money goes two ways…obssession towards and against it.
    And there are poor who love money, rich who do not.

    You should know, there are rich successful people who are deacons and appear spiritually strong but are far from God. There are poor people who love the Lord. There are also rich ones who love God and poor ones who are against the Lord.

    Think your judgement of ‘reward’ is a bit off.

    Incidentally, I believe Pastor Prince is not seeking for earthly reward. It is clear he trust in God’s providence and he see how big God is. It does not mean God is not rewarding him and that the reward does not come from God. To me, it is a manifestation that God cannot wait to bless him both temporarily and eternally…and using him as a vessel to bring more to be blessed by The Lord and His sacrifice at the cross.

    If you really claim no earthly reward, and if God really do that, you would not have a roof on your head nor any money at all.

    Judge not and we shall not be judged. :)

  98. Silenz,

    First, the Bible is clear about Fellowship. Second, it is not the name that Prince is hoping to bring back, but the Son. If the Son ever departed from the Church, then all hope is lost.

  99. Oh my, how lost and blind you really are. Do you really think that people will get mansions in heaven? Do you think that God will give ‘bigger mansions’ to some and smaller ones to another? Really? Is this the extent of your theology?

    Show me your foundation, Silenz. Show me your doctrine on rewards.

    There you go again, confusing the things of temporal work with the things of eternity. I take nothing for the Gospel, but I work daily for the things that I have, through the job that God has blessed me with.

  100. wow….if Saint Paul saw and alive in this era, he would have commented like in Letter to Titus which in the end he knock the Cretans which he say:
    “they profess to know God, but they deny him by their actions. they are detestable, disobidient, unfit for any goodwork..” (Titus 1:16)

    Even there is also a great tendency of threat of upcoming danger of this church like the Church of Ephesus in Revelation 2:1-7. Where the Church begin to fall into materialize life and forget God’s true intention..slowly and slowly.
    (Hopefully these Singaporean Christian know how high they are fall down)
    P/S: 1)Jesus says make disciple and not make money out of disciples…

  101. Uh, yes, twisting words again. I never said anything about TV – I said something about the company that he keeps. It does not take an intellectual to read the Scriptures. You should try it sometime. Your believe is not found in the Scriptures – which is why it matters for nought.

  102. Well, look at TBN for one. Do you think any man of God would be associated with TBN, Daystar, or the Inspiration Network?

    Um, there is more to doctrine and interpretation than ‘comfort.’ Comfort implies that you do not seek to change or be changed – while the life of a Christian is about growing to God. There is, on core issues, a required belief.

    Why is it, that you go out of your way to make allowances for Prince and his belief expressed in his words, but you fail to understand the simple writing – It does matter what you believe, if it is against the Scriptures. If your doctrine does not align with the Scriptures, it is worthless.

  103. Why do you think he is on TBN, Daystar or the Inspiration Network?
    He is spreading his teachings ! Are you a Christian in the first place? Do you think Christians are not allowed to be on TV, radio, newspapers, Internet news, etc…

    Have you even attended his church or even listened to what he preaches? Who are you to speak of his doctrine based on reports in the Internet?

  104. 3 examples ? Incredible, you just interviewed the whole church. Why cannot he deserve material wealth? Everyone deserves it if they believe in the grace of god.

  105. Isteirs, I realize that you may not fully understand what we are trying to say – and I respect that you have not yet matured enough to have a decent debate, but really – attacking my Christianity and twisting my words in the same breath?

    Look at the company that he keeps – he is partnered with the likes of Benny Hinn, Sid Roth, and Paul Crouch. Is that the same thing as saying that preachers should not use the Media for the spreading of the real Gospel?

    Please attempt to be more honest.

  106. Who is Benny Hinn, Sid Roth or Paul Crouch? How are they related?

    Twisting words? No .

    Attacking your Christianity? Just curious.

  107. Acts 13:39″Through him everyone who believes is justified from everything you could not be justified from by the law of Moses.

  108. Isteirs, please research those for yourself. Let me show you and example of twisting words:

    Me: Well, look at TBN for one. Do you think any man of God would be associated with TBN, Daystar, or the Inspiration Network?

    You: He is spreading his teachings ! Are you a Christian in the first place? Do you think Christians are not allowed to be on TV, radio, newspapers, Internet news, etc…

  109. Okay. Let me try again.

    He is trying to spread his teachings. In your opinion, are Christians not allowed to be on TBN, Daystar, or the Inspiration Network. If so, show me the Scripture in support of that.

  110. Isteirs,

    Did I ever say that Christians are not allowed to use the Media (such as blogging for one) for the spreading of the Gospel?

    Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness?
    (2 Corinthians 6:14 NKJV)

    Do not be deceived: “Evil company corrupts good habits.”
    (1 Corinthians 15:33 NKJV)

    When you are so clearly associated with the likes of the TBN crowd, it does more damage to anything ‘good’ you might have to say. Now, stop twisting words and actually respond with Scriptures.

  111. There are many testimonies that his broadcast on the TBN saved many people and converted them to Christianity. Is that bad?

  112. Isteirs wrote –

    “Why cannot he deserve material wealth? Everyone deserves it if they believe in the grace of god.”

    “Acts 13:39″Through him everyone who believes is justified from everything you could not be justified from by the law of Moses.”

    Isteirs – could you please explain the verse in line with what you said ?

  113. Hi Maic123,
    $5k, $50K, $500k…That is relative. To you it is alot, to others it is not. And yes, agree. it is not an amount that would make one struggling to make ends meet. So it’s good.

    It is not how much one earns (pastor or not), it is how one spend. Pastor was telling how he happened to get the BMW at dirt cheap price…I know it sounds fake to you, so how you want to see it is really up to you. There is nothing wrong.

  114. Also, one consider how big the church should be…it is also relative. God does not care if it is small or big. Yes He is not bothered if it is Big and if the church is generous to bring in their tithes and offerings.

  115. I think your refusal to use the Scriptures says a lot about you. We cannot debate with philosophy, but with Scriptures. It is our only foundation.

    This is a flat out lie:

    You are talking about fellowship thru media, we are talking about preaching the word of God thru media. So we believe it is right and good based on scriptures. You believe it is wrong based on scriptures.

    Are you really that dishonest?

  116. Dear 357,

    You miss my point. In fact I only have one point, but most people here seem to miss it every time.

    My point is that some NCC people say Pastor DESERVES a BMW7 series, Million dollar series BECAUSE (BECASUE BECAUSE) –

    Offical reply from NCC –
    “It is the RC’s policy to recognise and reward key contributors to the church, and Senior Pastor Prince is the main pillar for our church’s growth and revenue. Senior Pastor Prince is the KEYMAN RESPONSIBLE for bringing in about 95% of our church’s income. I must concede that Senior Pastor Prince has enriched the church and not the other way round.”

    Post by Tammy –
    “I would pay my pastor millions of dollars if I had it because what he puts in me week after week is something I could never repay him for”

    Post by 357 –
    “Under the ministry of Pastor Joseph Prince, the sick got healed. Cancer cells disappear. Debts got cleared miraculously. Marriages have been restored.

    Why are we so calculative when it comes to paying a minister of God who restores marriages, healed the sick, strengthen the faith and preaches the word of God?” (Minister restore marriage or GOD?)

    I repeat what I say again –
    It is NOT Pastor Prince. Pastor Prince is merely the instrument. It is GOD.

    So please do NOT justify the salary of Pastor Prince for what Pastor Prince has done. Give the Glory to God and give the Money for GOD’s Ministry, not Pastor Prince’s BMW 7 SERIES, or the luxurious living of the INSTRUMENT. BTW, God’s ministry does not work exclusively in NCC. They work equally in Campus Crusade, Navigators..etc.

    I am NOT attacking PASTOR PRINCE. I am CRITICIZING CERTAIN member so of NCC who STILL CANNOT see the difference between the INSTRUMENT and GIVER.

    These who mouth that they are worshiping the giver, but in deed and action show they actually are really worshiping the instrument.

    I am not against God blessing Pastor Prince. I am against worshipers justifying why the instrument should deserves all the recognition (via financial rewards) when it is truely the work of God, the sacrifice by the the Son, and the touch of the Holy Spirit.

  117. “And departing from there, Jesus went along the Sea of Galilee, and having gone up to the mountain. He was sitting there. And great multitutes came to Him, bringing with them those who were lame, crippled, blind, dumb, and many others, and they laid them down at HIS feet; and He healed them, so the multitute marveld as they saw the dumb speaking, the crippled restored, and the lame walking, and the blind seeing; AND THEY GLORIFIED THE GOD OF ISRAEL. matt 15:29-31

    After seeing all the miracles, they glorified GOD….

    Compare this with –

    “As to how much Pastor Prince SHOULD be paid, I suppose everyone will have his own benchmark. Personally, because I received so much from his ministry, I believe he should not be paid less then some of the cabinet ministers in Singapore.. ” LipKee

    “I would pay my pastor millions of dollars if I had it because what he puts in me week after week is something I could never repay him for” Tammy

    “”Senior Pastor Prince is the key man responsible for bringing in about 95 per cent of our church’s income. I must concede that he has enriched the church and not the other way round”.” Deacon Kang

    The impression I get is that people are glorifing Prince more than God…

  118. Maic,
    You are right that pastors and church leaders who really want to serve God whole heartedly should not think about getting such super high salary that is even equivalent to a coporatge CEO! If a pastor wants an income of more than $200k then go to a corporate
    world! Why serve in ministry? Jesus himself
    lived a simple life and Jesus did not choose
    to live in a mansion or sitting in a carriage?
    He is so humble travelling around sitting on a donkey! This is real humility! Drive a simple car which most of us do. A car is merely a form of transport! My hubby has given up his BMW and drove a Hyundai now. We have no problem adjusting to a simpler lifestyle. So why can’t Joseph Prince do it?

  119. that sound to me that is coming from a person with a small heart. Thank God that our God of abundance! If none of our Preacher is prosper, we would question why God is not who He says He is….God of Abundance and Increase! Be happy for another brother in Christ prosper because God seems it fit to prosper him.

  120. Then God wouldn’t have shown the blessings of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It pleased God to prosper them and He can blessed and prosper whomever He wanted. If God is not against Ps Prince been prosper why do you? Have a big heart of grace. Is not for you to judge another brother whether how prosper he should or should not. If is not of God then we will see all things will come to nothing. If is from God, then who are you against those The Lord Chose to prosper?

  121. First, I am not against someone having material wealth – although the bible seems to think that it is difficult for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of heave. I am against preachers taking large salaries. If they are supposed to be followers of Christ, a Christ who gave up His riches, then why are they fleecing the flock?

    No one is judging whether Prince deserves to prosper, but I am stating that material prosperity is not the prosperity of the bible.

  122. Hello Everyone,

    Im a grandmother in Canada and have been a Christian for 54 years. Normally, I do not have a television set to watch anything on, but a few yrs ago, i had one available to me because i was caring for a cancer patient who had come to stay at my home and it was important to her to be able to watch some programs that she was used to seeing every day. So she paid for this service, and consequently, I also had access to the tv. It was a great blessing to watch spiritually uplifting programs and I discovered Pastor Prince at that time. I can honestly say that i love Jesus more today because of Joseph and I can honestly say that in the one year that i was able to watch him preach, I learned and understood more about Jesus and living victoriously for Him from Pastor Prince, than i have learned from anyone else in my entire Christian life. Did Jesus not say, “ by their fruits you shall know them?” None of us is perfect and I ask G-d for discernment and wisdom for all of us. G-d himself desires that his children have the discernment to recognize a false teacher or one that is not rightly-motivated, so G-d cares that we get it right and are not deceived. If we are truly His sheep, we will hear His voice. I would be hesitant to speak against any preacher who causes his hearers to have a greater love for and understanding of Jesus and I would defend any preacher of the gospel if the results that are evident from his preaching, are ones that bring glory to G-d and a closer walk with G-d to his children. As a result of hearing the Word through Joseph, I have experienced unprecedented spiritual power, spiritual boldness, healing and peace during very unpeaceful times.
    Regarding material wealth, there’s a book worth reading that might help answer some of questions people have. Its entitled, “The Blessing of the Lord Maketh Rich and He Addeth No Sorrow With it.” It supports the claim that material blessing is for us now on earth. It’s a new book and I am just finishing it now. But for anyone truly open to explore what the bible says about this, it is helpful. It is written by a mature Christian who started his Christian journey in material poverty, but now by learning how to receive from G-d, has become immensely wealthy. He believes that financial blessings should be shared with those in need, not hoarded up for oneself.

    – Would love to continue but have to run.
    Shoshannah Elizabeth

  123. oh, by the way, Ive always been financially poor, and I Pastor Prince’s prosperity does not cause any problems for me in any dimension. I am very happy for Pastor Prince and rejoice that he is financially prosperous. I am thankful to G-d that he has learned how to receive from G-d. I pray that all G-ds children would learn to walk in a way that does not hinder the blessings G-d has available for us.

  124. If Mr. Joel Watts, the writer of this article is from USA we can’t blame him for bringing this up because of the fact that only less than 10% of Christians in the U.S. are giving their tithes to their local church. He’s just amazed…

  125. I agree with you Tammy about Joseph Prince being a God called man. Like you said, the writer should sit under his teaching for at least a month and then decide. People are too quick to jump without facts. Since this blog was written, Joseph Prince no longer even takes a salary from the church. I am sure he has made plenty of money as God would have him be able to do with his writings and other works.

    If the writer of this blog plans to be a minister of God, I hope he gives more thought to his sermons than he did this blog. Sorry to say that to another Christian but I am just calling it as I see it.

  126. You think you got so called saved under this ministry. I say no you did not. If a preacher preaches a false gospel, which Mr. Prince does, then you are not saved if you believe his gospel. Unless you are called to and believe the gospel of Jesus Crist, Not the gospel of Joseph Prince, (which is a different gospel), then you are not saved. Most of those who listen to Mr. Prince simply take his word for everything he says and never, or very rarely open their bibles to see if it matches what Jesus and the apostles taught, and are deceived into believing a false gospel. Joseph Prince is a great MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER, but a teacher of the true word of God he isn’t. He makes what he preaches sound wonderful because of his talent as a motivational speaker, like Joel Osteen or Joyce Myers, and because what they say sounds so spiritual and uplifting, people believe every word and without realizing it, they are deceived. A deceived person doesn’t know they are deceived, but according to the word of God they are, but they never check on it, they just go on thinking they are saved, but , the day will come when they will hear Jesus say “Why do you call me Lord Lord, but you don’t obey me. It seems like obey is a dirty word to followers of a false gospel, but it is the word Jesus and the apostles use over and over again. CHECK IT OUT.

  127. and you are free to feel the way you do. problem is we in the usa don’t understand what is means to be givers. those of us who are know what it means to take care of our pastor who is leading our spiritual growth. the lord is blessing them through us. the church cannot take care of everyone. though we sure do try.

  128. Come on, you can’t possibly know what Joseph Prince does with the money he recieves; from all I read he also is a giver of many funds, some of which likely makes it way to the hungry, remember the poor will always be with us. A lot of posters seem to think others are unable to think for themselves; let’s concentrate on lifting eachother up then being so bent on judging, we all need something in our life; if the Holy Spirit is truly in us He will guide the bleivers.

  129. and you don’t have to support them. why can’t we as christians be the example that if you don’t have anything negative to say, say nothing.

  130. well said. have we not yet understood that a house divided…….because of what jesus did we are blessed. we are rich. because some of us believe that – let them be blessed. let them be rich. it’s none of other peoples’ business. it sounds to me like jealousy. he’s is obviously willing to be used. he is a vessel that is available, that seeks the lord. that is what he does and who he is. he’s lived and living the life of sacrifice. and it sure is pouring out of him. and god is blessing him. nuff said.

  131. Why shouldn’t a pastor, if he really speaks the Word of God, be paid more than a CEO of a big corporation? IMO, he does more for the world than any CEO could ever do.

  132. so if god is using him, and the proof is how the church is growing, people are being saved, healed, etc., why do you have a problem with him stating the truth?

  133. the size of his church. he doesn’t need the salary because of his book and tape sales. the church WANTS to bless him. so that is none of anyone’s business. if there were twice the number of members they would want to double his salary, don’t you get it? the word says pride is the root of all contention. not some, all. anyone that wants to negatively speak of another pastor, it must come from jealousy and pride. it is not for us to speak of. it is god’s business and his alone.

  134. you’re missing what that scripture is saying. This is saying that we don’t have to finance the ministry ourselves. If we are truly ministering the Gospel with the demonstration of miracles and deliverances, then the money it takes to “go ye” will be there. We have to believe that and go BEFORE we have all the money we think we will need. We must step out in faith.
    —Andrew Wommack’s Living Commentary

    Prince is providing the ministry, therefore the people he is ministering too are blessing him for his provision.

  135. you’d better be looking at his doctrine. the doctrine of grace. and you should be very careful of condemning a man of god’s teachings. why do you say jesus was poor? he had a treasurer.

  136. shame on you. his teaching is straight from the word. he makes no apology for speaking the absolute truth. you will be accountable for spreading such vicious tales of these called men of god. and what exactly does your blog promote-anything worthy? i think not. it’s made to promote you and your thoughts.

  137. you confuse money and grace, and you presume to lecture me? Have you not read Scripture? The Gospel of Luke condemns those think like you. So does Amos.

  138. Wow God Ones all of the world. And God can spend it as he see fit. People fail people but God does not fail people. If you trust God for money and He will share the wealth with who’m He see fit. Thank you Lord for your unlimited supply.

  139. that’s a great one my dear, Pastors deserve the best, all this talk is only the devils trick to discredit pastors and many are falling for it. The gold and silver belongs to our father, who should enjoy it the more, us of course. and mind you our father is glad and even if we at times get carried away and squandered it like the prodigal son, our father is eagerly waiting for us to come back home he has more to give us Ha ha ha ha, laugh at the devil and shame to religion. Love you pastor Prince, looking forward to host you in Nigeria

  140. Blacknwhite says the most important thing in this entire blog!! If you do not agree that you have sold out your soul to the world people. You know Jesus would NEVER enter their churches without flipping their tables upside down. (Metaphorically speaking). C’mon, open your eyes. Please, open your eyes.
    God Bless.

  141. And when thy herds and thy flocks multiply, and thy silver and thy gold is multiplied, and all that thou hast is multiplied… But thou shalt remember the LORD thy God: for it is he that giveth thee power to get wealth, that he may establish his covenant which he sware unto thy fathers, as it is this day.

    Deuteronomy 8:13,18

  142. I’m a bit middle of the road with regards to prosperity. I don’t believe one should be poor and struggle and beg, but it’s also dangerous when it becomes an opportunity for covetousness. Everybody in NCC thinks they can and have the wisdom for it, and so justify themselves with pursuing it.

    I think it’s overkill. I have a philosophy, although not explicit in the Bible, but is implied in examples:

    “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

    Jesus could’ve done some things, but didn’t. He chose to be born in a manger. David could’ve exacted revenge over Saul when he was asleep, but refrained.

    I think it is God’s nature to have good sense and good taste. (Aka wisdom). Ostentatious display of wealth is hardly God’s attribute. He can (He owns the cattle on the hills), but I don’t think He will. It’s not His nature to be such a show-off. The Bible also says if you have faith, good, have it to yourself, but don’t let your freedom be an occasion to stumble your brother. Does prosperity apply? Does ostentatious display of wealth apply? My opinion it’s bad taste.

    NCC’s church council are hand picked by Prince. They submitted to him.

  143. Isn’t it funny, a actor get’s paid over a million dollars for a movie, which is full of swear words, infidelity and bad behavior, but when a man or woman of God get’s a decent salary there is an issue with it? I hope he receives more, and shut all these haters up. Pop your collar Pastor Prince! You are winning souls and teaching mature saints how to walk in the Love of Jesus!

  144. Salvation is a gift my friend. Believe in John 3:16 & 3:17..

    “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have ETERNAL life. For God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world, but that the world might be saved through Him.”

    JP lifts Jesus and His finished work up in his ministry, and teaches that it is the goodness of God leads you to repentance (Rom 2:4),

    That’s the Gospel..

  145. I can see Charlie that you like to judge people. Don’t you know that is God’s job and not your? How do you know people do not open their bibles to check on what Pator Price puts on the screen for everyone to see? He not only puts the words straight from the bible on the screen for everyone to read but he reads them to us. I like how he breaks down words to their orginal meaning to give us a full understanding.

    Plus, how can you tell anyone they aren’t saved? I would not want to be you. Here is a verse you should read.

    Romans 2 vs 1 You, therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgment on someone else, for at whatever point you judge another, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things.

    My suggestiong to you is to hit your knees in prayer and ask God to help you with your problem with judging others. May God Bless you.

  146. Charlie, Joseph Prince teach the truth according to the bible, he unviel Jesus Christ in the pulpit which most motivational speaker doesnt. How about you can you qoute a verses in the bible that proves Joseph Prince preach a “false gospel?”Do you really understand the gospel of grace,or you are still leaving by the law. I think you need abundant grace to open your eyes.

  147. I disagree. I read the bible much more under PP’s ministry than before when I was a Christian for 10 years… At first just to verify His teachings with the scripture. He has been very accurate and I have been greatly blessed under this ministry, with exponential financial blessings as well. I don’t need to defend this ministry because God is defending it for him, but well… Just to correct your misconception and unfair statement. 20 000 (including lawyers, doctors and other professionals) in New Creation and millions around the word- with one sweep, they have been dismissed as “people who don’t read the bible and believe blindly”.

  148. Bravo to you Xantha. I had not thought about actors making such huge sums of money yet, here is a man of God doing God’s work and people complain and hate him. Very good point.

    By the way, I live in Alabama and was sad to read in this mornings news that a teacher quoted something from the bible and the child was curious about the source. He told the child it was a verus from the bible and then since the child was so inquisitive, he gave the child a small pocket bible he had with him.

    The school board fired him because of this. We are living in a time where more and more Christians are going to come under attack. We all need to be aware because Satan doesn’t have much more time to rule here on earth and he is going to cause more grief than anyone can every imagine.

    So, with that said, we all need to be listening to Pastor Prince as often as we can and stay in God’s word. We also need to be praying for all nations and their leaders. In fact, we need to pray for the person who wrote this blog.

  149. A narcissistic, delusional Preacher, who makes millions from peddling a gospel of self-medicating, psycho-babble to a gullible, adoring audience isn’t a Man of God.

    He’s an Actor and a Swindler.

  150. Whenever someone points out something wrong, why is it that the only thing you can come up with is, don’t judge, or you are judging. Like I say, most don’t even check the word of God, they simply believe what someone says as you are proof of that BRENDA, otherwise you would know we are supposed to judge what is being said. (LOOK IT UP). Also, God tells us to prove all things, and remember, there is a differance between judging and discerning. We are not to judge means, do not condemn someone. Please Brenda, check things out, otherwise your way of thinking is you are judging me. It is very easy to watch a full congegation of Mr. Prince as he is preaching away, and most sitting there do not open their bibles to what is being said, nor are they checking the context, that’s why Brenda I can say what I said, I can see what others are doing or not doing, many don’t even bring a bible.

  151. Brenda it says in the Bible that you are meant to review what a preacher preaches about to make sure it is scriptural. The old prophets had a torrid time keeping their old priest in order, they kept falling into baal worship and things, so it is important to test a preacher against the scriptures. I for one enjoy Joseph Princes preaching, but i can’t condone his wealth.
    How come Paul the great apostle never preached about a prosperity Gospel?
    Paul was living under the new testament, so Paul lived under the same blessings as you and me, he was envagalised by Jesus personally, but Paul never told the church in Galatia to give money to the church in Corinth and you will get blessed with money.
    Paul never went around the mediterranean preaching a prosperity gospel. Paul was a tent maker and no where in the epistles have i read that Paul had any material riches, Paul counted having Jesus as begin rich.
    I am amazed that no preacher has ever preached that Paul never told the church to get into a prosperity thing.
    Besides the prosperity Gospel was started by Oral Roberts after world war 2!!!! GO read
    None of this money promotes love, i now know why Paul said without love your works are nothing!!!

  152. I just discovered this Blog and I must say it is amazing how quich we are to pull down one another especially with Pastor Joseph Prince. I want to say that I have listened to pastor Prince for more than five years since he began His broadcast in the United States and I have to commend Him on a wonderful Job he has done in bringing the message of the Gospel of Grace to the World. It is indeed God’s Grace that has allowed Pastor prince to accomplish what he is doing and Succeedding amazingly too. Pastor prince is keeping to the Commands jesus gave to the Apostles when he was about to ascend up to Heaven when jesus commissioned the Apostles to go and Teach All that I have taught you…… so pastor prince is indeed teaching the Gospel of jesus Christ in all its fullness of GRACE. So listen to the Message and do NOT pull down the Messenger. Blessings to All and the Pastor and His Family. Please come to America we await you for sure with open arms.

  153. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU PASTOR JOSEPH PRINCE. May God continue to Bless you and give to you the amazing Gift of Teaching – one of the Charisms of the Holy Spirit as well as the Gift of Utterance. You are truly eloquent in your manner of speaking – very clear very concise too. God’s Grace be with you today and always.

  154. You apparently are not saved, so basically your opinion doesn’t count nor does it matter. You can’t understand anything spiritual b/c it is spiritually discerned.

  155. pwong, have you preached the gospel of Christ? If not, then stop posting comments like this and start reading the bible. You certainly do not know what you are saying. God forgive you and have mercy on you on how you attack a “Man of God”. Read the bible and see what happened to people who speak maliciously about God’s servant, see how they end up. See Numbers 16, the whole chapter if you know how to read the bible. See what happens to korah, sons and their associates. “Now it came to pass, as he finished speaking all these words, that the ground split apart under them. And the earth opened its mouth and swallowed them up, with their households and all the men with Korah with all their goods.”- Numbers 16:31-32 (nkjv). Good thing is that Ptr. Joseph Prince is preaching the message of Grace and not the message of judgment and condemnation. God bless you pwong and God’s grace abound in you and to you.

  156. Joel you might consider embracing the Gospel of Grace it is THE GOSPEL.. The Lord NEVER TOLD YOU to assume you know what’s going on in a Church you do NOT belong too. NOR JUDGE a man you do not even know. Assuming is all I see in this article an assumption of something that has absolutely no basis or evidence to back it up.
    1. The act of taking to or upon oneself: assumption of an obligation.
    2. The act of taking possession or asserting a claim: assumption of command.
    3. The act of taking for granted: assumption of a false theory.
    4. Something taken for granted or accepted as true without proof; a supposition: a valid assumption.
    5. Presumption; arrogance.
    6. Logic A minor premise.

  157. Where are your facts/proof sir? I work in a court of Law you need to prove what you say when you make accusations toward a brother of the body of Christ. You need to look at the mote in your own eye, I read your impressive titles and it speaks volumes. For consider your calling, brethren, that there were not many wise according to the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble; but God has chosen the foolish things of the world to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to shame the things which are strong, and the base things of the world and the despised God has chosen, the things that are not, so that He may nullify the things that are…

  158. Sir do not have to lie to you, I am sitting in my office in court right now. Its not that serious, I have been working in the judicial system for many years. I am not the one into titles, and if you know me as you say then you would know that i do. I make it known where ever I post because people think they know what they do not. But this is my title I am a save Christian woman that loves the Lord and believes he doesn’t want me broke or to live beneath who I am in Christ. I am not hung up on titles or how much someone else has or how much money they make. Those are worries for those that are caught up in the world, but if my Father owns everything and Christ die for me then I am in the family and I can have it because my Father loves me. Its just that simple.

  159. Come on people lets keep the insults out of here. You all seem to be believers, so lets be calm.
    The main point here is about the money issue. I for enjoy Joseph Princes teaching on grace, it helps me to look at the christian life through gracefuls eyes instead of dos and don’ts.
    However on the money side of things i do not condone his riches or all the other preacher’s.

    We all agree that Paul the great apostle wrote the epistles which is generally the blue print(plans) for the New Testament church, from church structure to the behaviour of a preacher and his family(to be of a high standard)., but nowhere in the epistles did Paul write about a prosperity gospel! If it was such an important issue how come the Holy Spirit never instructed Paul to write about it?

    Paul was also living under the New Testament as well and he never had a mediterranean palace to recuperate in? Paul and TImothy could have done with a break, bitten by asps on Patmos, thrown injal etc, but there is not one account of them pursuing a rich lifestyle.

    I love thessalonians because it logs Pauls more day to day life of a tent maker and how Paul interacted with the other people in their daily routines, mmmm i can’t imagine JP doing this or Osteen and co! NOw i am not saying they all need to become tent makers or go and life in shoe box, but they always preach about being good stewards of money?
    Are these big preacher good stewards of their wealth?

  160. maybe your right Jan God wants us poor and destitute with no hope of ever living a life that has peace. Because we stay in struggle, we are all going down the tubes like the world is, and its just the way its suppose to be. We should have joy even if we don’t have enough food to eat, and try to explain to our children why we are hungry. We should just be happy we are sick and lack in every area of our life, that’s the way the gospel is meant to be. None of those promises are meant to be a reality in the bible, its only to read it doesn’t mean the Lord will really bless us that was for the times of Solomon and Abraham not for this day. We are meant to struggle and be sick and homeless in our old age, living off the government because we can’t count on those promises to be a reality in our situation. We should just Praise the Lord that we woke up this morning and keep it moving. Thanks Jan for making it clear to me, standing in faith just won’t work.

  161. Have appreciated Prince’s teaching on the positional truths of scripture and Old Testament types and shadows of Christ. However, the prosperity gospel – if financial prosperity is to be a hallmark of the Christian life – I guess maybe they needed to inform the apostle Paul and the others of this because they certainly did not have a lot. Nor did the Lord Jesus come here and live a big lordly lifestyle like some of the prosperity preachers do.
    On the contrary, I think you should be rich toward God and not lavish upon yourself in this life.
    How can a Christian live and wallow in luxury while others suffer greatly from natural disasters, have no Bibles in their languages, have no churches, no decent homes or meals?
    I think its a huge error and mess up on interpretation.
    The blessings of the Old Testament under the law were physical blessings, but our blessings in the New Testament are spiritual and heavenly.

  162. Then basically you don’t believe Christ when he said I have come that you might have abundant life. Stop think that God is broke while living on streets of Gold. It all belongs to him, what Father wants his child to suffer. We are in the sonship not servants. Learn how to be apart of God’s family before you speak things on his behalf.

  163. Who told you that? DId the Lord appoint you the one to tell what he means? I thought that was the Holy Spirits Job. Not man. you get what you believe, if you believe you should be poor, than you can have what you say.

  164. My question to you is? we are told to help the poor and those in need. so how are you going to help the poor when you are the poor? because that’s what you believe. That surely makes for a great testimony to the lost that they nothing to look forward too, more of having nothing even with All mighty God on your side. I’m sure the lost will be running to that life.

  165. Yes Jesus said poor in spirit. but he also said Then the King will say to those on His right, ‘Come, you who are blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. 35 For I was hungry, and you gave Me something to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave Me something to drink; I was a stranger, and you invited Me in; 36 naked, and you clothed Me; I was sick, and you visited Me; I was in prison, and you came to Me.’…

    Isaiah 58:7
    Is it not to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter– when you see the naked, to clothe them, and not to turn away from your own flesh and blood?
    Romans 12:13
    Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.

    Hebrews 13:2
    Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.

    James 2:15
    Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food?

    This is ALL REFERRING TO MONEY boy you folks that love bondage. please GET free so that our Lord and Savior didn’t die in vain. Don’t live under the curse when you have been redeemed from the curse.

    Matt. 25:31 – 46. 41 “Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels. 42 For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, 43 I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.’

    44 “They also will answer, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?’

    45 “He will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’

    46 “Then they will go away to eternal punishment, but the righteous to eternal life.”

  166. I don’t really have the time of the care to answer each of the heretical comments left here in the last few days. But, at no point is the Gospel a “think and you are” message. The Gospel does, however, speak more to giving up rather than gaining in this life.

    “Listening” to Prince healed you, you say? Wow. There are too many issues to deal with that one.

  167. NO you don’t have the time but you do have the time to insinuate that he’s taking a salary when he’s said he is not or talk about someone you don’t know. Which is the biggest shame. That money was raised to build their church by their members. I did not say I got healed under his ministry I got healed by my faith in the word of GOD.

  168. I do enjoy Pastor Princes teaching very much however i donot condone his riches etc. I have no problem with a Pastor raking it in from his books or from the church but i do believe that most of that money should go right out again to bless a smaller church or people or other etc. Now i am not saying that Prince should live in a box, a big detached house not a problem, but most of these big preachers Osteen, Meyer etc live in super mansions al la rock n roll super star life style!
    My biggest problem is Paul the apostle wrote the blue print for the New Testament church, the epistles, and no where does he mention about a prosperity gospel! No where did Paul instruct the Galatians to send money to Corinth so they would get that money back 100 fold!!I
    Its like these preachers are saying give up mammon and you will recieve mammon back, uh bit of a oxymoron here!
    When i first got saved the church taught us to accept any gift from a person otherwise you could stop that person from getting blessed, wow sounds like some George Orwelling double think type of religion! An old friend once decided to give his very nice micro hifi away to another person as a seed in the hope of reaping a bigger sound system for youth in his church, i never saw this sound system materialise. At the time i was furious with him for giving his hifi away, and he got very defensive. Now the issue here lies with the selfish greedy pig that just said thank you very much for that hifi i gladly recieved and off he went. Absolutely no conscience or forethought to think, mm this is a nice hifi are you sure you want to just give it away, maybe you should pray on it, that is too unpentecostal as we are taught to grab it all and stuff the giver. We are not taught to wonder if the giver is in his right mind etc. Some one wanted to give me a tape deck in church once but i said i already have my own micro hifi and politely declined. Oh dear i stopped my sister from being clothed in pearls because she couldn’t sow a tape deck. How come the Pentecostal only know how to sow money and material wealth they don’t seem to know how to sow love!! The big preachers never tell their audience to sow gifts of love it is just money that will get Gods attention!! They never say sow a seed of love this week, nope it is sow $50/£50 50 yen or whatever and you will be blessed.
    IF one goes and looks when this is all started with Oral Robert and William Brannan, you will see it is part of the second wave movement and not scriptural at all. Oral Roberts told his church once that God told hime to riase millions by the end of the month otherwise God was going to take his life. ORal Roberts also built a $16m hospital, a spritual type of hospital, and now it lies in rack and ruin. That is alot of money.
    Once thing that hurts the most is that none of this propsperity stuff had ever produced the love and warmth in the church one would expect. None of all this giving money away has ever made me love my neighbour more or even God more and vice versa.

  169. It would seem to me, you do not work in a “court of Law” as I’ve seen the other places you’ve worked.

    You should read my words carefully before launching into unfounded tirades.

  170. Reading the Gospels will do little or nothing for you if you are, at heart, an unrepentant sinner who thinks he is a Christian.

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