1. ralph ellis

    Actually, the deflection from Judas to Theudus to Thadaeus to Addai came from the venerable theologian Joseph Thayer. Are you saying that Joseph Thayer did not understand the Greek/Aramaic New Testament?



    1. I’m saying that parallelism is a mental illness, of which you seem to have plenty.


  2. .
    You think it is a ‘mental illness’ to quote a renowned and respected theologian? You sad little man.

    And your ‘Aramaic translator’ pal is equally sad, if he knows nothing of Jewish Pesher. The whole point of the many deliberate pseudonyms and hypocorisms created by the biblical and talmudic authors, and by Josephus himself, is not that they conformed to every jot and tittle of Aramaic grammar, but they were hidden and humorous. Only the ‘initiated’ few were supposed to be able to follow who these characters really were.

    I ask you. If your view of Josephus is correct, then why does Josephus NEVER mention King Abgarus, King Manu or Edessa – not even once? The most influential kingdom of this region in this era, and Josephus does not mention them? Come come now, think again. The Edessan army was even the ally of King Aretas of Petra, when he defeated Herod in the AD 30s. And what does Josephus call these Edessans? Ah, yes, he calls them: “the treachery of some fugitives from Syria” – anything but admit that the Edessans were influential in Judaea and Syria.

    How can you study biblical history, without understanding Pesher, and without understanding Josephus’ Roman propaganda?



    1. Why doesn’t Josephus mention the United States or Mars? Why doesn’t Josephus mention Glenn Beck?

      Hey, crack-pot, you are a nut case who likely either steals artefacts or invents stories of having things. Then, you go nutty and invent more conspiracy theories.

      Steve Caruso is actually a real scholar, unlike you who only has his bad accent and poor excuse for a hat.

      Poor guy… bet you think aliens built the pyramids.

      Dude, get on some meds.



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