1. Know More Than I Should

    Christianity has been marketed as a commodity. Not surprisingly, therefore, church members have become consumers. Denominations are merely brand names. Because of unfavorable consumer reviews, some carry more baggage than others. Meanwhile, God seems less than interested in a product recalls of defective units.

  2. Gary

    Actually, I look forward to the review.
    1. Please include whether the author believes in inerrancy, since this is a major issue for me.
    2. Then, in light of the statement, ” Men, women, and children who attend church because it’s what they are supposed to do. Just going through the motions”…
    So, what’s so bad about that? Instead of zombies, are the church goers suppose to be fanatics?
    3. Finally, has the author actually seen zombie movies? It fits in with the lukewarm post. I don’t see anything wrong with lukewarm. Zombies are on one extreme, fanatical evangelical fundamentalists are on the other extreme. I prefer to be lukewarm, like the three bears, not too big, not too small, but just right.


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