1. Sylvia

    All the more appropriate to say to you HAPPY NEW YEAR Joel.

    Seriously :)


  2. Joel, I am right there with you. 2010 has been the worst year ever. I cannot think of one worse.


    1. 1995 was radically bad, but this one, I’m not sure this one isn’t worse in several ways. Glad, so very glad to be done with it. Just a few more hours.

  3. Gerard

    2011 has to be better for you.

    In one of your 2010 posts you said you were trusting God as one of your children was sick. Can I suggest you keep putting your trust in Jesus, even if you are pretty ticked at God.

  4. Robert

    2011 will be far better than 2010. Well, at least it will be far different; the ‘better’ is up to us… Or, like, Jesus or whatever.

    You have an awesome family, thrilling business prospects, a cool platform to help you de-program from old/bad beliefs and a super-amazing business partner.

    Twenty eleven will be cake…


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