1. On one side, all these organizations, many with mass memberships, companies, celebrities etc – on the other side, just the NRA? Just the UMC (7.7 million in USA) outnumbers the NRA (4.3 million). Why does anyone listen to the NRA any more?

    1. Gary

      Why? Because they have lots of money (from gun manufacturers), and a small fringe group within the NRA that supports assault rifles, military large capacity clips, body armor, etc, control the NRA, and view it a right to protect themselves, not from criminals, but from the government. They are the same crazies that are tea party type members, viewing the government as the enemy.

  2. sarahbee

    Maybe if we asked them they would put up a page where we can go and just sign up freely? I would also like to volunteer to be hated by the NRA.


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