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  1. Gary

    Revolution? No. I’d just like to see the 1% pay a little more, percentage wise, than me. When I see guys like Romney buy a house here in San Diego, who is paying a lower percentage income tax than me….the house is in La Jolla, overlooks the ocean, a perfectly good house, he wants to bulldoze it and increase it square footage by about 5 times, and he’s got other houses in New Hampshire, Mass, etc….he’s got to have a shack in Utah….and he made his money by sacking people here and shipping their jobs overseas…..yes, there is class jealousy. Revolution…no. Ever read “Animal Farm”? Give the pigs an edge to get revenge over the farmer, and the pigs end up as bad as the farmer. All power corrupts. Money in vast quantities corrupts. No matter who the person is.


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