1. Oh? Did I say better?

      Instead of casting unintelligent jabs, try to offer your opinion.


  1. May of the folks in our homeschooling network use http://www.triviumeducation.com/
    and the majority of the content on http://www.tragedyandhope.com/
    Of course, I assume you’re familiar with John Taylor Gatto? He is known as the “god” of the home schooling movement in the US (although he despises the term, he’s Episcopal)
    His book The Underground History of American Education http://www.johntaylorgatto.com/chapters/index.htm
    is available free at the link above. If you already know the info from the masterpiece “Ultimate History Lesson”, you’ve definitely missed your calling :)
    Of course I highly recommend the podcast http://schoolsucksproject.com
    I met all three hosts last month in New Hampshire and after an hour with Brett, I felt like a complete idiot.
    There are a lot of good methods on his podcast. You can spend hours at just Trivium Ed and barely scratch the surface off all their free resources.


    1. I’m not sure you are getting the point of the post. We are not going to homeschool them for more than a month, but even then, I will continue the critical analysis of Scripture with them.

  2. Dr. David Tee

    No one has ever said they were the same. Chapter 2 is providing more detail for day 6 than chapter 1. Notice the introductory words “When the Lord God made the earth and heavens…” The terminology is consistant, God ‘created’ in 1 and He ‘made’ in 2. No contradiction there.

    Then we have the creator in 1 named God and in 2 we have God. No contradiction there. Then we have what He made–in 1 it is the heavens and the earth and n 2 it is the heavens and the earth. Nope, no contradiction there either.

    verse 9 is interesting. In 1 the trees and shribs came from the gorund and in 2 they came from the ground.

    I really think you are doing a disservice to your children by teaching them dishonestly and influencing them with your bias. Non-believers just do not know scripture well enough to teach it to anyone.

    By the way, Jesus said- it is better for a man to hang a millstone around His head and cast himself into the sea (done from memory so slight paraphrase) than to turn one of these little ones’ faith in me away.

    In other words, it is better for you to commit suicide than to make childrenunbelievers.


    1. So… “no one has ever said they were the same” but they are really the same, just providing more detail… Ummm….

      Actually, the terminology is radically different. Created and Made in the Hebrew are different words, so is God and Lord. Not only that, but the order is reversed, with the creation of a male first and a female after everything else, separate from the male.

      Dave, the millstone comment was about child rapists – very similar language is found in the Rabbinical writings. Try again.

      I am a believer, actually, in Scripture – I just happen to know what it says, unlike YEC’ers who are creating more and more non-believers as it goes. If you cannot read the first two chapters of Genesis correctly, you aren’t able to teach others, Dave.

      I regret that you actually think yourself a teacher, Dave.

  3. Dr. David Tee

    Now you are just playing semantics and it is not worth going further with this point. You do not believe God’s word just what you want it to say.


    1. hahahhahahahah. oh my… so, you are a “literalist” but you don’t read it literally… ummm…. hypocrite.

      How about you try to read Scripture… You know, the thing you think you wrote.

      hahahhahahahaha oh my….


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