1. angie hart

    How strange does God have a franchise? Why would God have one church take over another? Why would God have need to do this? Has Hillsong invested any of Gods money collected from it tithes (Gods money of course)into private interprise as in stock? has Hillsong lost any monies of late due to the financial downfall of the stockmarket? and if so is this Gods money? Is this takeover a necessary evil to help get funds to fill up the cup so to speak?

    Why would God need Hillsong when he has Jesus.

    TIGHTEN YOUR SEATBELTS the wind has arrived.

    and this wind is full of bumps.

    Angie Hart

    who knew from the start, that the assemblies of God was as crooked as a dogs hind leg.

    bye for now
    enjoying life in the world as my creator intended.


  2. Yes, Garden City Christian Church is now Hillsong Brisbane. And Brian Houston retired as head of Australian Christian Churches at the ACC conference, so he can concentrate on Hillsong.

    Strangely, Tanya Levin's website that was less than sympathetic to Hillsong has been off-line for the past couple of months. And the anti-Hillsong 'The Thinking Theologian' anonymous blog has been removed. So the two most prominent ex-Hillsong critics are no longer active writers. A coincidence?


  3. Angie, in 1946, the Assemblies of God threw out the group which later become Dominionism. Now, They are back to take over the AoG.


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