1. Jason L

    That young earth so-called “creationist” does apparently twist the words of Ireneaus , quite a lot .

    What a weird interpretation he presents!

    A number of the typical fundamentalists in the current era tend to have a weird penchant for muddled / equivocal thinking / lateral thinking ….a tendency that they share in common with the lateral thinking, postmodernist secular, hipster sorts of people .

    That guy concludes from Ireneaus writing against the notion that God introduced defects in creation (which was a polemic against the Gnostic sects teaching that some bad demiurge agent took over creation away from God), and, hence, tries to make some weird extrapolation that Ireneaus was somehow writing against theistic evolution ?????What a weird interpretation that guy draws !

    That guy is taking major liberties with the exegetical study of texts …playing quite fast and loose .

    I’ve noticed that a number of fundamentalists when they cannot find the explicit wording in the Bible (or other text they are quoting) to back up some notion they presuppose, they use that “it’s implied” routine . One can weasel in any sort of doctrine with the “it’s implied ” razmatazz …

    So many fundamentalists seem to be so willing to read between the lines , instead of paying attention to what the lines actually say. Very disingenuous stuff they do .


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