1. Jeremy, Thanks again for discussing GBB. I actually recommend other books (Chris Wright is great) for people who want to discuss the violence issue in more depth. I agree the book could be more nuanced, but I only have 1 chapter on violence. I know others (Seibert, Copan) go into more depth on violence. But there are 7 other topics I wanted to discuss, each of which could warrant a book-length discussion instead of only 20 pages. And, as you noticed, my audience was broad. Scot McKnight’s students seem to appreciate it since it was readable. Again, I appreciated your fair and positive review. Blessings. – Dave

  2. Fred

    I think one of the biggest problem with mankind is that we try to know more than our Creator (For those that believe there is one), by thinking we can use so-called science to test and analyse everything. Even when in reality we know that so-called science are not always realiable in many cases. In fact the confusion among them is such that they cannot even agree on one thing at the same time.
    Well, the point is that we remain humans and the more we try to understand the spiritual aspect of our being without trying first to be spiritual, the more we get ourselves in confusion and trouble.
    Whether we try to be ‘smart’ or wiser than countless trillions of human beings that has believed in God and the Bible or not, the truth remains that, like many before us, we will all vanish one day and the Bible still lives on.
    We may not even agree that many things are not within our control or understanding, but reality is, like the story of tower of Babel, human beings can only get more confused and self destructive the more we try to question, the reality of God…


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