Fulfilled Bible Prophecies of Jesus Christ and Israel

Fulfilled Bible prophecy is often used as evidence the Scriptures are inspired. These are two exceptionally amazing ones, the exact day Jesus presented Himself as Messiah from 600+ years before, and Israel’s 1948 rebirth predicted from 2,500+ years ago.

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Rory Roybal
Rory Roybal has over 10 years of experience leading in-depth church and home Bible studies. He has more than 20 years of executive management experience, leading groups up to 400 people and $30M+ technical business units. Rory has been featured on the cover of VB Tech Journal and served as editor-in-chief for the Unix System Price/Performance Guide, distributed quarterly to over 15,000 computer buyers.

7 thoughts on “Fulfilled Bible Prophecies of Jesus Christ and Israel

  1. I would disagree – first that Isaiah was writing prophecies and that Israel's sovereignty in 1948 is a fulfillment of anything, except for political realities. I think that Matthew gave us the best way to interpret the life of Christ by the OT, which was that He fulfilled it. Such as the passage in Hosea. Not a prophecy, but His return from Egypt was seen against it. Further, the passage in Isaiah is not recognized in the Christian sense until much later in the history of Christian interpretation.

  2. Now, that I agree with. I do think that the entire OT was set up to herald Christ. I don't see this as a prophecy, but it is prophetic in of itself. This is not to say that the OT shouldn't be examined independent of the NT, but as Matthew did, as Paul did, we see the OT completed, fulfilled, in the NT, in Christ.

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