1. Deb

    It is sad, that we don’t try to get along with people of different faith, they are not all bad, there is good and bad in every race,and religion. I think we will defiantly be judged on this.We are to walk in faith and be not afraid of anything that will come at us.. I pray for all of Gods children… He made us all. I don’t like any religion if it is extreme … but you never know, look at all the people in other countries being killed because they believe in God…


  2. I’ve come to realize in recent years how racist and prejudiced American Christians are. By confusing the United States with the Kingdom of God, they view any threat to their Holy Society as a threat to the Gospel. They’re blind to their idolatry and what it has led them to regarding their treatment of others, here and abroad. Very sad.

    Very sad, that I feel like when I say I’m a Christian I immediately need to say…but not one of those people!


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