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  1. Mark 12:24 Jesus said to them, Is not this where you wander out of the way {and} go wrong, because you know neither the Scriptures nor the power of God?

    Mark 12:29 Jesus answered, The first {and} principal {one of all commands} is: Hear, O Israel, The Lord our God is one Lord; 30 And you shall love the Lord your God out of {and} with your whole heart and out of {and} with all your soul (your life) and out of {and} with all your mind (with your faculty of thought and your moral understanding) and out of {and} with all your strength. {This is the first and principal commandment.} 31 The second {is like it and} is this, You shall love your neighbor as yourself. There is no other commandment greater than these.

    Some persons aburdily say even that “Pentecostals are not Christians” they are clearly ignorant persons, ignorant of the Bible itself, ignorant of the Holy Spirit ‘s teaching, leading as well, ignorant sadly even of Jesus Christ himself.

  2. Tammy

    Concerning Mr. Grady and Mr. Strang’s statement about someone questioning this earlier, duh, I do believe someone did, but they were too enamered to recognize it. Grady is however right about being so hungry we will eat anything such as, angel worship, love covering a multitude of sins that we ignore the children who have been sexually abused in the churches(not only catholic)and the adultery involving the leaders, because God-forbid if someone say anything to bring to light the sin so both the victim and the preditor can get help. Instead, lets wait until they deceive further and then let it be exposed publically causing all sorts of problems, aka. Patricia King’s stand all of a sudden for righteousness.

    Now, lets set aside the shaking, falling out, gold dust, angel issues and look at this realistically. There was something about Todd Bentley that just did not seem right. What gets me though, Patricia King (who has an online church and a ministry of the prophetic, which failed her miserably in this case), Bill Johnson (who has a list of churches that have come under him who missed it on the discernment level and wants to be trusted and taken seriously) and a few others, whose names escape me now who hold highly respected positions who could not discern what was going on in the name of Todd’s father, son and holy bam bam. How are people supposed to take christian’s seriously if this is what we have to offer? Every one who laid hands on him, stood up on stage and gave an endorsement, got a concussion giving a prophetic word, and who backed him in the writing of Charisma magazine or on CBN and TBN should be apologizing. How long will we wait for this apology? Good thing I don’t hold my breath for such things. Once again, who would want what we have to offer. The world has more integrity right now, so we succeeded about not being of the world; however, this is not what Jesus had in mind.

    I don’t watch John Hagee, Paula White, Juanita Bynum, or anyone else that just pushed marriage aside for their own agenda. So, since I will soon read or hear that no one is perfect, to bad…I am looking for someone I can trust to oversee my spiritual growth, someone who is not deceived so easily and is willing to repent openly when he messes up. Let the real ministers of Christ stand up. I know your out there, just have no idea where you are.

    Before we get again the flawed King David report, he repented openly and paid the price for his sin with the life of his baby. The wages of sin is death and when we sin without regard and then stand up and act like it isn’t happening, how much more will our wages be. Once again, I am praying for all those involved, but right now I am praying that the real women and men of God please stand up.

  3. Kim

    I am deeply saddened and grieved by the report that Todd and his wife have seperated. I grieve for them both, and their three children. But what grieves me even more is the response from some of the Body of Christ. It is not coming from a place of grace or mercy. We do need to call sin sin, but if our sin is covered by the blood of Jesus, and because of that He walks in grace and mercy with us, how can we do less than that with our fellow brothers and sisters? Are any of us really in such a spiritual place that we are able to discern the true heart motive of others? The truth is, we are all broken people, walking this journey with our Lord and being healed and transformed along the way. If God were only able to minister through perfect people, He would have a very short list to choose from. I look at Peter, Paul, King David–all failed seriously….all also loved their God deeply. I am afraid to cast stones because I know that I am in daily need of the love, grace, mercy, and forgivenss of Jesus. It is the cry of my heart that what the world will see through this tragedy is the body of Christ walking in love and truth, covered in grace and mercy, toward this man and his family…they have already seen plenty of our judgement. The Church desperately needs to be the safe place for all of us to be ‘real’ with who and where we really are. It is time for the body to take off our religous masks. Life is messy…it just is. What makes the Church different is supposed to be the love of Christ in us and through us.


  4. Kim,

    The ‘response from the Body of Christ’ is due to the fact that Todd Bentley is a false prophet. He was never a part of the Body of Christ, although it would be wonderful to have him, or any soul really. Too many souls are being lost due to people like Todd Bentley. Just too many. Until he becomes a brother, however, it is rightly to publicly call him on his mistakes and sins, and his open rebellion to God.

    You mention Peter and Paul and the tried King David. First, Peter did not teach a rebellion against God. Second, Peter had to repent and come to Christ, so his sins were forgiven him.

    Paul committed those terrible sins while he was on the outside of the Body of Christ. Todd is on the outside, so the sins of rebellion can be forgiven him.

    David? read the other comments. Clark has answered this quite well.


  5. It’s all well and nice that Strang and Grady have denounced Bentley, but now, will they continue to run ads for John Arnott, and other leaders in this so called revival movement? “Charisma” should think about distancing themselves from these leaders, after all, they were the ones that supported Bentley and thrust him into the spotlight.

    Non-Conformer, I notice that you have made similar comments on my blog. No one is attacking Pentecostals or Charismatics, per se. No one is saying that Pentecostals are not Christians, and it is unfair to judge those that question Bentley and the current “revival” as being opposed to Pentecostals or Charismatics. Much of the criticism of Bentley has come from those within the Pentecostal/Charismatic movement. I would urge you to get your facts straight before you make such posts.


  6. >> (BP)–With controversial faith healer Todd Bentley announcing that he is separating from his wife, charismatic leaders J. Lee Grady and Stephen Strang have reacted by saying someone should have raised questions about Bentley earlier.

    and yes even their bad friends now too..

    Now for decades, I write about, deal with key political figures who are all to be exemplary as citizen paid employees too.., I observe their acts, responses to my letters.. and let me tell you that the really bad guys are so predicable and they make it easy for me to look further into what they are really also doing wrong.. for bad guys rarely tend to be a little bit pregnant.. so there are the basics I look for that will shortly indicate their great downfall!!
    – their own positive or negative management style, are they power hungry, control freaks, abusers, and so I look at their ongoing performance record abuses of others including their discrimination, verbal or physical abuses, human rights abuses?
    – their attitude towards money, is it normal or have they become greedy, gone overboard, and so do they cheat, lies, steal, live high on the hog?
    – yes I even look for religious hypocrisy, even also next their adultery, cause I know it will predictably happen with the bad guys eventually, Proverbs says this is God’s punishment.. likely for stealing poor people’s money, or abusing the rights of others.. seriously too.
    – even the type of friends they associate, hang around with, birds of feathers flock together, for we even seem to know that alcoholics love to associate with other alcoholics too etc.

    Now I have openly written about even Todd Bentley and others.. even on this site.. even that Todd was hanging around with bad people, such as the bad pastors of the Toronto airport Christian fellowship, and he was raking in loads of poor people’s money..

    Mark 12:38 And in [the course of] His teaching, He said, Beware of the scribes, who like to go around in long robes and [to get] greetings in the marketplaces [public forums], 39 And [have] the front seats in the synagogues and the chief couches (places of honor) at feasts,

    Lying, stealing, tax evasions, slander, gossiping, abuse of others, adultery, and alcohol, are the common sins of 70 percent of Pastors so why pick on Todd Bentley alone,?

    or do you still even want to write my views for me?


  7. What are you talking about? Write your views for you? Odd a bit, eh?

    If there arises another false prophet preaching a false doctrine, I will point him or her out, as I should. I will not seek out ‘pastors’, as that is not my job.

    Reality…try it.


  8. Nonconformer,
    What did that word salad mean? I cannot figure out what that meant at all. Maybe someone else can.


  9. Rev Todd Bentley showed us all this week too he was very normal person after all.. a sinner like all of us too..

    Sadly too many martial relationships today follow a very predictable pattern:
    The marriage partners push their spouse for total commitment

    They try hard get mostly what they want

    They next become attracted to someone else

    They start cheating with the someone else

    They become angry and resentful for the guilt they feel

    They begin telling their original partner, spouse that they need time apart

    They mostly blame their old partner, spouse for their behavior…and eventually, after making themselves and everyone around them miserable for an indefinite, but usually, a long period of time, they do end their relationships, marriages.

    Next even the new relationships and marriages will continue to follow this same pattern



  10. nonconformer,

    You’re a character my friend. Which key political figures do you “deal” with?

  11. Gladstone Bhasme

    It’s my observation that ALL human beings have something to hide!
    We are all sinners – even the ones who are quick to point an accusing finger at someone else – and such accusers are only disciples of Satan – the Chief Accuser.
    Such accusers are far more clever than the accused in hiding their own sins.
    Only the Perfect should ‘throw stones’!!!!!
    I am a follower of Jesus Christ and have a deep desire to become more and more like Christ – but I find myself like Paul in the Bible “doing things I don’t want to do or not doing things I want to do”.
    When I sincerely confess my sins He is faithful and just to forgive my sins!!
    Only Christ in us makes us stand totally righteous before God our Father.
    I certainly DO NOT SUPPORT sin of any kind and I don’t understand everything that folks like Todd Bentley do – but I love Todd Bentley and all those accused – because the work that God has started in them (and in me) HE WILL COMPLETE in due course – even if we seem imperfect for a while!!

  12. fromthecoast

    I guess we need to pay attention. I believe one of our greatest downfalls as people is putting our trust in men and not God. My question is does God or does not God use fallen man to perform his goodness? Was it Todd or God who performed these healings? From what I heard although I do admit I only watched a couple of times I thought I was hearing genuine testimonys of people being healed. How are we to doubt that? Can I say to a person he is being untruthful. I saw some actually bring doctor reports back and xray results of healings. Was that all a farce were all those people being untruthful. I also saw others who said they didn’t get healed. How do we know that God didn’t use Todd as a conduit of his healing. From what I have heard scriptures say we are not to forbid people to heal in the name of Jesus.

    As I stated eairlier I only saw a couple of webstreams. I also wondered why the people who were being physically harmed bringing law suits aganist him. It just doesn’t make sense to me yet. I think if someone punched me or kicked me I wouldn’t like it. What was really taking place with everyone? Is there anyone out there who was there and healed maybe clarify this?


  13. Coast, first, God can only use the fallen man for His purposes, but Todd was not being used of God. None of these ‘healings’ have been verified. As matter of fact, at least one ‘resurrection’ has been proven a hoax.


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