1. When one gets to the end product with Wright, one can see that for him at least the whole history and validation of the Reformation and Justification by Faith alone is called into question. His position really says nothing about the personal aspect of how one is made just. It is as he says, the wrong question. But in truth, as St. Paul says in Romans chapters 9 thru 11, salvation is both personal and collective. Note chapter 10. Also see the Pauline doctrine of the New Man In Christ, Col. 1:1-12.
    Fr. R.

    1. Polycarp

      While I understand you view of the NPP, my question and thus the intention of this post was to question whether or not the GWN is in line with the NPP, perhaps translated in accordance with the NPP, and thus should we consider, and then judge, the GWN based on that fact.

      While I may not agree with the NPP fully, if I place the GWN within that framework, I can offer a better review of it.


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