1. Doug

    I don’t buy some of the letter, but really, just don’t fly. I don’t anymore. I wince when I read about these stories. But, you are right Joel. It is political correctness and giving up personal freedoms. I really don’t think that any of these measures really make you more secure, it is just full employment for govt workers.


  2. This was an actual personal email? or a generic one from the american family association?

    so. sad.


  3. My favorite thing is that this guy spends more time and energy thinking about explicit gay sex than I do, and I’m a “practicing homosexual”. I mean, come out of the closet already, Eugene! Sheesh!

    And I absolutely LOVE the way he conflates the perpetuation of Bush-era terrorism hysteria with the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) or, as he boldly describes it, “The Gay Bill of Special Rights”. I wonder what he called it when it was passed originally and included protections for religion?

    He so reminds me of the Squealer from Animal Farm–except gayer.

    1. Larissa

      Robert J. Wilson,

      I don’t know you, but I wish I did. You are hilarious and so right! Thanks for a hearty laugh!


  4. I had speculated that it was a conspiracy of the enviro-fascists. 😉 If getting on a plane can be made degrading enough, then people will stop flying and the spirits of the fossil fuels will remain undisturbed and in peace. Of course it might be that government officials have stock in California’s new high speed train.

  5. Rev Tony Buglass

    Actually, he spends very little time justifying the ‘homosexual agenda’ claim. He could argue that it is part of a ‘sexual agenda’, but it would support straight sexual interest as well as gay. And ‘Screaming children have been groped’ implies that any physical contact is sexual, and in this context paedophile.

    Sorry. It’s nonsense. It says a lot more about him and his fears than it does about the scanners and the reasons for their being there.


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