1. joan

    do you have ‘equal right’ to marry your daughter, your mother, your brother? the question is not about ‘equal rights,’ it is a question of what is marriage. many on the internet, those you’ve mentioned, want to harmonize christian teaching with worldly popularity. that has never been a great idea.


    1. everything is christian teaching. You know, like when it was okay to have slaves, or when it was okay to beat your wives, or when it was okay to deny interracial marriages.

      This is called equal before the law.

      Consent is always required.

  2. Just Sayin'

    Joan’s point is sound, though, whatever side one takes. “Marriage equality” is a phrase that inherently begs the question, which does neither side any favours, just blocks discussion.


    1. I think some questions are going to be asked regardless of validity. This is why we have identified logical fallacies.


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