1. Technically, the earliest reference to Christ would be in the epistles–probably 1 Thessalonians–which were written before the gospels.

    But your point is valid, nonetheless. I doubt the bowl is a reference to the biblical Christ.

  2. Jane Simmons

    The earliest physical evidence referring to Jesus was found on some 1st century Jewish ossuaries, even before the 1980 discovery of The Talpiot Tomb

  3. irishanglican

    In the book The Jesus Family Tomb, even the archaeologist Shimon Gibson says page 19, “I’m still not convinced we have a tomb connected with the family of Jesus..” As he also says the names are to common to make any factual evidence.

    Indeed this is just another pop book on the idea of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, etc.

    Also there are other scholars who believe that Galatians was written earlier than 1 Thess.? But even so, St. Paul’s Letters were the first to write of Christ. Again in the technical and historical sense.

    Fr. Robert

  4. irishanglican

    PS…Again, the bowel proves nothing, we can ask what Christ? There were many, from the true Christ…to the many Gnostic and anti-Christ’s! And the true Christ is and was no magician!



  5. I guess when I said the Gospels, I was thinking of Markan early date. You are right, that there have been false Christ’s and will continue to be so.


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