I saw a comment from this researcher on the George Knapp news, associated with the coasttocoastam syndicated radio program in the U.S. He said that since investigators notice a “decline” in individuals even starting at the kindergarten stage it is incumbent on society to take steps to offer these people support to keep them from developing into evil people. I seriously doubt that. It’s like saying that since investigators would notice pubic hair developing on the genitalia of students in middle-schools or even late in grammar school that steps should be taken to either promote this or prevent it, depending on whether this normal developmental phenomenon is being disparaged or lauded. People go through stages of development based on what’s in their genetic tool box. Yes, certain extreme environmental influences or even less extreme ones over time can make two identical twin clones as genetically diverse as two fraternal twins or even two cousins but they’re still going to vary within a set of possibilities with which they were born. So what you’re probably talking about is whether the evil develops into the form of someone who tortures small animals or whether it’s someone who grows up to torture all his underlings over whom he is in authority in the work place—but evil is evil. Cut the evil tumors from their evil brains and teach wild dogs a lesson. Where I live a certain easily-identifiable group who self-identify constantly for un-earned privilege, unmerited sympathy and undeserved recognition and who comprise 15% of the population double the load on police, courts and penal institutions—-to the extent that shortcuts in the process of arriving at “justice” are frequently required in order to continue to have these institutions functioning at some level and the level of actual “justice” has become highly degraded. It’s called “throwing a spanner into the works”. The Fruit of Islam did the research into who owned and crewed t he ships which brought these spanners to our works and who threw them in with the fraudulent claim they’d make good field-hands… Yeah, if you expended almost as much labor standing over them with a whip all the time as it would have taken to get the crop in yourself. Now we see who is rubbing their hands together in eager anticipation as the seeds of destruction they planted so long ago are actively destroying Golem USA before it can make itself full-aware and possibly be moved to seek revenge upon those who have so cravenly abused it’s good nature–precisely as was written of by industrialist genius Henry Ford. The evil is intrinsic. The criminal levels of it can be dealt with by draconian emergency laws but that’s not the problem. Those are only the tip of the iceberg-of-evil which is easily seen and avoided or dealt with. It’s the not-so-obvious submerged not-quite-criminal levels of evil which will sap the strength of the nation. It’s the below-the-waterline unseen portion of this iceberg of evil which are currently ripping the hull of our ship-of-state open and which soon will put it where they tried to put our NSA listening-post ship June 8, 1967.

    It’s the continual rudeness, stupidity and incompetence of the below-the-waterline portions of the iceberg-of-innate-evil which are going to deactivate Golem USA, just as was planned so long ago when the same people as planted these serpent-seeds of evil originally funded the American Independence. People from nations which are only allowed to exist continuously for several hundred years as a coherent sociological force in history cannot hope to joust successfully with those of a distributed landless/borderless state which has existed continuously for 6,000 years pursuing the same agenda all that time and win. A kindergarten class full of little nascent geniuses could not overcome the crafty mature knowledge and techniques of even an intellectually mediocre adult teacher. Old age and deceit will triumph over youth and vigor every time. If you don’t believe it then view some news footage regarding the confirmation process of defense secretary nominee Charles “Chuck” Hagel and see how often reference is made to his supposed critical attitude toward the government of phony dog-and-pony-for-show canard state dhimmisrael. The only surge anyone is concerned with is a possible surge in votes away from any senator who would easily confirm any nominee seen as critical of the international zionist conspiracy. Evil is innate/congenital. Just because some overt behavioral signature of it’s presence in the individual may be observed developing at a certain calendar age doesn’t mean it’s any less inevitable or congenital than the development of breasts or pubic hair at another stage in the calendar age of any typical individual. The supposedly bigoted caucasians in the U.S. south have always tried to withdraw their own children from socilization with negro children at a certain critical age and there’s a reason for this—and it’s nothing to do with irrational-fear-spawned racial bigotry. it’s got everything to do with familiarity with that particular subject matter. Get over it. If you don’t believe me then take the counsel of famous personage Tony Blair once he was freed from concerns about obtaining the votes of certain demographic blocks in the electorate and was put into an appointed position. See what he had to say about the alarming upsurge in violent crime in that fireARMs-free paradigm of personal safety if you don’t want to believe me.

  2. Abdilah

    “A lying, sinning forelock” Quran 96:16


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