1. First of all You have incorrectly stated that I believed there was a second chance after death to accept the Gospel. I did not state that nor do I believe the Scripture teaches a second chance. I was Baptist bred, I have been Baptist fed, and when I die I will be Baptist dead It was you that stated you believed a Catholic doctrine of Augustine. ….

    Dave, I have not read to many ’scholars’ that have that interpretation. Further, the Bible does not allude to Jonah’s death, as he was seen as living in the belly of the whale. 2.7 says that Jonah made his prayer while his life was ‘ebbing away’ (NET). If his life was not yet gone, then surely he was not yet dead.

    Further, the majority of ’scholars’ seem to be biblical minimalists.

    The interpretation of that passage in Peter is a wrong one and I side with Augustine.

    As for Augustine that you agree, a proof of a third place, or middle state of souls: for these spirits in prison, to whom Christ went to preach after his death, were not in heaven, nor yet in the hell of
    the damned; because heaven is no prison, and Christ did not go to preach to the damned. (Challoner) St. Augustine, in his 99th epistle, confesses that this text is replete with difficulties. This he declares is clear, beyond all doubt, that Jesus Christ descended in soul after his death into the regions below, and concludes with these words: Quis ergo nisi infidelis negaverit fuisse apud inferos Christum? In this prison souls would not be detained unless they were indebted to divine justice, nor would salvation be preached to them unless they were in a state that was capable of receiving salvation.

    That sounds like a second chance Catholic doctrine that you believe….

    As evidence of that, anyone on this blog can go the URL below to see the previous discussions that will prove that……..


    Second of all I have done nothing to discredit the Gospel by my statements, nor have I failed to make my case by quoting the KJV Jonah 2:2 that states Jonah cried from the “belly of hell”. Furthermore I have simply provided statements from other scholars that you stated were minmalists of the Gospel, which they are not, but they believe what I do on this subject……

    Third of all this discussion was started by the question about Paul praying for a friend and associate of Paul that most scholars thought was dead.Should one pray for one who has passed away?

    Fourth of all if you are a brother in Christ, you must know that people can disagree without insulting another brother. The Proverb that “iron sharpens iron” should stimulate your mind and spirit to perhaps investigate what another brother is saying…….

    Fifth of all I have blessed you with each response. I have not received one blessing from you. Every one of my responses was meant to bless you. You stated that commentaries were not important, but the scholars that I listed made statements also that were meant to enlighten and edify. You may disagree with what we discussed, but that will not stop my efforts to bless you……….

    At this point I will retire my statements to your blog, I sincerely hope that you find the best that God has in store for you………..


  2. Danny

    So were arguing that jonah couldn’t have died because it would take away merit from jesus’s resurrection? Jesus purpose was far greater than that of any man. He is the only man to die without sin, and his ressurection signified the triumph over evil and the fact that death couldn’t retain him. jonah couldve been ressurected but when its all said and done he still died later like all of us. Jesus didn’t. Unless we dont believe God or jesus cant ressurect the dead. What about jarius daughter? So if hes the only one youve known about that came back from the dead, you should do a little more reading. Bless you all, a very controversial topic indeed

  3. Bernard

    I don’t recall any Psalm of David starting “From the belly of the fish, David prayed”.

  4. Mike

    Just would like to say that it is very interesting and both arguments have merit… I know the Jonah was supposed to be a type of Christ… if he died or not… God could have kept him alive or let him die and resurrect him… either would be a miracle… peace and come Lord Jesus!

  5. Husam

    Hi.What you just said, confirming that Jonah was alive,confirms that Jesus never died.


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