1. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there. What do you think about the possibility that Mark used Paul?

    By the way…were you at SBL in Chicago…it suddenly came to me yesterday that a guy called Joel Watts was at a session I was presiding in…


    1. yup, I was in Chicago! What session?

      I think Mark used Paul(ine Tradition) and maybe even responded to it in some way.


        1. Yup. That’s me! Are you on the review committee this year as well?


          1. Yes, I helped start the group. I think I briefly spoke to you. I was the very nervous first time presider…

          2. Unfortunately, I was only there for one session. Hopefully, I’ll be there for both this time! This is, by far, my favorite section.

            I submitted a paper, but didn’t post the abstract on the site because, well…

            So, if nothing else, I’ll be there again next year!

  2. Ah, I see it now…haven’t got to yours yet. I wouldn’t be worried though. I probably won’t be there this year unfortunately…


    1. What?! If you need a roomie, let me know! I’m looking for a few for this year!


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