1. Phil

    From what you say about women’s ordination in the ACNA, it sounds like they would treat the issue in a similar manner to how Hamilton and Slaughter suggested handling the question of homosexuality in the church, except in the case of the ACNA the bishop, instead of a local church or even conference of clergy and laity, would decide everything. This strikes me as odd considering how the conservatives in the church painted such a plan as congregationalist and unwesleyan. It would also mean that conservatives who did leave the UMC for the ACNA would have to get used to a system where the bishops (whom they generally distrust in the UMC) would exert a lot more power and authority over the local church and diocese. This doesn’t seem like a good fit for them at all.


    1. Phil,

      I’m glad you pointed this out. On facebook, there is a discussion right now about how the ACNA’s plan is similar to H/S’s plan. Perhaps that is why some ACNA members believe there will be another split.

  2. Ann Jones

    Acceptance of women as equal in service and leadership in a church is essential to me. It is an issue of great concern to me when we look for a church. In many other ways, I am much a fundamentalism, but this is one issue that would get me tossed out of a lot of churches. I can’t compromise easily on what God says about any subject, which makes it hard to find any human institution that fits. It’s one of the reasons why I consider myself more Methodist than anything else. I am just having a lot of trouble seeing myself as an Anglican of any kind, which I think may be due to the liberalization of the Episcopalians, and my difficulty in seeing ACNA as something different.
    I have followed CBE for over 20 yrs. They saved my sanity at one time.

  3. Mike Childs

    I favor evangelical United Methodists coming together to form a new denomination. There should be agreement about the authority of Scrpture, and the essential core of the faith. Beyond that I would like to see term limits for bishops and local church ownership of property.


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