1. That’s the Cap I love.

    I’m actually disappointed in back-from-the-dead current Captain America, partly because he’s a lot less inspiring. In with the Illuminati, swearing, etc..

    I appreciate the fact that he was far more about aspirational principles than nationalism and loyalty to authority, something which is often missed when people talk about Captain America as a symbol. (Please refer to the Nomad storyline if that’s unclear …)

    Cap is the guy with no powers who went face-to-face with Thanos, Dr. Doom (with Beyonder powers), Ultron, Galactus, etc.. And, yes, helped people cross the street. Offered to help Batroc reform.

    This really captures the spirit of why I loved Captain America as a kid. (And, by the way, still love Quasar, Spider-Man, and their like … they still do this.)

  2. Know More Than I Should

    United States black ops as been surreptitiously fighting World War III for over a decade. Only in the sanitized body count – remarkably similar to Nam – inconveniently diseased women and children miraculously become neutralized enemy combatants. America is not nearly as righteous as Washington and Hollywood propaganda portrays and never has been.

  3. Gary

    I didn’t even know Capt America existed when I was growing up. My hero was Superman. Of course, now that I am grown up, and liberal, my pre-destination was obviously toward Superman. Un-documented alien, here in the U.S. illegally, but succeeding at fulfilling the American dream. Captain America, on the other hand, a result of secret government experiments to make a super-human to fight Nazi’s (rather ironic, considering super race implications), and was that Captain America, Captain North America, Captain Central America, Captain South America? No need to respond. I’m just pulling your leg. I will surely see Captain America, if only to see the 3D.

    1. Scott Fritzsche

      It wasn’t filmed for 3D, they added it afterwards, so it may not be that impressive. :)

      1. Gary

        Then I might reconsider. Will depend upon the reviews.


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