1. So … you’re good enough to sit with Jesus, but not with them?

    Ummm … okay. That’s … ummm … interesting.


  2. “We as Christians are called to imitate Christ” – We are indeed but this very argument can give way to an endless list of things Jesus did and that certain groups don’t, which includes but is not limited to the “Open Table”. To me the biggest problem of all, if I may, is phrases such as “called to imitate Christ” without qualifying the extent of such imitation. Should we die on the cross? Actually the ancients believed that we should. Has Christ, at least as reported, engaged in any sinful act, sexual or otherwise? Wherein should we be imitating Christ? One may excuse himself from accepting certain practices by repeating the same phrase others use to defend their practitioners’ inclusion in the Communion.
    Perhaps eliminating such hubris, in these lofty phrases will along with it eliminate hypocrisy.I’d rather be humble before God and accept my own misery and not shunning other miserable ones! But that is also hubris…


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