Coming soon, the U.S. Department of Spiritual Warfare and Inquisition

If only ignorance was a damnable sin:

The pledge plays up right-wing claims of harassment by thuggish gays in the deeply divisive and bruising campaign to pass California’s Proposition 8 in 2008. That ballot initiative yanked existing marriage rights away from gay and lesbian families in California. There were reports of boycotts and minor vandalism on both sides, with much of the vandalism targeting yard signs expressing support or opposition to the initiative, but the anti-gay fringe right preferentially seized on claims that proponents of the measure had been harassed and threatened.

In the wake of Prop 8’s passage, hundreds of protests took place around the country. Almost all of those protests were carried out peaceably, but in a scant few instances there were ugly episodes of conflict, usually involving gays whose gatherings or traditional neighborhoods were invaded by anti-gay Christians. In one incident in Palm Springs, an elderly woman carrying a Styrofoam cross pushed her way into a candlelight vigil organized by GLBT equality advocates; though most of the vigil’s attendees sought to stay out of her way, two men, angry at the outcome of a vote in which their civil rights had been rescinded at the ballot box, snatched the cross from her and stomped it to pieces.

Romney, Bachmann, Santorum Sign on to Pledge to ’Investigate’ Gays :: EDGE New York City.

The pledge is:

Ahhh… Christian Reconstructionism and Dominionism… contrary to what some say, it does hold saw with these candidates.

Specifically, this ‘presidential commission’ which no doubt will have the power of Federal Marshal’s, will investigate the complaints on a Federal level (making it a federal crime) the actions of gay groups or any group which ‘harassed’ Christians. Wow.

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Joel L. Watts
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2 thoughts on “Coming soon, the U.S. Department of Spiritual Warfare and Inquisition

  1. Hi Joel. This whole issue is an interesting one. I totally agree that the church has no real biblical mandate to stand against gay marriage in society and have written many times on it…(perhaps its time to get off that soap box)

    Yet on a personal basis; if I was a clergyman licensed to perform weddings; I personally wouldn’t officiate / bless a same sex union.

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