1. doug

    Plus, God can take care of himself.


    1. You know, Gandhi protested with simple sit ins – not all protests are violant. This post is a protest.

  2. David Tee

    Even in tearing up a Bible True Believers are not to sin in response. We are to follow the Biblical instruction to treat others as we would like to be treated; to pray for those who do evil; to do good to them; love our neighbors as ourselves; and to forgive .

    it is a different belief with different teachings which require different responses than the Muslim faith.

    we do not need to protest, we pray and act like Jesus commanded.


    1. I realize that language is not your strong suit, Dave – but Jesus protested.

  3. J Hammer

    Let me help to clear things up for your readers by asking, who do you say must be protested here? Abu Islam or the Egyptian govt?


    1. J – The readers understood! 😉

      Egyptian Government, of course.


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