1. wbmoore

    It would be nice if these churches actually shared the Gospel with these muslims. But it wont happen.

  2. magesti

    Yes, I also agree.
    But it is not the church who is contrary to the muslims but the muslims will not accept the church!
    The church is for all people. Not to worship any god that they choose but to worship the only God, which is done only through Jesus Christ the savior of all mankind!…Muslims as well as many sinners refuse to acknowledge the messiah, the savior, the only mediator for earth; and I don’t care who you choose to worship, or what religion you choose to believe, when it comes down to it, only one is right, and only one will prepare you and get you into Heaven!


  3. My church did allow the Episcopals and Anglicans to hold a service in our worship center (we’re Baptists), and we were host to them for almost a year while they were homeless after Gene Robinson was made a bishop in New Hampshire. The night it happened, a group walked out, came to my church, and held an alternative worship service. One of the men there was the bishop from Kenya, whose entire family had been killed because of who he was.

    Anyway … The difference, of course, was that they were standing for a Biblical truth and being turned out by their denomination for it.

    I keep thinking that nothing will surprise me anymore.


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