1. Newtaste

    Try: mohammed is a, mohammed is the, mormon is , mormons are.


  2. I was informed that a Google spokesman had said that this was simply a bug that they would repair. Well that was a few days ago now and still…..

    1. Polycarp

      A bug? Only on Islam…. Umm…..


  3. “Christianity is . . .”, Judaism is . . .”, “Buddhism is . . .”, “Hinduism is . . .”. Each of these return some negative suggestions, but Islam is the only one excepted.

    “Christians are,” “Jews are,” “Buddhists are,” and “Hindus are,” each return no results whatsoever, while “Muslims are” suggests “Muslims are terrorists.”

    So if you type in one way, Islam is the only world religion exempted from negative comment, while Muslims are the only religious people who are negatively portrayed at all. Strange.


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