Christian, whatcha learning?

Geoff said this on Facebook:

I’d be happy if they got one year of formal education.. it would be a start. Hell, we have to go to school for at least 12 years in NZ before we’re considered educated enough to live in the secular world.. we give Christians a 20 min sermon on a sunday that most of them never listen to and then they wonder why people think they are a joke. For most of them its like a preschooler having a discussion with stephen hawking on theoretical physics.

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Only a question: What should Christians learn?

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Joel L. Watts
Joel L. Watts holds a Masters of Arts from United Theological Seminary with a focus in literary and rhetorical criticism of the New Testament. He is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of the Free State, analyzing Paul’s model of atonement in Galatians. He is the author of Mimetic Criticism of the Gospel of Mark: Introduction and Commentary (Wipf and Stock, 2013), a co-editor and contributor to From Fear to Faith: Stories of Hitting Spiritual Walls (Energion, 2013), and Praying in God's Theater, Meditations on the Book of Revelation (Wipf and Stock, 2014).


  1. Know More Than I Should

    Jesus taught the common man.


    1. You mean, Rabbi Jesus.. ie “Teacher Jesus”

      I’m a common man and I had a teacher too.. several in fact.

      1. Know More Than I Should

        The historic Jesus taught the common man and woman while the muckety-mucks of the day disparaged him. It is only after Constantine remolded and put the Roman seal of approval on the Bethlehem firebrand that Jesus became fashionable for elites.


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