1. I’ve always wondered about this. What you say makes sense. I think praying for Obama’s success would make us participants in his endeavors. I, for one have very little in common with this man. Thanks


  2. When the blind lead the blind, will they not both fall into a pit?

    This is another guy who relies on the Biblical ignorance of his audience. You take a bunch of anti-Obama people, tell them that the Bible doesn’t really say that Obama is a legitimate President, and then give them the tag line to call the rest of us lazy cowards.

    It plays well with the dittoheads, because that’s what they want to hear.

  3. Deb

    very inlightening,,, never thought of it that way, thanks for pointing that out…


  4. I went and read the post. I am not ignorant of the Bible. He makes good points.

    He’s certainly right here: “If government commands you to do evil, as a Christian you must resist. ”

    Certainly Daniel disobeyed a ruler. So did Paul and all other Christians who refused to bow to a man as a god. So has everyone else who felt God called them to do one thing and the government (or an official of said government) called them to do something else. Foxes book of martyrs is replete with them. Do I think what Obama has done to date comes to that level, no. But some do. Perhaps they are wrong. But perhaps they are right.

    But there IS a difference between a ruler and a leader, so I think you’re picking nits. We can honor a position whether the man is worthy of it or not. But this does not mean we should pray for the success of something godless.

    Praying for a leader does not necessarily mean praying for his success – but that he come to Christ and live for Christ and rule as GOD would have him do, rather than from his own personal desires or experiences.


  5. Chris, not a problem. I believe that we have to understand that the government can harm the body, but we must fear the One who can destroy the soul. Government are ‘good’ in their limitations, economic (or what I would determine ‘corporate morality’).


  6. Ditto, Wickle.

    What would they have done to a liberal minister who wrote the same thing in 2000 or 2004?


  7. Thanks, Deb. Biblical commands are not relative to the person or the situation. They are there for all of us, in every situation. We must pray for our leaders.


  8. Wb, I am unsure as to where your comments are directed, such as ‘picking nits.’

    First, Farrah posted this long before the President had a chance to do anything. Further, NOTHING the President has done to date has come close to allowing Christians the ability to disobey their Government (against, what commands should we disobey?) or to pray for the death of the man. Further, we pray for the success of the country through the success of it’s leaders. Finally, we pray that he, as a person, comes to Christ.

    This is not the subject of the article. Farrah does not want us to pray for our leaders/rulers if it that leader is a black man named Barack Hussein Obama


  9. Poly,

    heh. LOL! Honestly, I’m not sure either, and I JUST wrote it. :) I think I was referring to your ” we do have leaders” in reference to his stating to not obey evil leaders.

    But I think you are wrong about this, ” Farrah does not want us to pray for our leaders/rulers if it that leader is a black man named Barack Hussein Obama”

    Had you left out the “black”, I might agree with you. I find the fear and mistrust of Obama (except for a few people) has nothing to do with race. It has to do with socialist policies and/or mistrust of his Muslim heritage.

    I would say that Farrah does not want us to pray for the success of leaders who are evil. Farrah apparently considers Obama evil. I dont think I would equate Obama with evil – though I can certainly understand some of those who do.

    But I WOULD say it was obvious he’s a socialist/marxist, and I find little/nothing positive about that position among governments in the history of mankind.

    On a side note, its interesting where the blog decided to put my post, as I’m positive I posted it simply in the Reply section (without replying to anyone’s specific post. me and your blog… LOL. Should I take it for an omen?


  10. Not sure why things land the way they do.

    First, not even Karl Marx was a socialist; and neither is President Obama. His policies are no more socialist than other Presidents, and he does have ‘Christian’ heritage as well. People inherently mistrust those who are different.


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