Christian Leader says let the Gays be Gay, Worry about your own soul

This is one of the most sensible press releases which I have seen on the Christian Newswire (anyone can pay 75 bucks to submit one)

While a San Francisco judge considers the evidence in the Prop 8 federal trial in California, many American Christians are concerned about the possibility of an outcome in favor of same-sex marriage. House church leader Ken Eastburn responded to Christians following the trial by challenging them to focus on their ultimate goal during this time, “Creating a moral America is not God’s goal nor should it be ours. Instead, the Bible is clear that our focus should be to make disciples and seek first the Kingdom of God.”

The final witness concluded his testimony on Wednesday, January 27th for the Perry vs. Schwarzenegger trial and Judge Vaughn Walker is currently reviewing evidence before closing arguments are made. The trial began January 11th in response to Prop 8 which amended the California State Constitution to outlaw same-sex marriage. Regardless of the outcome, it is expected for the decision to be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

“It is a common mistake for Christians to spend time, energy and resources in advocating for a morality that is consistent with their faith,” says Eastburn, “But at the end of the day our goal, the command given to us by Jesus Christ, is to make disciples. When our time and energy is spent on moralizing a secular nation, we are sacrificing our ability to obey Christ’s command.”

Eastburn is a leader with The Well, a network of home-based churches in California and Colorado. After selling their building in 2005, members began meeting in each other’s homes where there is a strong focus on discipleship.

He continues, “Many Christians have their faith intertwined with their nationality and, as a result, believe that their efforts to legislate a specifically Christian morality are glorifying to God. But just the opposite is true. No matter how good America becomes, people are still separated from God by sin. The only agenda we should be spending ourselves on is the redemption offered through Jesus Christ.”

The Well hosts 10-15 members at each of its five locations on a weekly basis. Eastburn and other members post their experiences on a blog maintained by the church,, with the purpose of interacting with individuals from traditional and house church backgrounds.

via While Judge Considers Same-Sex Marriage Case, House Church Leader says the Verdict Doesn’t Matter – Christian Newswire.

Why sensible? Because we have so many other things which need addresses INSIDE the church first.

Joel L. Watts
Joel L. Watts holds a Masters of Arts from United Theological Seminary with a focus in literary and rhetorical criticism of the New Testament. He is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of the Free State, analyzing Paul’s model of atonement in Galatians. He is the author of Mimetic Criticism of the Gospel of Mark: Introduction and Commentary (Wipf and Stock, 2013), a co-editor and contributor to From Fear to Faith: Stories of Hitting Spiritual Walls (Energion, 2013), and Praying in God's Theater, Meditations on the Book of Revelation (Wipf and Stock, 2014).

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  1. When it’s all said and done, if the Christians and their Mormon allies win this case, then what will it have accomplished?

    Will any soul be won for the Kingdom?

    Then what was the point?

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