1. This type of thing is why I think I spend half of my time trying to explain to people “No, I’m not that kind of conservative…” Then again, when talking to most conservatives they call me liberal, and when talking to most liberals they call me conservative. That settles it, I must be a libertarian christian.

  2. Know More Than I Should

    Religious organizations:

    quoting Paul over Jesus have gone off the deep end.
    eliminating diversity are financed by deep pockets with a very narrow and morally bankrupt agenda.

    1. Know More Than I Should

      Both “quoting” and “eliminating” were preceded by numerals with line between each when originally written. Obviously, something got lost in the machine language translation!


  3. I’m not sure why my blog got connected with this post. I wrote “If it hadn’t been for Cedarville” last June before any of this non-sense about women not being able to teach men in the Bible department. I strongly disagree with Cedarville’s current stance and I don’t want to be connected with that. However, I do still stand by the Cedarville that I experienced and graduated from. All of those lessons listed in my post, I learned because I went to Cedarville University.


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