1. Just ordered the ten part series for my high school ecclesiology class. The book also looks fantastic. I really enjoy the work Fr Barron is doing, particularly his YouTube comments which are clear, concise, and done well.

    Looking forward to the rest of your review.


    1. I’ve heard very good things about the videos. The third part of the review goes up tomorrow. It’s a little mixed. While I thoroughly enjoyed the book, I don’t know about the language and style for the audience.

  2. Just Sayin'

    I’m looking for a good book on Catholicism, I wonder if this is it. I browsed through some of Scot Hahn’s books and (not that I’m the Great Theologian or anything) they seemed too simple.


    1. JS,
      This would probably be a good one for you then since my main qualm with the book is that it may not be on the level of many ordinary parishioners. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but then again, I hold graduate degrees in disciplines closely related to theology. Well-read lay people might like it a lot too, but many of the people that I work with on a day to day basis may not.

      I’d also recommend Ratzinger’s Introduction to Christianity. Even after having read this book, it’s still my favorite intro into Catholic theology. Du Lubac’s Catholicism is also very good, but maybe a little more dated.


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