Logos Bible Software

There is a growing need and hunger among those people who call themselves Methodist to understand better John Wesley. Perhaps this need is first introduced because they hear something they […]

The @Logos Digital Hymnal in #Logos6

I am not a singer, but I do like the idea of having a small hymnal at my whim. Plus, this gives me hope of including denominational hymnals one day. […]

The new Visual Creator in #Logos6 is awesome @logos


I made this: Let me show you how: There is so much you can do with this feature, both church and academy. It’s going to be a great tool for […]

the inline search in #logos6 @logos (snapshot)

Not only did I, perhaps, get to beta test this, I am now reviewing it. One of the coolest, quickest features I really like is the addition of the in-line […]

Mark 9.49 in #Logos 6 (@Logos) (Lexham Textual Notes + Ancient Lit. Database)

You’ll just have to deal with me for a minute. I am not a sales rep nor do I participate in the Logos Affiliate program. More power to those bloggers […]