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Exploring the NA28 in @AccordanceBible

NA28 on Accordance

Behold, the NA28 is in the Original Languages package from Accordance Bible software!

As many of you know, the NA28 is the latest in the line for a critical edition of the Greek New Testament and is often used by scholars in deciding such things as textual variants and “what the original text” looked like.

Because I am working with Galatians and its original intent, I try to spend time in the Greek, rather than the usual translations. It reminds me that a translation is itself not the text, but simply a succinct commentary on the original text. However, as I am not a Greek scholar, I still need help from time to time in reading the Greek text. Accordance provides a real easy way to do this.

As I have noted before, my Mac runs Accordance like a dream. Indeed, Accordance beats nearly every program I have in operation speed, agility, and resource management. Those are big words for “It fits like a glove” with Mac. When I am reading GrGalatians, the words pop up immediately, without any lag time. Immediately below are pictures from my Macbook, followed by pictures from the iPad.

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 9.40.52 AM
I hope my NA28 and behold, Matthew.
Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 9.41.28 AM
NA28, Galatians
Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 9.41.45 AM
NA28, Galatians… with the Greek highlighted. Notice the bottom with the definition.

Admittedly, I have used Accordance more on iPad than I have in real life (i.e., my Macbook). I almost prefer it, actually.

One of the things I wish to highlight here is the learning curve. I almost refuse to read the directions because I want to see what it is like to dive in. It took me all of 2 minutes to figure how to install the NA28 on my iPad. Go to library, installed purchases, select the new module, hit the arrow and you are done. Because the app is stripped down, the learning curve is small. I don’t mean stripped down as in useless, but stripped down as in minimalism so as to make room for more usefulness.

NA28, Galatians – iPad
Say, what is that word? Let me highlight it in the NA28
Wait.. I can search it by different means… from WITHIN the Accordance Bible software app?
I can search… I can search for it my Lemma in the Accordance Bible software app.

In all honesty, the NA28 (or other Greek modules, I assume) in the Accordance Bible app is my favorite way to read it.

Back the desktop version, for a minute. The original language features includes speaking, parsing, a word chart, and a diagram. Screenshots are below:

NA28, Accordance “Galatians 3.10, diagram”
NA28, Accordance “Galatians 3.10, parsing”
NA28, Accordance “Galatians 3.10, speaking.” Admittedly, the voice is not as smooth as Siri, but if you are looking for a way to pronounce a word, it will suffice.
Word chart
NA28, Accordance “Galatians 3.10, word chart”


Overall, reading the Original Languages are easy in Accordance and should benefit students and scholars of these marvelous tongues.

You can still order @DrJeWest’s @logos commentary

I need to write my review of Revelation, but it is a neatly drawn picture, revealing John’s Apocalypse. You can read more reviews here at the link below or order it here.

With the verve and occasional sting that regular readers of his blog will recognize, West concisely points out to that person in the pew just exactly how challenging the Bible remains to modern believers, and that even something as seemingly unrelated to the 21st century as 2500 year-old genealogies and group wall-building activities have something to say to those who will listen.

via The Time Is Drawing Nigh… | Zwinglius Redivivus.

Holy moly – something I discovered about @AccordanceBible

lamp_finalThe package I am reviewing includes the New English Translation of the Septuagint, a favorite of mine.

I opened Accordance this morning to search the NETS for Isaiah 9.5 (9.6 ENG).

because a child was born for us, a son also given to us, whose sovereignty was upon his shoulder, and he is named Messenger of Great Counsel, for I will bring peace upon the rulers, peace and health to him.

What I was surprised to discover is that where I closed off last time is exactly where it opened up this time.

accordance 8.18

To show you what I mean, I worked a little, closed it, and then opened it again.

Accordance 8.19

My workspace, even down to the dimensions of the tool bar, opened back up.


One thing I would like to know, however, is where is the front matter on the NETS (which, in my opinion, makes the NETS invaluable for LXX research)?

@AccordanceBible 11 — (customer service & sync & search) Features Overview

lamp_finalI wanted to really sit down and focus on Accordance, so I’ve done so during the past few weeks. Before I go on, let me point you to the features page in Accordance 11.

I noticed that after I had not opened Accordance for 7 days, I needed to go online to validate it. This means that I could not get my Mac, my iPad, or my iPhone (even 3g) to sync and thus validate my credentials. It simply wouldn’t work. If someone is using this in an area with little or no internet connection, they are going to have a bad time. When I spoke with Billy at Support, he told me this was a known issue and should be solved shortly. Indeed, he sent me a new download and it is virtually solved.

One of the key issues is customer service. If I cannot contact you, if I cannot talk to you, if you don’t know what I’m talking about — or worse, pretend you don’t, and then don’t share other experiences — I will not invest with you. I tweeted last night, after hours, to Accordance and they promptly responded. I called first this morning and they walked me through it and explained what the problem really was. Honesty is the best policy.

Let’s not kid ourselves. This is an investment into something that will take you longer to learn how to use than to buy. Great service is really a major selling point.

My biggest complaint thus far? Simply, I have to have wifi to sync. The sync feature is nice, because it allows you to carry your notes everywhere, to pick up where you put the book down, and to waste no time getting back to the subject you were studying. Remember, this software is designed for pastors and students, neither of which are usually stationary. But, I wish I could sync with 3g.

One of the features I really like is the way you can categorize your resources. This comes in handy when, say, I want to organize my Greek sources or, in the future, my Wesleyan resources. If I want to create a category removing all devotional material, without removing them from my library, I can do that so that I no longer have to worry about having them searched. I can create a category, say for Wesleyan modules/tools, and search only that category. I can, perhaps, discover that Outler improperly named the third leg “Experience” when he should have named it “Assurance.”


Speaking of searches, Accordance has 2 types of search available to us. The first is flex. It allows you to take a shot in the dark. It is like google, but for the bible. What I mean is this: you ever think you know what you want to search for, but do not know how it is phrased? Sometimes, searches require you to make an accurate guess. I rarely ever get this to work for me because I am always hearing things differently. I mean, if you read Scripture in a variety of translations, you will eventually mesh this together. Flex search prevents that and allows you to look for close connections to what you are searching. It also changes numbers and senses so you aren’t stuck with “search for plane” (when you mean “search on the planes”).

The second type is the exact search. When they say fast, they mean fast. Granted, my library is (for now) small, but the search feature seems almost instantaneous. Added to this, you can modify the exact search to look for tags, syntax, and other varieties. This is not the flex search, as it is really geared to the original languages.

A related feature is the topic search. Thank of Nave’s, but better and faster. A lot faster. Sort of like a highway in Montana. You type in a topic — say, baptism. You will get verses associated with baptism (ranging from dipping to baptism). If there isn’t a topic exactly like you want, there are usually others provided that come close to it. Accordance bills this as perfect for topical preachers. That’s fair, but it is also helpful for students who want to follow a thought around Scripture while working on their dissertation. This feature is actually new in Accordance 11.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 10.25.25 AM

Accordance’s search features are a thing of beauty. They are fast, agile, and responsive to the pastor and student. It is no wonder concordances are almost a thing of the past…

Here are some screen shots of the various searches (flex and exact):

exact search plane esv
Exact Search “Plane” on ESV
flex search dip NETS
Flex Search “DIP” on NETS
flex search plane esv
Flex Search “Plane” ESV

in the (e)mail form @AccordanceBible – Accordance 11

lamp_finalThanks to Accordance for sending me this software bundle. I’ll speak more about what is in it later. Warning, this is my first Accordance package, so I cannot compare it to 10 or below. My focus will be on the ease of Accordance and what it can do (learning curve, basic operation, etc…). This is the collection I am working with. For those who want to see what is new in Accordance 11, see here.

First, straight out of the box, it downloaded, installed, and “indexed” quick, easy, and without pain to my Mac. Another thing? I get to use Dropbox to store some data.

I am going to spend some considerable amount of time with it over the next few weeks. So, I encourage you to ask questions — what do you look for in a study software platform? Why do you think you need/don’t need it?

For me, the “why” is very simple. Because of the volume of information out there, I need something that will help compile it. I need something I can carry with me. I need a roving library. I don’t really do sermon prep — mainly because when I do preach, I will use the lectionary. But I do do a lot of study and research. So, I need something that aids me in this.

From Accordance,

For the Student

  • Forget Pen and Paper: Highlight and add notes to any book.
  • Leave the Books at Home: Accordance links your grammars and textbooks directly to the Bible.
  • Cite Your Sources: Get instant bibliographic info when you copy and paste.

For the Teacher/Professor

  • Go to the Sources: Explore Biblical Greek and Hebrew, Dead Sea Scrolls, Rabbinics, Church Fathers, and more.
  • Trust Your Materials: Accordance offers research-grade texts and scholarly tools.
  • Present Your Findings: Enhance your teaching with stunning visuals and export options.

Equally, I have downloaded the iOS app for both my iPhone 5c and iPad 3. It is nicely streamed lined on those devices as well.

Again, let me say that I am impressed with this native Mac platform. More to come.