Posted by Milton Almeida Read here It proves nothing but the fact that the gay community is not the “Borg”… the Collective Intelligence, as widely believed. Some do think on […]

By your condemnation of #LGBT you shall be known

This is going around – Thoughts?

Wedding cakes and flowers

Allow me to be the “contrarian”, but before labeling the author of this article and its main thrust, “anti-gay” or “homophobic”, fundamentalist or a “fun the mentalist”, please, please consider […]

In a well-written post on the current debates regarding the pastors who are forsaking the Book of Discipline, David Watson writes, Church law matters because it allows us to go […]

Some, mainly Jim, will not like what is said. Of course, many will refuse to unpack what I’ve said and instead read it as a set-in-stone. Of course, Jim has […]