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The Role of Theological Education – Hearing Voices

David F. Watson writes, If we are utterly dependent upon the power and presence of God for our life in the Church, what should we be training our ministers to do in seminaries? It follows that the primary task of a seminary should be to teach ministers about the various means handed on to us by the Church of knowing God…Theology courses should be intellectual and prayerful engagement with God’s self-revelation as disclosed in Christ, Scripture, and tradition. Church Coffee: Church Decline, the Holy Spirit, and Theological Education. This post is more about theological education. I don’t disagree with

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Continuing the discussion on Sunday School

This is really a great article: I Wonder If Sunday School Is Destroying Our Kids – Beliefs of the Heart. However, I’m not sure I would characterize the stories as the author did. How Abraham was an idol worshiper and God loved him and pursued him; How Joseph was a narcissistic boy and God loved him and pursued him; How David was a murdering adulterer and God loved him and pursued him; How Esther had sex outside of marriage with a non-believer and God loved her and pursued her. Abraham was an idol worshiper, but God still used him.

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Are you finding intellectual enjoyment in the Church?

Because of reading several polls on why people are leaving the Church, I’ve maintained for a while part of the issue is the lack of grounded intellectual discourse. While congregational members may have questions, often times, they are discouraged from asking them. At seminary, I met one pastoral student who loudly railed against questions and easily stated he would deny congregational questions their validity. This is measured out accordingly into our curriculums and often times in the sermons. Please, for the love of God, don’t ask questions. And this is admittedly my current bent. It was Calvin who began

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Christian, whatcha learning?

Geoff said this on Facebook: I’d be happy if they got one year of formal education.. it would be a start. Hell, we have to go to school for at least 12 years in NZ before we’re considered educated enough to live in the secular world.. we give Christians a 20 min sermon on a sunday that most of them never listen to and then they wonder why people think they are a joke. For most of them its like a preschooler having a discussion with stephen hawking on theoretical physics. Submitted without comment. Only a question: What should Christians

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John Wesley on the Education of Children (Sermon 95)

“And education under Pythagoras or Socrates had no other end, but to teach children to think and act as Pythagoras and Socrates did. “And is it not reasonable to suppose that a Christian education should have no other end but to teach them how to think, and judge, and act according to the strictest rules of Christianity?” via Sermon 95 – On the Education of Children – General Board of Global Ministries. Wesley goes on, after quoting Mr. Law, to speak to the natural state of the person. We are prideful atheists who love injustice and pleasing the world.

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90 free philosophy courses, 700 more where those came from

You can find the link to the 90 philosophy courses here. This is a link to the 700 total.

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That’s not a real test, and that’s not real education

This is floating around FB (originally here) Now, you may wonder if this is fake – this is not. This is a normal quiz for Young Earthers. Check these out as well. This is not education. This is stupidification.