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Mark 5.29 #meme

Yeah… So this is my sense of humor. I’ll save you the sound effect that went along with this.    


Eric Rahn, My new hero

Eric Rahn is my new hero. His perspective on a difficult issue changed and, just I was ready to give up and give in because people’s fears were proving to take precedent over their faith, he posted something. He’s my new hero because even though he didn’t know it, he restored my faith that had taken a beating. He had courage not just to change, but also to admit it. Here is his statement, I hope it blesses you as it has me and that it causes you to think and pray over a difficult issue. This of course


The Devotion of the Holy Doughnut

During the festival of Hanukkah, it is common and customary to make and eat doughnuts (sufganiyot) which are fried and filled with jelly or custard, as well as other fried foods, to commemorate and remember the miracle of the Temple oil. The details and history of the miracle can be easily found and googled, so I won’t go into them here. The festival itself commemorates the dedication of the second temple in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean revolt (2nd century BC). The miracle occurred when a small quantity of oil, enough for only one day, was all that was

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On Refugees

In looking for answers and trying to discern how it is that we should respond to the recent events, I came across this from UNHCR that was prepared by the Jesuit Refugee Service. Try as I might, I don’t think that I could say it any better.  I think that it is a good word for us all in this time, so please read and consider what it has to say.

Logos Bible Software / United Methodist Church

The @Logos Methodist & Wesleyan Library – Theology

 From Logos, Unlock the heritage of the Wesleyan tradition with a personal library of both classic and modern Methodist, Holiness, Wesleyan, and Nazarene writers and theologians. With resources focusing on four main areas of study: biblical studies, theology, preaching and ministry, and classic works, the Methodist & Wesleyan Library Builder personalizes your library at an enormous discount. From John Wesley to Thomas C. Oden and Joel B. Green to Adam Clarke, this library is sure to meet the needs of any pastor, student, or layperson ready to learn, pray, worship, and teach the Word. This library is divided into four

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My Journey Away from Contemporary #Worship Music

TO JOEL WATTS: “Over the years when I would occasionally hear a hymn, the language was always strikingly foreign, with Ebenezers and bulwarks, diadems and fetters. Which only served to confirm my bias that hymns were simply out-of-date. They had served their purpose. They had run their course” This post is an exact description of my journey! For the few conversations I had with Joel Watts on this issue, he feels either exactly the same way or in a similar way! In my view the “link” between us, current Christians (avoiding the word “actual”) and those who came before us,

United Methodist Church

Regarding Unraveling the Gordian knot of Same Sex Marriage: UMC Alternative Initiatives (Rev. W. Terry Van Hook)

In a comment section of another post I have written, the question was posed “Is there any middle ground left in our increasingly polarized “holy conferencing?” Can the General Conference do at least two things to bring us together?” with the link to this blog. I found the post well written and thought out and therefore worthy of a reply that was better handled in this format than as a reply to a reply. Please take the time to read what Rev. Terry Van Hook has to say about this and other topics as well. A big thank you to Rev. Terry