The Character of a Methodist

If you have spent any time speaking with a United Methodist about theology, this has come up. Often it is used as a defense of having ideas outside the stated […]

The first and greatest.

DISCLAIMER: In this post, as is often my habit, I will use “men, etc.” as a generic term for humanity rather than a term specifically related to the chromosomal make-up […]

I started this post when orthopraxy and orthodoxy was the topic of the United Methodist blogosphere. The topic may be muted now, but I wanted to put this out there, […]

In 1895, Rudyard Kipling, the famous author and poet, drafted a short prose to his son.1 In a powerful poem, of the passing of wisdom from father to son, there […]

marriage — the end of the social contract

This is for discussion only. This is not necessarily my view, nor are all the details covered. This is for discussion only. For discussion only. This has little or no references […]

I was fortunate enough to be asked to speak (a  lay person can’t preach unless they are approved, licensed, and knighted by the Queen I guess) at Victory Chapel UMC […]